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Planet Defense 1

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In this game you need to protect helpless Earth from giant asteroids and devastating comets using automatic turrets. The gameplay of this game is simple. You've got to purchase turrets and drop them on the orbit, aiming at the advancing space bodies. If you destroy an asteroid or comet then you earn some money to buy more powerful defensive weapons. If Earth is destroyed then your game is over.

Controls: Mouse Use cursor keys for moving on map. 1-5 keys to quick place defence ships (don't work in fullscreen mode)


A little frustrating

This game is nice, but difficult to manage. It might just be me, but I found myself to always be a little behind the curve in terms of building and maintaining defenses. The fact that they tended to bunch up and destroy each other didn't help. I just felt like I was never in control. I never felt like I was able to build a serious defensive network, rather, I was always attempting to patch up holes in my defenses. If the game were tweaked slightly (examples could be: build while paused, ability to rearrange defenses, cheaper units, longer breaks between waves) I know I would have enjoyed it more.

Every round I played went from being dull to being a chaotic mess too quickly for me to replay more than a couple of times. By the time I had set up an intertwining network of healer ships and begun to build barrier defenses, a bajillion asteroids crush-compacted my laser ships, near-missed my barriers, and took out Earth in a minute. I will admit that my build strategy may be flawed, but the rather slow beginning makes me not want to try for perfection. Oh, and, as far as I can tell, the rocketships do more harm than good (but maybe I am using them incorrectly).

Still, good game - I enjoyed the concept and appreciate the work you put in.


Could be better. Getting resources from asteroids like metal and crystals would've been better. Also if instead of immobile space ships you could create satellites which would actually orbit the earth at a set radius, I feel like this game would be much more memorable.

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useless upgrade?

what the hell is the last ship even for?

this is ...

this game is ok i like the consept the only thing i have trouble is that when i play the screen is to small to the hold the game i dont know if its my comp. or the game and also the freindly fire and you cannot more your ships. other than that this game is ok

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Not as nice.

Personally this game is just to easy and like most of the others said after the first couple of waves the game just loses its edge and it did not really have one in the first place. I would like to see more by you with lots more detail to ships and make it harder.

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3.58 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2010
11:09 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)