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UFO Invader

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Now with Score!

How do you shoot all invaders?
Don't touch or you restart.

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Could ya improve this game? you don't gain any score, you have NO instructions, you are too large, the flying block thing cant harm you, and only a few aliens come at a time. Also pressing "exit" breaks the game to the point you have to refresh. until you fix these things, You may hang around a rather crappy score. I also agree with Kitsune-Teme...

alessiolol9000 responds:

Whoops....i'm sorry, that exit button that breaks, next game i will make a game without a exit button.

Nice game but

Why didn't u put the controls?

Very Poor Game.

I'm sorrry, but the game overall is just unappealing in it's current form. The cycling gets annoying, you can move your UFO off screen and never get hit, if you get nicked in the tinyest manner, you restart, the gaps between the aliens are too small, (or the ship is to big) and you have two clashing types of pixels. However,The music choice was good in my opinion, but not enough to warrent any stars. Better luck next time!