The Chaos Emerald King

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*UPDATE 5* I WON! The contest I made the film for, I won! Thanks to Sonic Stadium and every one of you! http://www.sonicstadium.o rg/community/2010/12/tss-
christmas-contest-entries -winner/
*UPDATE 4* Sonic is no longer singing off key, have a listen and enjoy the film!
*UPDATE 3* FRONT PAGE! Thank you so much to all those that watched, rated and enjoyed this film! Plenty more to come, 2011! Merry Christmas!
*UPDATE 2* Revoiced Eggman and Sonic, and put the music (with pitch to 'match' the singing) through the whole song.
*UPDATE* Now has preloader, links at the end, and excitingly has movie controls! (Arrows skip 100 frames, Change 'frame' number and press play to jump, pressing pause while paused advances 1 frame, 'Q' changes quality). HIDDEN SURPRISE AT THE END!

Entry to the Sonic Stadium's Christmas Contest 2010.

Created by Peter Kimball-Evans, written and voiced with the help of Amy Evans.
I will link to the comic and youtube versions when they're online!


Very nice..

That is all.

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Ah! So good!

Well done. Very cute, adorable even. Fantastic comic and i'm glad to see the words were separate from the comic drawings. The song was lighthearted and fun. Props!

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Wow man

Awesome! That one single word is good enough for a critics report on this little movie!

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teh music isn't off on my computer and thats a old laptop whith a broken screen

Very Original

I've never seen something quite like this, well done! The voices for the characters were good, Tails' was especially spot-on. The lyrics really seem drawn from the characters too, and I like how more emphasis was put on character rather than putting on a show with the singing. It's better for having that much focus on the three of them rather than a spectacle. The art seemed a bit shaky, not sure if that was a stylistic choice or just because the focus was on the music, but that's really the only criticism I can come up with for this otherwise lovely little holiday flash. :3

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Dec 21, 2010
1:14 PM EST
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