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Squadron Auriga

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Cadet 5 Points

Start new campaign

First Blood 5 Points

Kills a monster for the first time

Lieutenant 5 Points

Finished campaign level 3

Private 5 Points

Completed level 1 and level 2 campaign tutorial

Accountant 10 Points

Earn total 10000 Energy in domination mode

Captain 10 Points

Finished campaign level 5

Legendary Armies 25 Points

Finished campaign level 11

Squadron Leader 25 Points

Finished campaign level 9

Dominator 50 Points

Dominate more than 6 base

Marshall 50 Points

Finish all campaign levels

Merchant 50 Points

Earn total 30000 Energy in domination mode

The Pin Point Shooter 50 Points

Finished campaign level 6

Bank Robber 100 Points

Earn total 50000 Energy in domination mode

Mission Accomplished 100 Points

Finished all campaign levels

Author Comments

Squadron Auriga is a strategic defense game. You are the last remaining squadron on planet Insectus. Build units and upgrade your base to defeat the enemy.

Play 12 Campaigns and Play Domination. Full Control of Buildings and Units on the Battlefield, Complete Upgrade Systems, Strong Storyline, and much more!

- A S D W or Arrow Key to pan camera
- 1-9 Hotkeys for Buildings
- Z Hotkey to select all units
- SPACEBAR to unselect units/buildings

- Please play this game with FLASH PLAYER 10
- Flash Player 9 or older version are not recommended! You will get a FREEZE / LOCKS UP / etc..

- Added NG Medals
- Sniper mission is easier
- Interlevel Ads filtered, if you're still see them please PM us...

Thanks Newgrounds for the frontpaged!! ^^


Not much of a reviewer...

but I just have to comment on a few things here. First I'd like to say this has potential to be a really kick ass game. Second, well, lots of things that bug me to the point I just can't enjoy the game.

I understand that ads make money, and people need money, however, when the ads start effecting gameplay your just being greedy. You have it posted in the comments that you removed Interlevel ads... try again because they are still there, and I'm not the only one thats still seeing them according to the reviews.

As for the units, granted it says in the opening story that "oh we need a commander, letting our units go uncommanded is getting them killed". Maybe you intended that the units be complete dumbshits when your not in direct controll of them. You can't tell them to stay put, or stay in the range of the turrets, or to advance and kill everything in their path. These are supposed to be soldiers, not toddlers you just picked up from school and handed a gun, do you REALLY have to babysit them constantly to make sure they don't do stupid shit? Okay, the aliens are big bad mofo's but damn, when you tell them to attack they get slaughted as soon as you go back to get more. "WTF? Where did my 20 tanks just go? Oh... they walked into a suicide bug and decied to sit down for a smoke break while I was in the turret shooting the ones they let walk right by them. Roger that..."

Oh, and as for the turrets. I understand that your Billy Bad Ass Commander that can piss farther and shoot better than anybody on the planet, so when you take controll of a turret, its understandable that it magically gets so much better. My problem is, lets take the machine gun for instance, that you can somehow shoot over twice as far manually than you can letting it go auto defence. Again, Commander BMF can run a turret better, but hell, even the janitor can spray and pray.

To sum it up, I see potential for a great game, that the creator spent so much time on features and not so much time on the basics. Just a hint, your average player of flash games can't be everywhere at once, even in a game. Most people don't have the skill to aim a turrent, run a base, and teach infants to walk in a group and shoot the bad guys before they get eat.

And that is the sum of my 2 cents, not like the people that create these types of games ever read the bulk of reviews, but hey, I can still type it out for my own enjoyment.

Merry New Year.

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Something to think about

Well the game was good over-all, but in the future maybe get someone to edit the grammar.

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This would be very good game if it had just a few minor adjustments that would only take a few hours to fix. It needs some major help in the grammar department. It is obvious the maker of this game doesn't speak the best english. Also, the infamous ''sniper level'' is about 50 times harder than the previous levels, making it the end of the game for most people. Balance out this level more (fewer of those 3 hit monsters) and get someone to iron out the writing to actually make sense and this game will be a golden hit.

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Nice way to spill insect blood


I didn't like it. The gameplay was ok, and so were the graphics but it was really easy up until the sniper level which seems to be impossible. I'm sure someone else has beaten it, but I couldn't seem to use the sniper support option to kill the commander and when I tried to bring the unit out to kill him, he died because he doesn't shoot fast enough to kill the enemy units and my tower couldn't cover him that far away. but my two major problems are:
1) the grammar
2) the story

The problem with grammar is obvious, so let's skip that.
For one thing the story is kinda hole-y. Why would we freeze a commander of the military in cryo for making a mistake? Why don't the generals command there own bloody army? Isn't that the generals job in the first place?
You totally lost me when it came to why we were occupying the planet in the first place. Apparently these "aliens" have a collective soul which is also some kind of power source. So as I understand it, we're there to kill them all (even though they're clearly of a higher-order intelligence), then steal there souls so we can power our machines and go out to conquer more planets so we can live on them because we scourged 75% of ours. And the "Aliens" are the monsters? Am I the only one to see parallels between this and half the sci-fi stories out there? only difference is it's normally the Earth under attack. The aliens are still the monsters in those stories though. Must be the inherent sense of self-entitlement in humans that makes it ok.
I can't give you a zero because the rest of the game is ok, but I'd consider rethinking what you've said here. Oh, and go watch "doctor who" and pick up the book "Enders Game", maybe then you'll understand where I'm coming from.

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2010
11:20 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)