Squadron Auriga

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Cadet 5 Points

Start new campaign

First Blood 5 Points

Kills a monster for the first time

Lieutenant 5 Points

Finished campaign level 3

Private 5 Points

Completed level 1 and level 2 campaign tutorial

Accountant 10 Points

Earn total 10000 Energy in domination mode

Captain 10 Points

Finished campaign level 5

Legendary Armies 25 Points

Finished campaign level 11

Squadron Leader 25 Points

Finished campaign level 9

Dominator 50 Points

Dominate more than 6 base

Marshall 50 Points

Finish all campaign levels

Merchant 50 Points

Earn total 30000 Energy in domination mode

The Pin Point Shooter 50 Points

Finished campaign level 6

Bank Robber 100 Points

Earn total 50000 Energy in domination mode

Mission Accomplished 100 Points

Finished all campaign levels

Author Comments

Squadron Auriga is a strategic defense game. You are the last remaining squadron on planet Insectus. Build units and upgrade your base to defeat the enemy.

Play 12 Campaigns and Play Domination. Full Control of Buildings and Units on the Battlefield, Complete Upgrade Systems, Strong Storyline, and much more!

- A S D W or Arrow Key to pan camera
- 1-9 Hotkeys for Buildings
- Z Hotkey to select all units
- SPACEBAR to unselect units/buildings

- Please play this game with FLASH PLAYER 10
- Flash Player 9 or older version are not recommended! You will get a FREEZE / LOCKS UP / etc..

- Added NG Medals
- Sniper mission is easier
- Interlevel Ads filtered, if you're still see them please PM us...

Thanks Newgrounds for the frontpaged!! ^^


Would be a good one...

Great artwork and concepts, however there was a bit of problem when chopper turrets actually flew offscreen for me. That was a turnoff for me personally.
Sniper strike was another, it didnt even made a damage onto the commander nor any of those aliens.

You know what's missing?

A button to tell your troops to stay their asses put. I wasted as much time telling my troops I really did want them to hang out at the base where it's safe, as I spent actually killing things.

I'd also like to see it made a little more clear that you're meant to just shoot the alien commander like a normal target. The only ability you have at your base is sniper shot, and the game talks about having a sniper and needing to snipe the alien commander, and that was more confusing than it sounds.

It would also be useful to have a hotkey for the mercenary barracks (there's always an s on the end) in level 11

And finally, when I go to stats it lists me with 0 bases won even though I finished dominate mode (in 1 turn, no less), and says I have 10 hours, 322 minutes and 56 seconds of playtime. The 10 hours is incorrect.

Those issues aside, and they do detract from enjoying the game, overall it was well made and fun.

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with the interlevel ad thing now it loads the loading bar and the screen goes black and then nothing else happens so even though you removed the ad its still trying to load it so .......... fuck

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good but...

keeps freezing up when trying to load adds in between games, dunno if its happening to nybody else

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All your base are belong to us

The gameplay was ok although very easy until the end, but... ZOMG the translation was HORRIBLE. It's not just a matter nitpicking grammar; this just doesn't even sound at all like a futuristic war against alien insects ought to. Normally I can just brush it off, but this was so badly translated that it detracted from the game.

Maybe Tom can set up a new supporting portal like the art and music portals: a translate portal. Send us whatever Google Translate spits out for your text, tell us if you're ok with profanity or 1337 or want an Irish accent or whatever, and we'll give you something that will jive with the game's overall feel and make gameplay a better experience. That's got to be at least as important as having nice graphics. (But speaking of graphics the chick was pretty smexy, so thx for that lol :D)

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2010
11:20 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)