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you took one mean shit

Wrench Finder 5 Points

Congrats! you found the wrench.

Bag Of Shit 10 Points

Successfully created a bag of shit

Pillow Fighter 25 Points

Winner of the pillow fight

Teacher Savior 25 Points

Saved the hot teacher

Winner 50 Points

You won the game

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

***UPDATE 6/08/11*****
-Lowered the Pillow fight health bar to make it easier...
-Fixed character turn around against vagina monster.

**** I gotta be honest.. this game works better on a mac than a PC... not sure why.

This is a game about an evil teacher who is also a scientist who plans to take over the town. There is only one person who can stop him. That man's name is Snakebite. Snakebite is one badass dude and he is the only one who has the ability to stop the scientist.

The game is an adventure/fighter game. There is a total of 3 boss fights. Plenty of in game movie segments. I had a long list of voice actors who helped make this game amazing!

if you want to skip the intro segment....
S = skip intro segments
but i highly suggest you watch it.

Q = toggle quality

Enjoy! and please leave a review! This is my first very serious flash game. I worked on it for about a year off and on. I appreciate any kind of feedback. Also there are medals!


so far so good

but when i go left out of the house in front of the pink door, i can't do anything, can't go back either.

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YoinK responds:

there's a right arrow to go right after that part...

was lolworthy

People are being way to harsh on this. Overall you did a damn good job, the theme was cool, the characters, clean voice acting, and fun game play. Not to mention the part in the school was a nice twist on a NG classic, you through in an intro video, ending video. how someone could have rated this a two compared to a lot of stuff on here is judging it on something other then it's quality or only watched the preloader..
and it was your first attempt at a serious flash, nice job man

After playing it all the way through there were some things you could have worked on.
on the second boss the game play was really bugged, the character wouldn't turn facing the boss sometimes and you have to jump outta it, didn't happen with the 3rd boss
the graphics were done really well in some areas, but then in other important areas you decided to go the easy route. like on the last boss, it looks like you put more work into he bg then the boss itself, and the main character walking through the map was poorly detailed compared to say the end video that looked really clean, it's important to put a lot of detail in the focal points and less in the bg if you wanna take shortcuts

other then being a little rough around the edges, which is expected for a first serious attempt at a flash game, this was a great game.

nice work man

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YoinK responds:

thank you sir. I know i'm not the greatest at graphics. I wanted to detail the python boss fight background more... but the game kept freezing on me when I saved it. The file size is just so massive.. that any kind of changes would take forever..... um as far as glitches.. i wish i knew what they were.. the game doesn't seem glitchy on my computer.

pretty cool

the game was real good, considering that it was kinda funny as well. i didnt like the fighting glitches that snakebite had during the battles, which made me lose A LOT to python and the va jay jay monster. but hey i aint complainin, cuz i beat the game and got all the medals :P

YoinK responds:

what glitches???

There's effort but...

High school grade humor in a high school setting. Juvenile and full of your friends who wanted to come off as funny and witty, but to anyone who thinks MTV and the like is crap, it comes off as childish. I'd really have preferred not to have listened to whoever they were while going through the halls.

You've clearly shown that you can properly work flash, so compared to a good majority of newgrounds, you're doing good. You have acres to improve in all sectors though.

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YoinK responds:

well this game i wanted it to be rather outrageous. Insanely outrageous lines helps make this game feel less boring. Can this game be related to reality? maybe... but probably not. I would say you were right about it being an effort towards humor.

My skills aren't the absolute greatest. But this was definitely a learning experience. I've never created an adventure game quite like this that had fighting involved as well.

I appreciate your thoughts and opinions and hope to create something someday closer to your liking.

not great

I wasn't too keen on this game to be honest, mainly due to the low quality graphics and the inconsistent art style. It also seemed to me that the perspective views in most of the rooms were not accurate. For example in the garage, Snakebite's car is drawn from a back view when it should be a perspective view to match the background. Also some of the animation was pretty questionable, the main walk cycles for Snakebite are quite odd, it sort of looks like he's half asleep and stumbling along. Anyway there were some good points to the game. I liked the voice acting and the choice of music used, also in the beginning cutscene I thought the lip synching was good.

All in all this game isn't my cup of tea but it's obvious that you've put some effort into it, good luck in future games.

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YoinK responds:

well it's all a learning process... sorry it wasn't your cup of tea Nicholas.. :(

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Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2010
9:24 PM EST
Adventure - Other