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Insidia is a story about a traveller who makes an emergency landing to a dark and strange planet in order to fix his ship. The main goal of Insidia is to find 10 repair kits and fix your ship. Repair kits are evenly spread across the map. Find power ups to gain access to previously unavailable areas. Keep an eye out for hidden areas aswell. Find all 10 hidden areas to see the alternate ending upon completing the game.

Move - wasd or the arrow keys.
Jump - w, x, space or the up arrow key.


Achievable game-piece

Well, how can I say it all? There are a lot of things I would like to expatiate regarding this very piece of art, and if I could help with a single comma, my effort would be well-placed.

1st of them, is about Life: At all, I've loved the backgrounds (the changing of colours, all that moving gears), and the life transposed in form of small glittering falling all around during the various scenery's frames. But I think there is a lack of life, at all surroundings. Maybe scattering a bit more life would fix nicely. This life I'm saying in practice, is: More detailed background effects, sounds (when the monsters die, when the items are gathered, when you jump or grab at walls), express a more attractive protagonist such as why is he orange, and explain some events on the game(give more life to foes, why is there giant worms jumping around in a place, why there's giant gorillas throwing rocks...), and much could be archived using the technology that is almost absent in the game(dialog wouldn't fix for the protagonist, but what about an announcer giving tips?! What about weapons? Armors and stuff?).

2nd: Redesign the button mapping and actions, give more freedom to the player, to do more than just jump and grab. Dialogs with a possible announcer, interacted through protagonist's emotes, such as tips, would remove the usage of signs(and at all, why would exist signs in a desert planet?).

3rd: Soundtrack and Environment. This single song gets boring and repetitive during the stages, and also, being a bit more daring exploring the environment possibilities, and making them move, with a plenty of life in movement, and a characteristic song for each of them.

That's pretty much what I think about this piece. Is new in its way, touching, and really interesting. But it just doesn't goes far enough to create something really new and incredibly awesome and impressive. And that's why I'm writing it all, I've loved this game, and that's how I'm trying to help your improvement.
Nice work.

nothing new really

I saw this kind of game like 0985713495 times before. good music though, and nice graphics. just nothing new.


it's not annoying

Walking Backwords

This game was fun and a bit challenging from the start and I fell in love with it the moment I realised you could walk backwords

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Good Game

I totally called the ending.
Thats why i found all the switches.
Great platformer over all but it would be nicer to have a bigger map with
more upgrades.

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4.29 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2010
8:47 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other