The Christmas Caper

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YO, who stole the Christmas Circle? Shit, idk just watch m8
Murry Crispix everyone!!

Love, Marc M.


Very good humor

The file at first seemed to take awhile but that caught up in no time, nice job on the loader page, its always the first thing people see and you presented a nice looking one, The toon you have here is actually very funny and you presented us with lots of funny characters and unique, the sounds were really good so nice job on the voice over, even the song was funny, not to mention you gave the toon lots of humor lots of little jokes here and there, so i was glad to have seen this it was amusing and very funny, as to improve on it, not sure maybe better animation for the limbs and stuff and really make new scenes in there aswell, but mostly it was just fine, so i hope you make more of this like in a series of sorts, anyways nice toon.

maybe somewhat shorter not as long but not too short either, and improved animation on the limb movment

Funny story and great humor in this one


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lmfao good movie man.

wow browwwwwwww! funny good stuff.

Wow Brow saved it.

I was sulking more, and more, and more, convinced this was a lazily thrown together, farfetch'd, no good Christmas cartoon with bad jokes...but then I saw Wow Brow. After a hearty laugh, I realized it was a lazily thrown together, farfetch'd, no good Christmas cartoon with A COUPLE of pretty funny wtf moments.

Sure, none of the funny gags tied in with the plot, and sure, the song 2/3rd's in was absolutely pointless...but it's CHRIIIISTMAAASSS...

I would work on structuring a plot, without making jokes that grind the progression of the plot to a halt.
I would work on volume leveling..."Three Ways to Saturday's" vocals got waaay quiet at some points...and it made no sense that the detective and Mom were singing "I can see it in your eyes" when it shows both of them inches away from their face and their eyes closed. I smiled, sure, but it wasn't clear if it was intentional or not.

The most clever line? "I'm not a detective, I'm a Dick!" ...which means detective... XD

The nerdy guy? Weakly established, weak performance, weak, almost accidental Deus Ex Machina to the plot...and the most action packed scene, when he's recounting Santa Dad beating him was TOLD THROUGH EXPOSITION, not SHOWN in something that's supposed to be a visual median.

...Hell, You know more than I how lazy you made the visuals! If you ever had thoughts of improving, why not challenge yourself?

All-in-all, this animation was mediocre at best. A few funny lines here and there, but overall, just more sloppy than I can tolerate. Voted 3, try to test your limits!

...Oh, and Merry Christmas. :D

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Pretty good

I reckon that was uh pretty good movie right yonder. Made me laugh. The song they sung just made me die laughing.
This is like my dip of backer, it was enjoyable. Yet I accidentally swallowed some of my backer in which relating to your movie by saying some parts where a bit bad. But overall it was pretty good.

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4.03 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2010
1:24 AM EST
Comedy - Original