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Insidia is a story about a traveller who makes an emergency landing to a dark and strange planet in order to fix his ship. The main goal of Insidia is to find 10 repair kits and fix your ship. Repair kits are evenly spread across the map. Find power ups to gain access to previously unavailable areas. Keep an eye out for hidden areas aswell. Find all 10 hidden areas to see the alternate ending upon completing the game.

Move - wasd or the arrow keys.
Jump - w, x, space or the up arrow key.



if limbo and super meat boy had sex well we would have to kill the child but not right away

i see some hate.

but i loved this game, it was well constructed, making it a little hard to finish, which is good, and it has a lot of qualities that I found very enjoyable. the upgrade system was great, reminded me a lot of the metroid series that i love so much. also the game moved very fluid, i love that about a game. the graphics are crisp and fine. and the concepts are great. but the story lacking. still a great game, and with a secret ending the had me looking for the secret areas. that is a great quality to give a game. 5/5 10/10

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Waste of time.

It looks exactly and has similar functions to another top 5 game K.O.L.M except this is boring and has no story line. Save points are very scattered. The background/characters is very dull. Pretty much all you do is jump around and collect things.

Great game, but really?

You basically took Knytt, infused it with Into Years of Dark Tunne(ls), without the smooth platforming of the original, and without the emotional impact of the ladder.

Any thought of creepiness can be dissuaded from the techno beat music in the background, and the character can be jagged in his jumping at times...

And while I applaud you for the effort, the game really doesn't live it to either of it's precursors...

boring platformer

nothing new, just jumping around collecting stuff

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4.29 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2010
8:47 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other