Red Green Blue

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USE THE ARROW KEYS OR WASD TO MOVE, space x or Z to jump. 10 points per enemy passed and 1 point per step. Don't fall in the pits!

This entire FlashDevelop project is available along with the assets on my github https://github.com/ja ckaperkins/Red-Green-Blue under the Gnu GPL License.

My personal best is a little over 400 points... >__>


Canabalt with seizures!

Once I actually got the hang of it it was pretty fun. To everybody who's giving it a 1 before they learn how to play the game: enemies are to be dodged, don't jump on their heads. When the top and bottom bars are the same color, there's a gap you have to jump. Hold right/d to sprint and likewise hold left/a to slow down. Jump while sprinting to long jump, jump while slow running to quickly hop. Use the hop and the long jump to get past multiple obstacles in a row or places where enemies are tightly packed with small gaps in between. This game's mechanics are well designed and work. I got close to 2,000 once. You all just aren't trying. Yes the graphics hurt your eyes but they're meant to be disorienting.

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This should have been better than it was.

I was hoping you would do something interesting with the gimmick, like Shift, but no. It's just a generic platform-jumper with quirky graphics.


Its not bad, it is a bit good. I vote a 3 on this.


i would have gave this game a perfect score but there is no clear way of knowing wich color your gonna fall through next. other wise great game! im gonna go play some atari. please make more like this.

jackaperkins responds:

If the top and bottom are the same color, you fall through, there's no line to stand on!

I'm having a seizure.

The game idea is pretty simplistic. But the game colors really tire my eyes. Plus there's no real goal to keep going other than seeing how far and how much points you get.


Also you did never explained about the logistics behind the bars. I would fall down unexpectedly, and had no idea why. It took me a while to figure that when you get two bars of the same color, you get a hole.

Sorry dude, but you can do WAY better.


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1.98 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2010
2:18 AM EST
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