People on my Lawn

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Filthy humans have landed on your beautiful slimy planet, destroy them for bring their filth on to your sticky lawn. Blast them back to that crap hole they call earth!


The Sentinel in Flash Game

Frederic Brown most famous novel in videogames... what if the aliens of shot'em ups were us?

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Unique idea, Lots of fun.

I've never played anything like this before. Its a great idea. There is only a few things I find wrong with it. Debris from the play forms you destroy can get in the way, They are unpredictable and tend to be annoying. Also if I decide not to use ea magnet I can't return it to the hot bar. When I tried it just went behind the bar. Then when I wanted to use it again I couldn't get to it. But still, the puzzles are very challenging and alot of fun.

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how r u?

nice game

Though I agree with what everyone is saying. you can run out of rockets easily simply by losing them on random bits of floating debris.

it makes it less of a puzzle game and more of a game of chance.

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kinda sucks

What I don't like is the physics cause some times you'll have it set up right but random bits of deabry well get in the way and all you can do is keep redoing the same setup untill it works

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4.06 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2010
3:39 PM EST
Puzzles - Other