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Squadron Auriga

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Cadet 5 Points

Start new campaign

First Blood 5 Points

Kills a monster for the first time

Lieutenant 5 Points

Finished campaign level 3

Private 5 Points

Completed level 1 and level 2 campaign tutorial

Accountant 10 Points

Earn total 10000 Energy in domination mode

Captain 10 Points

Finished campaign level 5

Legendary Armies 25 Points

Finished campaign level 11

Squadron Leader 25 Points

Finished campaign level 9

Dominator 50 Points

Dominate more than 6 base

Marshall 50 Points

Finish all campaign levels

Merchant 50 Points

Earn total 30000 Energy in domination mode

The Pin Point Shooter 50 Points

Finished campaign level 6

Bank Robber 100 Points

Earn total 50000 Energy in domination mode

Mission Accomplished 100 Points

Finished all campaign levels

Author Comments

Squadron Auriga is a strategic defense game. You are the last remaining squadron on planet Insectus. Build units and upgrade your base to defeat the enemy.

Play 12 Campaigns and Play Domination. Full Control of Buildings and Units on the Battlefield, Complete Upgrade Systems, Strong Storyline, and much more!

- A S D W or Arrow Key to pan camera
- 1-9 Hotkeys for Buildings
- Z Hotkey to select all units
- SPACEBAR to unselect units/buildings

- Please play this game with FLASH PLAYER 10
- Flash Player 9 or older version are not recommended! You will get a FREEZE / LOCKS UP / etc..

- Added NG Medals
- Sniper mission is easier
- Interlevel Ads filtered, if you're still see them please PM us...

Thanks Newgrounds for the frontpaged!! ^^


Great gameplay, but the grammar was bugging me a l

It was awesome everything, BUT the grammar. It really bothered me when you used extra words that didn't belong, or started with plurals and went to singulars. Just something you may want to consider in the future when putting so much text into the game.

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one bug

there is one bug att the begining off a game wen i gana build units the said limeded and i hade no units and all in the unit count said 0/14

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Good good.... But I encountered a glitch of some kind.
An bar without the ad pops up and it doesn't load, which I wonder
why it is even there in the first place. My complaining aside, knowing that the ads are a needed evil for income to both this site and yours, the problem persit throughout several playthroughs. I am sure it is well within your ability to fix such a minor thing however. Thank you for you time sir.

The common soldat and reviewer of Newgrounds flash,


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I am very impressed with the work you guys have put into this. I will do my best to give you quality feedback because this game is worth it and is why I am putting my time into it

Let me first start out and say I will continue to stay up-to-date with all of your games and be sure to review them at some point or even if requested upon. I have absolutely no trouble in doing so because it is an honor!
Now lets get on with the review & feedback shall we?

Bug:Add froze game after I won a mission, but data saved. (Once)
Rating system

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Story: 10
Entertainment: 10
Difficulty: 10
Controls: 8
Overall: 9.72

10 - Perfect: flawless; absolutely no complaints whatsoever.
Game Play

The game play is very smooth and polished. I enjoy the great amount of guys you are able to use and send out and on top of that they have special abilities!

Most of all what this game has and that other games DO NOT is pure strategy. When I played "Big Threat" holy cow I played that for more than 20 minutes. The only way I was able to win is simple, send my guys out in waves and you cannot just send them randomly because they won't attack unless you are slowly progressing. (Or target)
Working as a team and slowly advancing your guys while covering each other is the only way or send separate waves
Big wow and way to go guys for really switching that up.
Bundling up your troops and sending them all at once you will get slaughtered so you really have to think and plan.
The graphics are a huge part of this game in my opinion because they are just so fantastic to look at. From your base, to the highly detailed enemy base and creatures.
The background is also very nice to look at.
I guarantee this game is really up there in the ranks when it comes to the art. Very impressive and well done.
The variety of character animation from your side to the enemy's is just truly a sight. From the creatures squirting out explosive green liquid stuff to the rockets being launched!
The sound was good, nothing annoying and you guys did a very nice job with the sound effects. Didn't overdue do it nor make it annoying.
Great introduction and it really grabs your attention. Makes perfect sense and it does not at all seem like it was just something quickly made up. Seems very well though out and planned. Keeps you wanting to know what is going to happen throughout the game . Despite if the game was terrible I would want to finish it just for the story I mean it makes me want to really get to the end and see what happens.
All together from the beautiful graphics to the story that makes you really want to see what happens in the end, I don't think it could get anymore entertaining than this. Whether you had terrible game play, you had a great thought out story. Whether the story was crap, you had amazing game play and graphics. So I found this game very entertaining and it made me want to keep my eye balls on the screen without a doubt.
Like I said in order to enjoy this game or be good at it you need STRATEGY. This is something that this game has! You cannot win by spamming troops or by simply putting a ton of guys in one small area and charging to the enemy. This is such a fantastic aspect of this game and is one of the reasons why it is one of my all time favorite games now. Like I said, you have to move your guys slowly and leave some behind also to cover the ones advancing. Along with mix and matching troops to have the most effect.
I was a bit disappointed on how frustrating the controls can be. For example sometimes your guys would run off while fighting when spawned. I think there should have been a rally point so that they can't go past it if you wanted them to remain in a position. Perhaps a buddy system, one guy moves a link follows him. So you can send waves.
I highly doubt I will rate any other game as high as I am rating yours. I am a really big fan of Funever Games now and I really hope to see more creations.


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There is no way to get the sniper to the alien commander, even using the sniper reinforcement on the strongest enemies as fast as possible he gets killed.

funever responds:

Quoted from other player:
~ Protect the Sniper with Machine Gun Tower/MGT, keep his life full. dont move him forward too far until the Alien Commander is coming. first, u must finish the alien army with MGT and "Sniper Reinforcement", when just a little alien army remained and they are the weakest, slowly move the sniper forward. test the Sniper's shoot range. when the range with the commander is close enough, then shoot him !! (select Sniper/press Z then click the Commander). DARRR!! He died and you win... :)

Try and enjoy the next level dude :)

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2010
11:20 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)