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One Mean Shit 5 Points

you took one mean shit

Wrench Finder 5 Points

Congrats! you found the wrench.

Bag Of Shit 10 Points

Successfully created a bag of shit

Pillow Fighter 25 Points

Winner of the pillow fight

Teacher Savior 25 Points

Saved the hot teacher

Winner 50 Points

You won the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

***UPDATE 6/08/11*****
-Lowered the Pillow fight health bar to make it easier...
-Fixed character turn around against vagina monster.

**** I gotta be honest.. this game works better on a mac than a PC... not sure why.

This is a game about an evil teacher who is also a scientist who plans to take over the town. There is only one person who can stop him. That man's name is Snakebite. Snakebite is one badass dude and he is the only one who has the ability to stop the scientist.

The game is an adventure/fighter game. There is a total of 3 boss fights. Plenty of in game movie segments. I had a long list of voice actors who helped make this game amazing!

if you want to skip the intro segment....
S = skip intro segments
but i highly suggest you watch it.

Q = toggle quality

Enjoy! and please leave a review! This is my first very serious flash game. I worked on it for about a year off and on. I appreciate any kind of feedback. Also there are medals!



My review is above MindChamber's! :O!

Oh, ok, on to the review. It was kind of like Pico's school, well at least the school part. Some parts didn't make sense (the spying neighbor and the... I won't ruin it) but at least it wasn't too hard to figure out.

The game was really short, like Pico's School, but it was enjoyable. The boss fights were easy, although it was mostly figure out the pattern and keep hitting until they're dead. Would've been more challenging if they had some other attack after they were taken down to half their health or something. Also, sometimes the hits wouldn't register; even if you stood close enough, some hits wouldn't get them (2nd and 3rd boss fights, not the fight with Richard. And actually I noticed it was more the charged hits that missed more often).

The graphics were kinda bad, but that didn't take from the game. If you make a sequel make it longer, and with more clarity on some of the voices (or subtitles for the "Hearing impaired" >_>)

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fun game man

The set up reminded me of Picos school.
The dialogue was all very well done and that walk cycle if fucking hilarious.

Everyone did a great job!

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uhh i broke it

fun game but i used a special attack on the final boss just as he grabbed me and SnakeBite was on the wall while being pushed to it

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needs a little work

but over all i love it good job (make it it a little challenging)

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king size penis XD

Can someone tell me what the dude at school is saying before the line - twin size bed, king size penis.. i heard something about Phoenix but i`m not sure

YoinK responds:

"It's Kellz, hotter than a phoenex. twin size bed, king size penis." J-kellz

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