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Insidia is a story about a traveller who makes an emergency landing to a dark and strange planet in order to fix his ship. The main goal of Insidia is to find 10 repair kits and fix your ship. Repair kits are evenly spread across the map. Find power ups to gain access to previously unavailable areas. Keep an eye out for hidden areas aswell. Find all 10 hidden areas to see the alternate ending upon completing the game.

Move - wasd or the arrow keys.
Jump - w, x, space or the up arrow key.


controls stick

jump control sticks, then there's the matter of trying move right or left while jumping. There's also the issue of moving right and you run left.


if limbo and super meat boy had sex well we would have to kill the child but not right away

Not my style

This game isn't very original nor was there much excitement to keep my playing.
Music put me to sleep, and there wasn't much action, this is not the kind of game I prefer but everyone has different tastes and just because I dont like it doesn't mean its a bad game. But it wouldn't hurt to put a little spice into the game, it would add some much needed longevity.

No own ideas

This is just a blatant clone of Nifflas' Knytt games. The story is basically the same (searching parts for your spaceship, collecting upgrades on the way), the upgrades are very much the same (run faster, jump higher, double jump, climb walls), even the graphics and level design are somewhat similar (including secret passages and save points).

I can't give a good score as there aren't any new ideas here. I could as well start Knytt and have a very similar game, but with much more atmosphere.

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I don't know.

I know that exploration games are really popular these days, but this one just burns the cake. It is unbielivbly empty. There is no reason for the player to go on. Its also really boring. There is no varity or no new things to find at all. once you seen one thing in this game, you seen them all. Does anybody else feel this way?
It's not even a good Macabre style, which I was expecting from the title and the description.

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4.29 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2010
8:47 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other