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December 19, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

For Ludum Dare 19.


This was different, but I didn't care for it. The weirdest part was how it seemed to be just the same thing over and over. I could get the hint that it was at least realistic. It just wasn't much for a full game. I guess the graphics are alright. The pixellation was nice.

The music is okay. It's mostly just boring. At least it was something done on a dare. I can always appreciate that. I guess it was about distance.

Really well done. Especially knowing you had limited time, it was an excellent choice of theme.

A flash game about a man and a girl what don´t know if the other want to reconcile (or not?) the game only talk with your elections or your options, and not exactly have a ending, but maybe someone can feel identified with this game

I think I made it work.. Hopefully. ._.
The girl said she'll visit the dude in a week and that she has the tickets and everything.
Really love the different paths this game can take. Love the monotonous days that only vary at nights and during that one time ;)

All of your games are works of art. I don't care about how people complain about your games are controversial. They take them too literally. I really love your games and can't wait to see more. Even though none of your games relate to me, I feel a strange connection with them.

Man. This really hit me in the feels. I connect with this game because I go through the same thing.


This is a beautiful game. The art, the story, everything. If I had to have any problems with it, it'd be that it seems a little unrealistic to me, personally. I've been in relationships like this and the more you talk about plans and the distance, the more distance there really is between you and your partner. That's just my perception on this, though. You always make such beautiful games, and one minor complaint stemming from personal experience isn't going to stop my thinking that.

It just depends how much effort you put in this long distance relationship. They only talked very little per day. No wonder they broke up.

nice game but i agree with the long distance it's kinda a weird ending

This is just like the situation I'm in now. It feels so real, too, especially those empty phone calls when you just want it all to seem 'normal', if that makes sense? A++!

I am currently in a long distance relationship, and this is really accurate. I must say, If you are in a ldrs, it's so much better to wait, than call it off. Well done game.

in this situation now and thats exactly how it goes lil convos here and there and constant waiting would have been better if maybe there was more to the game but its very accurate

I've been in a couple of ldrs and wow some of those empty conversations really hit close to home. In a good way, though. music's kinda repetitive but I can look past that, really. pretty sweet game.

I can't contemplate how accurate this game actually is. This game depicts how Long distance relationships always go. The relationship can work out, it can split too, it all depends on the choices you make.

The ending of the game confused me at first, but I think the day after the ending is when they're finally about to close in the distance between them, and they're finally going to meet. Also, the music is great and relaxing.

Austin's games are always relaxing. Probably cause of the story and perspective present in them. So far, nothing bad about this game, so, 5/5 stars for me! :)

Amazing. Truly declares what LDR's are. Sometimes they work, sometimes, they don't. Depends on your commitment. I had one for 4 years with a guy, I couldn't just "drop by for the weekend", we were 850 miles away from each other. We've been "just friends" for a year now.

I'm hoping that with each option you choose different options and scenarios approach, but it doesn't look that way. That would be a good idea if you'd want to make another one of these.

Pretty funny

i had a relationship like that it was beautiful and shes by my side right now

Yay, I'm totally clever cus I seen that the lower answers are the "good ones"
But true - even if you don't flirt with others you can just split...
It's sweet - all the idea and making.

I guess the only thing I don't really like about it is that I can't understand why some topics of conversation lead to splitting off and some lead to getting closer together. It was really cute though.

Daww! I love it, made me think about how I would never have my girlfriend leave for more than a week. Thanks Austin.

wow! Cool one, loved it! Makes me think about my relationship..used to be a far distance one.

The music is nice since it's pretty relaxing. The pixel art is really good, as is the plot. It's a pretty moving game, which I'm sure many can relate to.

hey your games have good stories. i love all of it. especially this one well because..i can relate to this.

okkkk, weird

such a good game...

This is one of my favorite games. I wonder what's up with that, considering I'm a guy, but then I remember the game's plot is beautiful.

love that game

Very good. I liked it.

This is What I can call art, great job

It's cool! I love art games 'n all that and this totally makes the category. I like the small details in the screens, from the smoking to the drinking, but I wish it was longer or meatier. Eh, I still liked it though. Music is super stuck in my head now. Good work!

I liked the game. I am an art game enthusiast, and can't express how much this fits the category, BUT it just wasn't as thought provoking as I would have liked, though I do enjoy the minimalist graphics and the two different endings. Overall a nice look into the distance and complications of relationships. I guess as the viewer you have to come up with your own hard interpretation of the subject, which isn't always a bad thing.

a masterpiece. i follow your games, and stuff, and i say go on austin, this is art, you give dignity to the videogames.

I really like this game. It's unfortunate how long distance can separate even the most loving couples sometimes... I'm also in a long-distance relationship, though we don't live as far as across the world from each other. We have met before in real life, but we met on an online game haha... Beautiful game, beautiful programming, all my 5 stars are belong to you.

I for one loved it. I'm in a long distance relationship for the last 10 mpnths now, we live no where near each other and it was honest to god chance that brought us together. A five day training course for a job. People think it won't work out cause we're both 16, that we'll move to different collages and get to dissimilar jobs. But i love her, i have from when we first met.

It's the little thigs like what you've done here that make me feel good about the future and happy for what i have.

Oh and i love the red hair :)

I'm a long distance relationship now for 4 months. I disagree with the decision to make it all doubtful and awkward if you don't pick the "I miss you" option every time. Sure its ok to bring it up every now and then, but talking about other things feels more natural, like there isn't even any distance. So that should be the happier option, just my opinion though.

Love can really be a cruel mistress. No matter how hard you try, there will always be that doubt that you will be missing something. Even if everything is perfect. Even if you truly love that person, some obstacles are able to just get in the way of your love, and then it's nothing but a memory.

Heh, I don't really think that's the message this game was trying to get across, but sitting here for a few minutes made me realize just that how confusing and complex love can be. How it can be ruined and formed within moments.

Never the less, the game really opened my eyes about a few things. I thank you, good sir. I love it when games make you think about things. You are very talented, sir.

~Jake "Jakeinator" Smith

My girlfriend and I went almost 2 years long distance. We're high school sweethearts, and this year I transferred to the same college so she and I are finally together. It's been an absolute delight, and in a way this game kind of catches the vibes of what this sort of relationship is like.

It's not easy, but no relationship is. It's what you make of it.

9/10, 5/5.

The message here is a pretty good one. Even if a relationship is long-distance, it doesn't mean it won't work. It'll have as much success as you put into it. They can bloom or fail, just like any other relationship. It's all about what you put into it.

The girlfriend said she would fly to him within a week, hopefully they have sex

I met my gf a year ago for 2 weeks before we had to part, we then had an entire year of long distance, we never saw each other in person once during, only on cam. It was tough but somehow lasted, now we both live in the same city and things have gotten more tense somehow...Things are so different long distance.

This was a perfect example of what happened to my friend while he was dating a girl in his 8th Grade year at Middle School. Although that it was young love, it doesn't matter as long as you've felt love. Btw, this was a story told by my best friend.
It was the Winter Break when she, his Girlfriend, had to go over to the lower 48's to visit her family. Everyday, my friend and she would talk to each other everyday at night. Sooner or later, each and every night, their love each other was fading away... Then one day, there was a chance that they could flirt with another guy or girl. This happened to both of them, but neither would ever cheat on one another. So the next day, the day of glory, that she, my friend's girlfriend, would fly back to where my friend lived at.
It was an awkward moment when they met, since they haven't seen each other for at least a month. But when days passed, their relationships grew stronger and stronger, until it was strong as a family's love. No matter what happened to them, no matter what life has to throw at you, no matter what may hurt them, they were still together.
And when I had played this very game, I had realized that even though love can be difficult to handle, even when afar from each other, hope and faith must be kept. And in the end, it all comes down, to a day where you will rejoice, and praise for the joyful times.

10/10 5/5

you must pick the charming lines and dont pick like '' i started smoking again'' cause thats not lovely

but it's still a great game. I love it, I'll keep playing until I get the good ending too. Any tips guys?

This game also reminds me of Air Pressure, also a great game.


The 8bit design of the game and the pastel-y colors are a little hard on my eyes, but it's sweet, and really sums up a good relationship.

Besides the fact that its a small game, the music gets in the mood of the relationship. The 8bit graphics also made it well but this game has only 2 ending.

Doesn't matter how u start it the only part it matters is the moment they choose either to flirt or ignore. So.. if u choose flirt, its a bad ending but if u choose ignore its gonna end in a good ending no matter the choices u made at first.

I got them to get together so happy now *cries*

Oh my.. So sad but true :(
I nearly cried at the end. Your games leave a bittersweet feeling everytime.

Its at truly brilliant game that reflects the relationship brilliantly. The 8-bit graphics and the quirky music work well too

I was in a long distance relationship, and it feel just like it looked in the game. the days melt together, and nothing really matters. ;___;

It's an amzing game and all don't get me wrong but! That is truly depressing. I dont even know what to say now lol. I want them to get together;d!!!

This is so depressing.

Only one makes difference.

Lesson learnt.

this game is so touching for me :')
shit you make me so melancholic.
but I mean it, next two month I will be separated from my girlfriend, and this game is JUST like I'm thinking gonna happen :')

I love the art and the music fits so well with the tone of waiting. I'm glad she flew home to see me :)


This is about my life

i have passed by the same things its kinda sad lol, btw i like your games :p

I found myself getting extremely nostalgic. I had a boyfriend about 7 states over when I was younger, and we used to go through the same conversations. It made me smile to see this kind of premise to be used in a game. I got the happy ending when she buys plane tickets to come home on the first try. It made me smile, but I was confused when the last night I go they weren't on the phone, because they didn't seem to be in the same house. Maybe they just took a night off before her flight? The ability to interpret what happens is a sure sign of a great game :') kudos!

There is two endings to this game, I believe. The good ending is when the couple is yearning for each other, and mention how much they miss each other usually with phrases like "I love you, I miss you". The second bad ending is when the couple is just talking like they were still with each other.

Funny thing is that I thought the choices that would make the bad ending would make the good ending and vice versa. But my bad.

I've been in a long distance relationship and I believe that it can either strengthen or weaken the relationship, depending on what kind of love you share with each other. Infatuation is needy and it's flame bithers with distance. Distance with real love may be painful, but won't go out or fade like infatuation will.

reminds me of my first girlfriend...

To be honest... this was my life for a long time, so this really hits home. Long distance relationships suck, and it really does seem like the only thing ever happening is your daily routine. A few problems with this though (even though they've already been addressed. several times i might add) The music was beyond irritating, even though it did add to the illusion of a boring daily routine. The pixelated thing is a little overused, but i guess it fits its purpose decently here. It took way too long to make your point, I enjoy reading this kind of thing, and even i barely managed to push myself all the way through to the end. all in all, its pretty good, it has a decent message to it, everything clicks pretty nicely, and it cheered me up a little. - - 4/5 - - 8/10 - -

I absolutely love this. I'm currently in a long distance relation ship, with my boyfriend. I'm over 8000 miles from home right now. This game made me happy, because it worked out for them, and stayed together. I hope it happens for us too. Thank you.

I wanna scream FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUu when I hear it

... And then it started gnawing on my ventricles.

I've been in a long distance relationship for over a year and a half now, and the distance is finally starting to grind at it. The phone calls have dropped away, the conversations drift into meaningless nonsense, we've both picked up bad habits and don't talk about what's important. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic, but I'm still trying to work things out.

Anyway, this just struck so close to home. And I got the good ending, I think. Where they stay together and she gets the tickets to see him. Hopefully things will work out as well in real life.

Thank you for the game.

realy reaky great i love it!

Its strange how art games like this get scores of 2 and 3 when they first come out since mainstream newgrounds seems to hate them but later on when they enter art games and aren't advertised on the main page they seem to get quite a few tens without the negative comments. The game is touching but not as artistic or meaningful to me as some of the other art games. I agree with the person who said it would have made a better short animation rather than a game.

This game mean a lot to me. I'm in love with a girl. We were split apart by the distance and this game reminds me of her. I love this game. Very touching

probably the best you have done,
or maybe the one that just hit home the most.

the conversation "..."

yeah, too right.

truly amazing, really made me think

im so touched.stop touching me. seriously

This game should be made into a short film or something, its really touching.... specially the bit where the two meet when they have another signifigent other... THAT would be a big mistake in life.... lol i clicked flirt now their together... yay....

It's not my favorite of your works, but I enjoyed the scenery.

The game was unrealistic to the concept, but overall, good job :)

when i cliked all over again and the questions changed, i thought to myself: this is perfect!


It's a lot like this.
Ill advised.

I like the moral in it, its touching in a way, showing the different paths of a long distance relationship and showing both sides of it. I thought it was beautiful and the simplicity of the pixel graphics made it that much more loving :)

this.. reflects a lot..

on how my life kind of is right now..
i really like this game..

it makes me tear up when i play it xD

silly- i know..

but it's worth 10 stars for me.

simplicity is sweet.

love is simple

distance is love~

This game was pretty good, I got the good ending, but I wish you could interact a bit more

Man Austin, you really love exposing yourself to failiure with these art games, huh? Maybe that's what I like about them. Anyway, It's a good tribute to ludum, I love to see how people make each other feel good like that. This game made me happy. (Well, that's probably because I got the best ending. :P)

im very surprised how much my relationship and my other long distance relantionships are just like your game
i like the diferent endings
but it made me sad
cause i think i gonna end up with the bad ending
pd.- is very cute u made it for someone

Emmm... The title pretty much sums it up.

i could hardly tell what was going on:') don't get me wrong, i LOVE pixel animation! But, the game would've been better if you could ineract MORE with the game. Good luck!!

I love how you made it for someone!!!!
I really like this game, it show how love can go, the different ending show true
meaning like if you are away your girlfriend/boyfriend for too long, sometime
you have to part....
Kept getting bad ending. :(

ok but not good :(

Again, it is a amazing how such a simple game can be soo, true, i guess...
This game shows cut and dry the beauty of relationships, long distance particularly... It nice how you can choose what youre dialogue is and how youre outcome is going to be...
Anyways, I got a happy ending....

i like it but a got a sad ending =\

this game goes out of it ways to show both sides of

a long distances

its pros and its cons

and most importantly that it can work

good job

This game was absolutely TERRIBLE. It's nothing but repetition and boring dialogue. The art wasn't bad for 8bit, and that's why you have a star.

But seriously, this really sucks. And it was a total waste of my time.

This is gold......too funny

But I guess it's alright.

everyone think that thats sad I got her to fly back! anyway i think its repedetive and kinda pointless 6/10

most the only people who like this game are people in a long distance relationship, everyone else hates it, i give it a 6 becuse it makes people feel something

Is there even a happy ending?
I'm sad now...

So sad. my best friend just broke up with his girlfriend who's in her first year of college. They went out for 3 years and said they would get married & have kids together. I guess this story has a powerful meaning. Distance relationships never work out in the end :(

I only really appreciated this game because next year, my girlfriend will be more than 1,000 miles away from me. The fact that I could play this "game", and keep the couple's relationship intact gives me hope that we'll be able to stay together. I really like the art as well!

Barely anything about this game is very fun and or exciting, all you do is click,click, and more clicking until the end of the story. In fact, if you keep clicking for 5 minutes straight, I can assure you wont get to the end of the story. However, it is interesting to see the end of the story, but it takes a while to get there. Next time, I would recommend making more than just clicking screens for a simple flash game.

you would do better to post it in the correct portal seeing as this more more of a movie. i gave 1 star on the account of it being mind dullingly boring and time wasteing to say the least i want my minutes back.

First of all, it is a Story - not a Game.
The Text is realy plain, the Graphics okay but i miss some "emotion".

And there is absolutly not a point in this.

meh.. a little repetitive, but It passes I guess

lol at the guy below me who wrote a speech about this game deserves a zero because he didn't like the lines.

Good simple game. It is interesting how the small differences in dialog choices leads to very different results, while being pretty realistic imo. As it has been said, too much clicking though. Instead of seeing the same scenes every day, how about 1-2 random scenes from the day in between. Or just have them talk multiple times per day.

All you do it click just stay at the top of the page and click! Not to mention this game is shit! Sorry but it is nothing makes seens really

Okay, this is bullshit. Yes I've been there, still there. I'm actually skeptical whether anyone else who gave this above 2 has ever stayed there at all.

I mean, the only way they stay together in the game is doing nothing but throwing dull, meaningless love lines to each other? Man, do you really think that gets anyone anywhere in reality? And that even downsizing the more important casual conversation which is really the connection to the life of the other person.

That's what i'm really pissed by. I chose all the alternatives, every single one, because that's how we maintain our relationship. We trade songs, talk about dinner, debate about news around the world, all the little things that makes all the importance and constitutes her life, who she is. Of course I miss her, love her, and I tell her that too. But more important is being with each other, knowing and acting we are with each other.

I love the person, her brilliance and character towards her world, and that is shown in our daily conversations, contemplating and enjoying our lives and problems just as if we are with each other. Nothing too much or too deep, just keeping the connection and knowing its importance. Sometimes saying nothing at all. This becomes far more important in long distance, I thought this was obvious.

Instead I get this two dull people stuck in their dull lives whose only way to maintain connection is by being lovesick to each other. Yeah, this is sad, pathetic. Thank god this isn't true. Listen I'm serious. Saccharine, wishy-washy, cookie-cutter way of expression of love leads nowhere, not even in short distance. It doesn't last long just look around you. It's sloppy, hypocritical, maybe even possesive and paralyzed. Interested less in the person than what's in it for you. Inertia, wanting to let her face you than to face her yourself. Self-conscious of the relationship, automatic responses, need I go further?

I know this well because I've been there. That was me. I've been in both kind of relationships, I know both ways: what works and what doesn't in long distance. Long distance is hard, definately, but it's not the reason for any breakups. It's not a pitfall, if anything in the least it's a test, a trial to see if this love is long lasting and sound. Perhaps you wanted to express that but unfortunately your "right choices" are not the sign of long lasting relationship.

I haven't even played it yet, but it's by you, AustinBreed.

You make some pretty deep shit bro.

I played through and my people stayed together. I'll have to play through it again to see what people keep meaning by it being sad.

On a different note I thought it portrayed the distance and how both characters dealt with it.

I like this game since we take a look at one of the most dificult relation ships to keep a float the long distance. While I have never loved anyone on an intamite level I have seen a lot of them to know that camunicatoin is important at all costs. Now to all the people who hate this I can't stress enough that this is an art game! this is not for entertainment value it's made to make you think. 10/10

You have this problem a lot. You're definitely an artist who's making interesting, challenging art, but it's almost as if you're forcing yourself to use the wrong medium. This was a perfect look at everything that's wrong with long distance relationships, but it could have just as easily been a movie, book, etc. You were on the right track with "Good Fortune". You gave the player something to do in that game and it was through doing that action that the message presented itself. I'm interested to see what you come up with next, but I still think you've got some kinks to work out. Try making a game with no text at all and see if you can still convey a significant message through gameplay alone. Make the most of the medium you're working with.

this is a sad game where nothing happens

You can't expect anyone who hasn't been in a long distance relationship to give this experience a rating above two. From a person who has been there, I give it an 8. It is pretty much the essence of this sad existence... Distance.

whats the point ? only clicking.

where is the fun in this game?=(

not to have a long distance relationship! i mean yea i love having someone who loves me....but ive been fucked over in the hardest of ways, and now im back to being a man-whore. and i love it.

Just about everyone's been there... <3

There was neither story nor gameplay here. What was the point of all the clicking, anyway?

So depressed right now.

So true.

It's kinda sad, but true. I know this situations -.-

strange game

The whole recurring song and how monotone their lives are... I think it's not even their distant relationship that makes it the more tragic, but how lifeless their respective routines are without each other.

In both ends, what you consider the happier and sadder, something is still wrong. The bad end in which their lives continue pretty meaningless without the other (the cycle repeats), and the good end where it just proves the case that they can't be truly happy without their partner. I mean take it from that they were able to live a day without the other, yet they don't quite feel it as they are in doubt in talking over the phone with those short conversations. (the tidbits about finding something to do, getting bored etc)

It does cover the burden one must go through in a long distance relationship to overcome - but even beyond that there's more to it, making this game something really great.

if this is probaly is real i'd be getting a tissue right about *sobs* now

In my honest opinion, this was a brilliant idea and I love it.

didn't flirt 8-D

this game is sad but realy excellent

But depressing if you've gone through it in real life.

This game inspired me alot..

It's a very cool game, I really was touched by this.... I Have a similar relationship..... it's so sad, and made me almost cry ....... The music is Acceptable...... Love this game....

pay attention to each scene, because when i skimmed through to get to the talking part, I'm pretty sure i saw the girl flip me off

I actually love the monotonous music, I think it adds to the feeling of stagnation we see in the game.

a really good way to start off the day, I got the sad ending... I wouldn't have it any other way.

the graphics could be little more high res for such a large screen.

i think its a great game but the one thing that annoys me is the F***ing music

i was thinking of flirting.......but that wouldn't have ended well

Good Work My Man!

this game hits it on the nail, i got the happy ending by the way! :D

I see where you are coming from and i hope the girl or guy who did it to you comes to their senses... I understand...

This game realistically shows what it's like to have a long distance relationship and in such a way that it doesn't have to add anything. Anything else would distract from the true message of the game itself. As the reviewer below me said, "This game says everything without saying a word," and it's absolutely true.

Wonderful game. Definitely deserves to be in the art collection.

this game says everything without saying a word

understood the meaning of this game. keep it up! (:

Your games say everything people know but have never said.
You make the obvious understandable, and we thank you.

Made me think of my relationship.

this game is ... bizarrre


All who hate on austin's work are clearly blind to life, him games and movies aren't made for graphics, his games are to make you think, and to open your mind to the world, within every piece of flash he does, there is a deep meaning to it, only thoes who can open their eyes will understand thoes meanings

lame and boring.. it was pointless.. that wasted 20 minutes of my life
make it more interesting

I hate games like this all pixle and you just click on words or pictures and then repeat

well I think this is fine but upgrade the graphic and choices,OK? still,don't give up

it stops about 80% i assume. refresh,reload clear cache, n still nothin for me on this 1 game only

The game did what it was intended to do in my opinion, but it just feels off. The graphics work for this, but just because everything is in a retro style doesn't make it very special. A bit of variance in what they are doing would be interesting. I think you could have kept the retro feel but made the art more detailed giving the player something better to look at.

The amount of choices provided to the player seems lacking as well. From what I observed the choices made no difference on the plot. Only once you reached the loyalty test did your decision change anything. If I somehow missed something, it still felt like everything was separated in the exact same way, good and bad, in a sense.

The plot was not much to speak of. People are talking on the phone with almost no dialog what-so-ever. The player isn't really given an idea of how these people were before they were apart or why they should care about the couple, from what the player is shown, the characters are extremely boring and leave no impression.

The game overall is a mediocre attempt to be artsy without putting a significant amount of work into it.

Dont give up dude... :3

But sweet nonetheless.

its really interesting buy yeah wish there were more options. great job though

It was incredibly sensitive and subtle. Really touching.

Good concept, poor execution (sorry), I want more options!!!
It should have diferent options and diferent endings, for expample if one of the coupple decides to flirt and the other no.

its right art for such plot.

I love this game!Art games rules!and your games are aways cool!its so unfair that you dont get good score,theyre awesome!And yes, there is a message!

I liked this one a bit more than I liked your Support Group; it was still simple with limited animation but I felt more involved in what was going and the 'message' was clearer. Plus the choices you made actually effect the outcome and you have a bit more time to become 'invested' in the characters, even if they pretty much are blank slates.

I played through twice, got both endings; one play though I stayed light-hearted and mature so they ended up seeing each other and the other one I picked all the obsessive and superficial options so they broke up, it's pretty straightforward but nonetheless a fun little journey.

It's sorta cheerful. I like it. It's like... plain, that's why I'm giving you a 9. Nice message...

Well said.

Seems I said the right things to get her to come home on the first try.

Now it's time to step it up, Austin Breed.

I usually love artsy games that have messages rather than amazing gameplay, but this to me feels like a failed parody of those games. There is no message, there's no way to relate to the game because your choices are ridiculous and untrue.
Not fun, not message-y, not artsy and not cool.

After a second playthrough I realized that there are in fact different endings, but the choices you're given remain the same.

I guess like another reviewer said, its about the relationship going good or bad. Like asking about if they love each other all the time, and flirting with others etc.

But very plain and pointless. No change in animation.

A lot of people understand this game or where it was going.
In a long distance relationship there's really only two directions it can go... well, or terrible. And it all depends on the responses and the conversations had between the two parties.. and this game really shows it, and shows it well. 10/10.

Its not the best game but i liked it but the only thing i didnt like was that all the art kept repeating but besides that its a good game

I love art games. I can't really see the meaning in this one, but it's still pretty cool. Even if you can't really call it a game, the "interactive movie", or whatever you might call it, was pretty cool. Nice 8/16-bit style, too :)

I can't stand games like this. With games like this you walk the fine line between too much art and too much game. This is one of the ones were you stray too far into the art area. You have to remember that it's still a game regardless of how much meaning you put into it. And while this is acceptable if you consider it an interactive movie, it's not a game there's just not enough interactivity to justify calling it that.

I personally love art games. I mean, all games are art, but games like this one have a deeper meaning. I personally couldn't be see myself being in a long distance relationship and I now have a better concept of why. Thank you and keep up the good work. The reviews below me were a little harsh to me so I'm giving you 10/10.

I started smoking cigarettes again.

I usually don't score games so lowly, but as this was on the front page in the games section, I.....uhhh...expected a game. What I got out of it was barely a game. There was no real interaction throughout the whole thing besides two lines of changing dialogue. The story seemed non-existent and the message(whatever it may be) was...well...it didn't seem to have a message except that if you're in a long distance relationship, all you have to do is tell the person you love them and boom, problem solved. The music was just an annoying loop and not creative, which just added to blandness of the "game". As for the animation...well...it was bad, even for a pixel game. The whole experience wasn't fun at all, having to keep clicking until you reach some dialogue and all of it just seemed dragged out. In all, I think this would've made a better flash movie than a game, because I, in all honesty and IMO, think this is rubbish as a game and the only reason I can come up with that this in the game section is that you have to click to progress. I think if you make a game, you should make it really interactive(not just choosing two lines of speech), make or get some tolerable music, and add mechanics that make a game a game, such as actual playability and an interesting premise with good execution. If you're gonna go with artsy at least make a good game, otherwise make a flash movie, which judging by some of the animations in the "game", I'm pretty certain you can do and I hope you do because you seem to have some good points that can be fleshed out in a movie. Ok, I've rambled-In all, horrible game, glimpse of potential for future work. Later.

The music kinda sucked, and the whole artsy game genre kinda sucks, even 'One Chance' was horrible.
How come people like games with poor graphics, music, and virtually no skill involved.
Minecraft is the only exception.

... Yet so elegant.

This is a beautiful work of art.

So I win if she comes home...?

I like this..
It makes me sad though

I love art games and this one is simple but heartwarming. The music fills the atmosphere. People that doesn't understand these kind of games, this is the only thing I'd say to you: "it's too deep4u"

A boring music and a terrible story...
But I like the Pixel Art.

This really moved me... It is such a powerful piece of work. Maybe it's just because I tried being in a long distance relationship before, but I loved this game.

The repetitive music annoyed some people, but I think it just strengthens the concept of the repetitiveness of the lives of these two characters. How they just move through the day without really thinking, waiting for the night to come, so they can talk with each other on the phone. And then they begin to fall apart, he starts smoking, she is drinking.

And the end. They didn't talk. It was perfect. The nervousness of finally seeing each other after being apart for so long. You leave it to our imagination what is going through their heads.

All in all, it's a beautiful... well, I don't know what to call it. I wouldn't call this a game. It's not. It isn't trying to be. It is, in a sense, interactive artwork... whatever it is, I love it.

To olvvvlo:
WTH (What the Hell)
I don't get it
7 is my good #

Well you know what they say.

Amor de lejos, amor de pndejos. ja ja ja

This didnt make sense to me. They dont talk at the end, but she says shes flying over. is she flying over? is she ditching him? is it just a guessing game? i dont even know.

As a game itself its terrible, just pointless clicking, but as a story im sure its supposed to be more.

The music is a horrible, annoying loop.

great game

Somethings bother me, but it is mostly all correct the way I see it. Personal stuff.

Firstly, I love how you present this game, it shows how ones love life is the only hope in an otherwise repetitive and dull day.
Secondly, I agree with your portrayal of the long distance relationship. For many it can be hard with the lack of contact they can feel invalidated in their relationships, leading to doubts and eventually a break up. This in general is my experience of a long distance relationship. However I will admit that it is not impossible to remain together through a long distance relationship if both parties are truly in love with one another, and i know many people in a strong enough relationship to do so.
I will say the only reason i haven't given you a 10 is the repetitiveness of the day to day is a little dull for the progression for me, causing me to rush it. However i can understand it's artistic purpose and this is just me being a douche.
Keep up the good work :D

I love this game. because if you love someone, no matter what you say, they usually think it's funny or cute (Unless you get angry or something, you know what I mean) and you still get on with your life, not being totally clingy. Some relationships end up in ways and some end up in others. I've been in one before, and it changed the mood from when we were together too. But we had fights sometimes, and we made up, and then we finally just fell apart. But not everyone ends up like that. This couple could turn up in a few ways. It's not very different, no, but it is still completely correct. Bavo, AustinBreed.

Overall I like the games AustinBreed puts out. I think its kind of ironic that he put out an anti-smoking game a while back while at the same time he profile pic has him with a pipe in his mouth, a tad hypocritical if you ask me.

Everyone keeps talking about how long distance relationships do/don't end up like this. But what is it ending up like? Sure, they don't call each other in the last one, but she says she's flying home in the second last one. I'm not sure I understand the message here.

Not all long term relationships end up like this, I'm in one right now, and it's nothing like this, i know everything that's going on in her life and she does to. It only ends this way if you let it, if you really love that person you will do everything to be with her, and endure time and everything, it's a matter of personal strengh, that's all

Hardly questionable to call it a game, it isn't, more like a wake up call with some nice nostalgia, simple one-click continue, and of course soothing music.

The mood is set to be very thoughtful and you did achieve that, however, thoughtful to what? Was I nor anyone else here aware of how the usual setup is with long-term relationships? I've always found that Harry Harlow was right in deciding that contact comfort was a neccessity for survival and development, and because of this I see it only to make sense that in order for a RELATIONSHIP to survive one must be able to hug and kiss and the person they love.

I'm sorry, but this game is obvious.
Okay, so there is a message and all, but it isn't new or different.

7/10 for motivation in explaining the obvious, but for the better purposes of thoughtfulness and entertainment. At least something was accomplished.

Excellent, minimal game about (distance) relationship. Liked the essential pixel graphics, and the sense of repetition developed by the game.

The gamelay is isn't that BAD :)
This is good especially for those who are having a long distance relationship.

unfortunately 90% of long distance relationships end up like that; however, not all of them do. My wife and i met online and met in person but she lived in Illinois and me in Southern California and either of of could leave due to age and funds. We were in a long distance relationship for about four years until I had the money to move out there and now we have been happily married for nearly three years

I am going to have to agree with godsentwarrior. This is really for people who have been in long distance relationships. I understood the meaning and actually could relate to the game/movie. Very nicely done unfortunately the happy ending most likely wouldn't work out... Mine sure didn't =(

What game? I can barely even call this art.

more of an interactive movie. doesnt really leave much to the imagination. was expecting some more interesting choices that might have lead you down somewhat drastically distant paths. keep at it tho

People rating this less than a 7 have never been in a long distance relationship, or probably any relationship for that matter. It really touched me.

The way the days were all the same, but you remember the conversation with the partner was exactly how it worked. Days fly by as you just wait for your next chance to see the person you love, just like you began to click faster just to see what would happened. Touching, really.

This music is giving me a headache.
And the repetitive scenes are kind of boring...
But it's okay.

check them together!
too bad that wouldn't happen in real life

An okay game. The music got really repetitive and annoying and it felt weird and a bit annoying, clicking all the time and only having two options. More options would've been much better. And more endings, too. And a mute option, like Aardwolf requested.

But the game's fine on its own. The detail of the scenes are great though hardly ever noticed...and, it made a point that long-distance relationships don't always work-or something.

Art games are great when they're ACTUAL GAMES.

This is an interactive story, not a game. 4/10 is a gift.

Can't play the game, it never finishes loading, solutions anyone?

I was listening to some actual music on my computer (yeah) and that's pretty hard if the game spits out repetitive lowe tone noises all the time that can't be muted! I'd have experimented with the game more and tried different endings if it would have been muteable.

I was really tentative about playing this after reading the majority of posts below- and I will agree that the choices and lines following were actually somewhat predictable and yes, the music did almost drone on in its repetitive fashion.

However, I think the game was amazingly realistic and moving.
The dwindling spark in the relationship was realistic- the music, although on a constant loop, feeling as if the lower, bass tones get louder as the game goes on- making it feel sadder until the end.
The looped music & predictable lines also added to the repetetive daily routine. Sure, it did, after a while, get annoying constantly clicking the screen to click 1 line of writing- but it's the story of a long distance relationship and waiting to be together, not a 'shootem'up 2 get to y0 biitch' game.

I liked the pixelized art- I thought it was really well done, espescially considering I never really saw more than 10 frames used for each scene. The amount of detail put into such simple scenes, I found really amazing- like on the shower curtains and the snow and their clothes during the walking scenes.
The simple things and extra detail were just really good, in my opinion.

I actually liked the game. The repetetive music loop & predictable lines added to it. The pixel art was fecking amazingly detailed and people who didn't notice that clearly came looking for a different game.
Screw you for criticizing something you don't understand.
Why waste your time on it if you don't like it?

Thanks for a great game.

the most boring game ive ever played! hey do something more usefull with your life cuz games aint the way to go. that was more like a movie that had no point to it.

that game was totally boring and unrealistic cause everyones relationships are different so i was very limited in the answers i could have. all together it wasnt bad but not good. if you havent been in a long distance relationship yourself then you would understand why that game got a 3

Normally, I love these kind of games. And as much as I like the concept, it was a little bit too shallow.

Having had a semi-long distance relationship, I feel like some of the responses to preserve the relationship would actually harm it by being overly clingy. It felt like one of those quizzes that you knew which answer would lead to which result.

Of course, I like the corresponding panels for the couple.

i give it a high score cause i can relate to the game and to the message

i also have this girl i like and we both want to meet each other but everytime something goes wrong and it really upseting that the only way we comunicate is by facebook our phone.
i want to see her in flesh not it letters.

but i enjoyed the happy ending where they finaly about to meet after a long time and i hope ill be able to see my girl in the near future.

people cant think this game is good unless they felt the will to see someone who is far away.

When I was going to click 'play', I kept hoping that this wasn't an art game.

Now, I see that some of these do look like the author put some effort into making the art game. But this, no, this is just horrible.

It goes all sentimental like the other ones, fine. It's pixelated, nothing wrong with that. Then right when I'm thinking that I'm ok with it, I realize how much the music is looping before the day even ends. Nothing changes, even though the dude comments on growing a beard, his face doesn't change, not even a little bit. It's the same thing over and over. Horrible.

It felt like you tried too hard to be one of those other games where your choices are all deep and have a big impact on the player. Honestly, the game was boring and the music also could do with improvement. Just a meh game

Dont realy know what to think of this..
Depressed me a bit though.. maybe thats just the xmass time..:(

This is the most boring thing ever, I don't even think it can be called a game.

i played bout 3 times to see if there was ne other ending and i got the endign where the girl goes "ill be coming over in a week" or sumtin like that but the next day they dont talk? i dont know what thats bout care to explain?

kinda reminded me about myself hahaha good stuff

That's game remind me to anime "5 centimeters in second" like a description: Game about distance :D And two teens too.

I like the idea of the game, however, I've played through the game a few times and made different choices and the outcome seems to be the same everytime. Would've been better if the choices you make on what to say made difference in what would happen.

I liked the message behind it and everything... But it was a little too repetitive for my taste.

i think i won...and everything went better then expected...
i was kind of hoping for more though

This makes me wonder if you have actually been in a long distance relationship, AustinBreed?

I've been in a long distance relationship for almost a year now and I know it gets hard. Sometimes it gets a lot like this game. You say you love each other but no matter how strong you may think that love is, the distance gets to you.

Simple things that other couples do like holding hands just seems like a dream that you're striving to make happen.

click click click choose click click click choose click click click choose click click click:thats all there was! i was hoping for a game in which that i can actually do something

this gave me the same feeling I got when I first started a LDR with my girl....very nice....very unstable...like an organized chaos :P

I think I've replayed this several times now. You've created a lovely little modest game here. Sombre and subtle, enjoyable like a slow stroll through the park. Thanks for making this. x

Was there a hidden message or something? I think the message was that long-distance relationships don't work out so well. But this game just sucked.

pointing and clicking. not my kind of game.

I don't know about the people who were expecting some ground-breaking game that could have sold for 50 bucks on retail, but I really enjoyed it. The graphics were actually very nice to look at and the situation was caught in perfection.

Good game. (:

WTF WAS THAT.... seriosly dam dude i was like hoping for something interesting to happen BUT I DIDNT!!!

It really shows just how a long distance relationship works, even though I'm in one and it's...alot different but...still, you really got the feeling of a long distance relationship in there pretty well

I like it. It really embodies long distance relationships. that's pretty much exactly what happens. sucks

What a piece of freakin crap. I will never have a long distance relationship seeing how boring it is.

a game about bland people in a relationship?
...of corse it doesn't work with them.
they should f*cking enjoy themselves.
The option were crap - graphics were nice

So. What's the result? I go click click click click click decide click click click click click decide click click click click decide .... rinse and repeat a few times more .... and it's over. No result of my choices displayed, no ending sequence. Not even a moral dished out at the end, or anything unusual and abrupt happening like one of them dying and the other one having to cope. It's just.... over. Oh, whoopee!

Hooray for beating a relationship that would take a long time, in under 2 minutes. :D

I've got to rate this as a game, which it really isn't. I thought it was done alright altogether, but it could have easily just been a movie and it would've gotten exactly the same feeling across. Doing artsy stuff is fine, but you've got to actually have a game that people want to play underneath all that artsy crap.

So yeah, good pixel art slideshow, but not such a great game. Make the next one actually give the player more to do than choose between two dialogue options and you'll get a good score from me... or just make it a movie, since that really seems to be what you want to do. There's no shame in making it a movie, man.

I found myself skipping through every day because was bored, and that's the point. You skip through the days, waiting to have your minute lomg chat with that special someone. the days become meaningless. Nice job, although AustinBreed, your getting a little to into this art stuff.

i thought that the music went well with the game, and it's short simple style really got that long distance feeling.
It was a bit difficult to make out the backgrounds, and it could have had more depth. All in all not bad.

i get the game ur trying to make a point good game

i usually give a low rating to art games, but this one really got me. I love how you show all days are the same except when the guy is talking to her thats how distance love feels.

I know this was another one of those "art games" that I'm suppose to have emotions for, so I deliberately turned my emotions off. As I played on, however, it became more and more real to me (though that's due to personal experiences).

There are art games that I ignore, and there are some that are just great. This one is fantastic and it nearly brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for this.


It's really funny how so many people are completely missing the point.

I like the idea. but it'd be better as a interactive movie or such, and i just dont like the repetitive-ness of it. Try it again, but less pixel, more choices, and just alot less boring.

made me think a lot :D
it really does simulate what happens in a long distance relationship and for that its very good.
game wise...meh....purpose wise...very good

Just another art game that would be better as an interactive movie. Great for what it is, but just not good overall. When I see something as a game, I want to play a game. It's not even an "adventure-point and click" game.

Like I said, great for what it's supposed to be, but it makes you look lazy because it's just pixel art with minimal player intervention.

Not much of a game but I thought it was really great for what it is. I could relate to it, it is a great depiction of how long distance relationships often feel. Ignore the 11 year olds. The repetition and the dullness of the characters separately going through the regular motions of their monotonous everyday lives is purposeful you fools. It's showing what life is like when your only interaction with the person you're supposed to have the strongest relationship with is over the phone once every night or so.

Dude this game is so Horrible it made me feel depressed afterwards. This game couldn't have taken you more than 2 minutes to make and I'd be doing you a disfavor if I gave it 1 star.... come on seriously don't waste your time r others who actually take the time to play it...

Dull, boring, and repetitive.

I can't believe some of the stuff that's making it to the front page these days...

this isn't a game, and isn't worth calling a game, (more like an interactive movie) and just an opinion (most likely yours) about long term relationships, but it was very dull and repetitive.

Dull scenes repeated over and over, decisions that don't seems to matter much to the development an boring music make this an awful "game"

my brothers been in a long distance relationship for about 2 years now. on task though its just not really a game

I didn't like how there where different options and if you make certain ones it doesn't really seem to change the outcome of the game apart from that it is a great game and has an interesting perspective but i felt for it in was being in a distant relationship however it just didn't have much for alternate endings in what i saw and i played through twice

i was going to give it a 7 but i saw the average score and it seemed underrated

The story line was simple but good :) The graphics were good as well however the dialogue was boring and I wanted to see a different things that they do, but then I kinda like it repeating :)

Pretty deep.. Is there anyway to make long distance work in the game?

Almost made me cry, actually. Scary accurate representation on how painful long distance dating is. And never knowing the truth...

Dialogue is bland. Otherwise it's somewhat of an accurate representation of a long distance relationship. It might just be somewhat accurate to me because it's not a whole lot like mine. But theres a 9. Could use some work on depth of dialogue though.

Quickly going back to MistyFog's review.

I played through it 3 times, and from what I understood, all the things you say on the phone is completely irrelevant. Only the last two scenes matter, I think.

So, pretty much what you say isn't what's important, it's what you do. If you decide to be faithful and not cheat, you will make it through, but if you decided to cheat, no matter how sweet you are on the phone, it won't work.

That's what I understood from the game, but it's just an interpretation like any other, doesn't mean your's is wrong.

Beautiful game, sweet background music and fantastic artwork. The only thing that bugged me is how the face is always at the same place with the background changing, except with the one where the animal is next to them. I know it would've been hard to fit the animal in such a tight image, but it would've made everything a lot more elegant and regular, following the same pattern.

Great work.

Preety Boring...


Agreed with MistyFog on the comments, certainly a close representation.

Though is this like that other game "One Chance"? If so... :(

I've been in a long distance relationship before so I know first hand what it is like. You did do a good job with the dialogue. It's all something a long distance couple would do.

However the main problem I have with the game is the dialogue. Someone already mentioned before that the, "good" and "bad" dialogue should be switched. In real long distance relationship you always ask people stuff about their life. Why? That's what normal people do. It gets boring really quickly when all you do is go, "I love you, I love you, I love you, I miss you, I miss you." Not mention that it makes the distance GREATER because you're always thinking about them and it makes the days seem longer. Another thing about the dialogue that bothers me is that at first I believe I only picked two of the, "good" options and still got the good ending. I mean was this on purpose or what...? Honestly, I think it should be a mixture of the two that get the good ending.

I don't have much to say about the graphics. I think they somewhat suite this serious style well because you focus more on the emotion and or the feeling you get from the game. However, I think that it could do to be a little LESS pixelated.

I do have something to say to everyone having the extremely negative comments. First off, it is a pretty accurate representation of a long distance relationship. If you can't see that then you obviously have never been in one before. That being the case you really should reconsider how you score things. Just because you don't have any first hand experience to judge doesn't mean it's a bad game. Why not just not rate and or review then? Then again everyone here on newgrounds is either 12 or extremely immature. So, I guess I can't expect much from them.

So, overall I'll give you a 7. It's good for what it is.

The music and graphics and sequences are boring, depressing, repetitive and make you wish so badly for it to end.
Just like a real long distance relationship, where everyday you wish it was over, where the temptation to flirt or bring something new into your life is so overpowering and you have to resist it so hard. And if you've been there before, you'll can taste their joy the night they sleep knowing that they'll meet soon.

The game could have been more extensive too. But I'd give you 11/10 if I could. All the best with your girl overseas.

I'm in a long distance relationship and I know the feeling. Every day seems the same, that person is always in your head, you can't wait to see her. And it's always like that. I can't say that I don't understand why you get zeros and bad ratings, your games are for people who had such experiences. And a lot of people here are pretty immature (say an eighteen year old guy xD). But you'll get a ten from me.

You did actually catch the feeling of having a distace relationship. It may not be much of a game but that does not make it bad. I guess that all the people who dislike this never been in a distance realtionship and do not understand the feeling. I think most of the effort you put down in this game was not the programing but instead the realistic dialoges. Good work

The pixalted graphics are way too pixelated even for an 8 bit game. Also pixel style graphics should be used where's it's meaningful. Here it only indicates that you were too bored to devote more than 5 minutes into this game. Furthermore there's no variety at all. Every day is almost exactly like the day before and soon becomes boring and repetitive. Finally he dialog choices have no impact on the game whatsoever.

it reminds me of me weeks ago, cool beans my man!

Well.. i say you did a good job. i got the purpose of it. Yayy for your creativity and effort. Most of the people that write bad reviews are just plain stupid anyways. so dont worry about them.

p.s. Your my first review. because your the first to be worthy of it XD

By the way you write your "opinion", everyone can see you're a freaking nerd, so shut up and enjoy the game, friki.

Stop making "art games"


They're just awful, all your art games are rather bland, and the music in them makes me want to punch kittens in the guts, their messages are not much of a deal, and ALL OF YOUR ART GAMES have repetitive gameplay and animation ( if they have any animation at all )

This is not just a review for this game, it's for ALL YOUR ART GAMES which are awful

I have not wrote a single review for the past 5 years surfing on newgrounds, until I came across this one.

It truly touches me.

I really don't know how to put it in words, probably that's why I never choose to review in anything, but I definitely going to give this a 10

It's really appealing to anyone who's actually gone through a relationship like this. I had a relationship extremely similar to this, and this could not be more spot on. It's a 10/10 because it's a cool little game, still interactive and cool to see. I mean, if you are an action junky or story junky, just don't play it, simple. But this should appeal to anyone who has gone through this kind of relationship before. Very good job, I appreciate this work. The music really set how the relationships are, too. It's a big repetitive sequence, just like the game shows. "I miss you, I miss you too." it's like that a lot, the music is a mirror for that feeling. Great job on the game, keep up the good work.
10/10 5/5.

The suttle message and amzing approach this game takes, while it could have easily have been a flash movie, this game had me intrigued to see how it ended.

I honestly like art games. The reason is because they usually try to get a very complex message in a creative way. What I DON'T like about some art games, such as this, is when they become extremely simple, straight-forward, and have a very bland point. But I think it's time for the break-down of the game...

*Repetition: The game has an almost continuous looping of animations/scenes and music. I could not enjoy the music because it was too repetitive; it repeated over and over again. The music didn't even have an enjoyable tune to it. If you want a depressive like beat, atleast make it longer than about 6 different notes.
The other thing I have was the scenes and the animations. Although I loved the style of your pixels, I hated how it was the same thing over and over again. Every day was exactly the same. The only exception was the last day and the day you could choose to flirt with someone or not. That gets tiring.

*Gameplay: There was little to no creativity in the gameplay, it wasn't even enjoyable really. It could barely be called a point-n-click game because you didn't even need to point and click. The only time I ever needed to pay attention to the game was when the questionnaire moments appeared. You had to choose from two things to do/say. The placement of the actions weren't even creative, the bottom selections were apparently the answers to keeping the relationship together and the top answers were always leaning to breaking apart the relationship. All and all, there was not creativity and no enjoyment in playing the game. It was bland.

*Message: Most art games have a specific message to them, describing what they are trying to get at with an interesting idea or belief. This game didn't exactly have that. It had more of a generalistic idea that wasn't new, nor very "out there". But even if you did have a good message, the process of learning it wasn't creative or complicated in any way at all. Another thing is that usually when an artsy game has multiple endings, they tie together to form one special message. This game did not do that. Without that, there's no point in an artsy game.

*Total: I gave you a two for actually trying to do something. However, just making a game and trying to disguise it to look like an artsy game doesn't cut it.
Your choice of music was pretty bad choice, considering it was way too repetitive. Atleast get something professional. Good music actually makes the artsy games after all. The art you choose was a good idea, I liked that. Looping your art over and over again every day pretty much? Not such a good idea. Finally, actually have a MESSAGE with an artsy game. I watched the two endings, not much of a message.
I'm sorry you are currently going through a long-distance relationship. I understand that. However, if you want to show how you feel, you need to put in true creativity.

This isnt a game to "play", this is a game to understand the message that it trying giving to us, i took the message, how the distance can affect a relationship, and the choices that you can make(Try to stay in the relationship or just let it go).
Great game, i was thinking to give you a nine, but this game is for a person.

What...? I don't see how this could appeal to anyone. You just click, click, click, choose one of two choices, and click some more. There's no real depth to it, and you never know the characters. you get a 2/10, and that's being generous.

It's creative, but boring.

It's all right. I know it's one of those games that isn't a 'play' game but one with a meaning but it is hard to understand. The same thing happens each day and in the end it's the same. There are two endings but none of choices seem to effect anything.
Repetitive and low quality graphics but a good effort with meaning.

Just like the title says, boring pixelated nonsense. It's not truly a "game". How this ever got 3.10/5, let alone frontpage, is beyond me.

you have 2 choices of dialogue.. one.. sorta seems more shallow than the other one. then you read that the guy visits the girl..

pretty boring

This is the most absolute boring thing i have yet to do in my life....to the point to where i was just clicking the same area over and over.... BUT!!!!!! i did learn to never attempt a long distance relationship....and for that you get a 3 and a thank you

you could try some more intersesting choices.

The scenes between the choices were pretty redundant but at least you could pick throught them quickly. I found the game way too easy to predict, to the point where it was just boring, furthermore there didn't seem to be a message behind the game other than staying true to someone in an LDR means the relationship is more likely to continue

To me it's another addition to the bad art games section, boring short, purposless and filled with the creators own self important belief that their an artist and have some kind of deep message to share when they don't

I love art games but this one make you hoping for it to be over.

kinda weird, but nice. it leaves quite a message for couples for the christmas break if you don't want to lose your significant other to some strange pixel lover than get back! lol

i kinda enjoyed it, reminded me of the long distance i had before, and it wasn't too bad, i even ignored the people like i did in real life

The music was boring and gave me no real motive to play. The retro graphics, a staple of yours, were fine, but bland. This game was too easy to win or purposely lose.

i get the good and the bad ending

it send a message

just an artsy game but i like. though i am getting kinda bored with the simplistic game design of clicking something and going through branches, different endings and what not i dunno there seems to be so many of these games in the indie community im getting a bit overwhelmed.

This kinda makes me think of girls now i ignore as much as i'd love to get with one gotta stay strong for my girl

I have to say i was actually dissapointed this got front page. i mean, the game is so boreing, the looping music was rather dull, and seeing the same pic/clips over and over and over again, allthough i respect the time they probbaly took to make them the first time, gets boreing after the third time you see them.

Not worthy of the front page, but good work anyway.

i have a distance relationship

i don't like this game

Soooo +1 -1 depending on choice?
This is about as fun as your average 16yo girly mag personality test
but worse;
Those usually have like 4 outcomes...
and not 10 notes in infinte loop...

Kissant, I don't think the author set out to present an unbiased and even view of long distance relationships. I feel he may have been presenting his feelings about a current relationship (perhaps with whoever Ludum Dare 19 is?) and expressing his unhappiness with it (i.e., the downbeat music). While you personally may find great redeeming joy in seeing your significant other, perhaps the author has yet to experience such redemption.

reminds me of the girl im dating now she lives a town away from me but its sorta the same and im glad that i made them together still thanx 4 the great game

If you spam clicked until you had to make a decision.

it is really hard to maintain a distance relationship... this game explained most of it 9/10

In my opinion, this game doesn't show the full picture of long-distance relationships. Here,everything is about daily routine conversations and some hard-to-make decisions ("negative" side of this kind of relationship). Since i'm in a long-distance relationship myself,i can say with 100% confidence that it's way more than that. The joy of seeing the each other is many times as great as all these cons that are shown in the game.

My point is, if you want to show or describe a certain situation, look at it from both sides and not from one side only.

Simplistic, straight to the point and immersive. I actually felt like I needed to get them back together, not many people can create something that involves you, with something very basic. Bravo.

thts all i done in this game really just keept clicking rapidly..but alot of fealing has went into this game and it is well done.

i know evryone is saying about it has a lot of feeling but the whole game cosists of click click click click click choice click through out the whole game.

You don't have to be an idiot to see that ALOT of feeling went into this game. I think alot of effort went into this and I like that alot, whether this game is a game or not it tells a real story which could be close to home for many many people.

Good stuff sir. Keep it up.

no effort put in at all sia

Well as useless as this comment may be to the game its self, I hope it all works out for you and your "over states/seas* girl. More power to you.

- Güru

This game is everything a long distance relatioship is all about. Depressing, it can be. Able to cheat, but you don't want to cause you've dated this girl for sometime, but yet want to cause you don;t know if she is cheating or not. Sad...

This has a lot of similarities to a long distance relationship.
I went out with this girl for months, fell in love, and moved.
our relationship became stale after a while, I began smoking again from stress, ect.
We're not together anymore, but very close friends.
Great game.

that kind of sucked

Plays like an artsy game... but I failed to see the point... It didn't really make one... It was simply "Some long distance relationships work... some don't..." If it's going to be an artsy game, it needs to make a point... Or at least, that's how I feel...

I don't think i've ever related to a game more in my life. Incredibly depressing, I signed in just to give this 10 for perfectly capturing what it's like to be in a long distance relationship where things are starting to go stale and each person finds interest in another closer to them (distance-wise).

This will definitely hit close to home for anyone in a distance relationship. People who haven't been in a distance relationship might not get it. It is a pretty accurate "simulation" and also depicts what everyone fears when they get into these relationships. My only problem was that the graphics were so pixelated to the point where I couldn't make out some of the backgrounds. Otherwise, excellent work.

I know it tells a story, but whats the point if doesnt matter your choices, they will not be together? I mean, it should have 2 endings.

I was there once, I forgot about it. Thanks for the memorys ;)

just boring... i mean i thought there would be something else to it but jeeze that was just boring. i mean i understand that this is an art game and all but "game" implies that some sort of "fun" should be had and there was none there for me... sorry. nice concept though

No. I'm really sorry, this is an art game I can not get behind. I mean, I like a lot of the art games, and it seems like a lot of the low votes are against them. But, for me, having been in a long distance relationship, this does not reflect the feeling of it, it just feels arbitrary. The dialog is stilted and very, very fake. The 'game play' was too slow, too repetitive. and the only deviation was abrupt, and pretty straight forward. The pixel art was good, but entirely unremarkable. The music was bland and, again, unremarkable. Honestly, I can't rate this high, I don't think it deserves to be on the front page, and I wish this art game trend would end, because... Bleh. They're getting really, really tired.

I loved this game much more than I thought. It was amazing how through the first couple of days I payed attention to each panel intently, watching what was going on, but after not too long I caught myself speeding through the days to reach the nights when I could talk, just like one tends to do in real life in a relationship like this, living every day just to talk to them every night. What's more I found it sweet and inspiring, as the options I chose were not what I thought were best but just the things that I know I would more likely be saying. And sure enough, mine ended with her coming back to him. I'm sure this is pretty silly, but it gave me a nice boost of confidence regarding my own long distance relationship. For that, I sincerely thank you AustinBreed.

They're great if you understand 'em.

Im not gonna sit here and bash on art games cause i love em, but like people have been saying, this game gets really monotonous. Perfect score because i dont know how to make any type of game

Don't mind the lumpenproletariat on NG who can't stand the magnificence of art games.

Pretty much just click and maybe choose a dialogue. It was interesting enough. The long-distance I was in for a short bit, we realized this would happen so we broke it off soon. I just didn't find this interesting much.
And who/what is Ludum Dare 19?

That doesn't make it good. I've been in a long distance relationship too and it pretty much went exactly like this. But that doesn't mean i want to re-live it through pixels.

Good idea, but too underdeveloped for me to really enjoy it.

But for some reason I still like them anyway, this one especially.
I played it once and won, and played it another time and failed. I guess you don't truly understand this game until you've been in a long distance relationship, and had it fail.

That has got to be the most uneventful game I have ver played. I was expecting a deep message to it, but sadly, there really is none to be found in it. The story is literally just two people in a long distance relationship, nothing happens. Maybe if you went a few months into the future you'd find them breaking up, but that'd be the most you could get out of this. I chose not to flirt at the bar or whatever, and I would've gone back to see what the other side of the story was if the monotony of this game wasn't so unbearable. So to sum up: Yes, this is a what a long distance relationship is like, but where's the message? Is there even supposed to be one?

I am tired of these extensively simple pixelated "art" games. Most of them, this one included, make very little sense or influence in my life. They seem quickly made, and not well thought through. Honestly, I have yet to see a fantastic art game with great graphics, even tolerable music, or any truly playable features.

This is getting out of control. Couldn't there be at least a few more GOOD art games?

What...is...the...point...of this game? Really? All it is is nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens, you click an option, nothing happens. Repeat until vomiting is induced. I give you a 2 because I enjoy pixel art.

I give this a ten out of ten, not just because theres something deep about this game, i just feel like, something connecting to it and my life. Maybe that was why everything went in a downward spiral for me, i still do love her deeply, but she seems so far away, even if she is always few steps away. maybe if i saw her more often during the break i could of avoided all sort of things i have now. I thank the programmer for this game, for making me realize what i have done wrong and what i should start doing if love comes again to me. ever. Thank you

This is... my life... summed up.

Problem is, my path is the bad one.

No offense, but... I dun get it.

The only thing I get is that their in a relationship but seperated by distance.

This is a choose your own adventure slideshow.

Actually, who am I kidding, it's two extremely boring stories next to each other.

Front page, really?

emotional, interesting, but wait. You get the same ending regardless? Sort of ruins the experiencein my opinion. Not bad though. 7/10 3/5

I like this kind of games, but you actually make me cry with this one :'(
long distance is a shit

*yawn* concept could have gone in a different direction. Very boring, seemed kind of lazy.

The concept was a neat idea but I think that this was really too short there should have been more than 2 options, a way to go about this it to include some good and evil responses. It's fine to have to some closed options which featured a lot in this game but there needs to be longer conversations and variety of choices to make the game more interesting

did i win? they said they were going to meet each other but then they just went to sleep and it ended.

This was good but there is one problem, there's no point to it at all. No ending, no change because of different choices.

the game was bit boring

It's not bad but not great. I mean the idea of this for an art game is good yet needed to be expanded on since there are only two outcomes depending if you choose mostly the top or bottom option. The music fitted with the graphics but neither were very good even as pixels. To summarise initial idea was good but the presentation and endings could be vastly improved

that this was put on front page...what the heck? anyways just not fun in any way shape or form, i agree with the other guy... should have been submitted to movies so people looking for a game with at least a smidgen of video game interaction wont waste time looking at this

I really like the whole idea of the phone conversations and how it can be difficult to find the words in a long distance relationship (I've just come out of one myself), but there was no real end to the 'game'. Didn't really feel as though your choices made any difference.

The main difference between games and movies is the consumer has some effect on what's going on in a game. This would have made a pretty crappy movie, too, but it would have been better as a movie than a game.

I sure did, now I'd like to go kill a humanity or two just to prevent this level of stupid from appearing again. Let us take a look at the things that make this wonderful game:

- Graphics: pixels Atari would be ashamed of. What the heck even is this thingie with tricolor next to the guy during dinner?
- Animation: sucks. Half the reason pixel (flixel) games are awesome is because of their fluid animation. It's gorgeous. Yours isn't. Yours makes Speed Racer look like the king of animation.
- Sound: 8-note melody drooling away forever. Wow, I can't even mock it better than its own description!
- Gameplay: clicking anywhere/clicking on one of two little grey boxes. The sheer excitement can only glaze Facebook "what flavor of a donut are you" personality tests.
- Replayability: gee, a whole 2 outcomes. I fondly remember a deep and artsy game known as "Don't sh*t your pants". It had, what, about ten endings? This one? Two. Wow. You know what else has two radically different endings AND is more fun? A coin flip.
- Message: oh yeah, that's where the game art should shine. Shouldn't it? Here, the message seems to be: if you want to endure a long-distance relationship, you should be a clingy crybaby, moan about how you love your partner and generally be dull. Trying to be honest, discuss various and fun topics, show interest in your partner's life or make some changes in your own? BAM! LDR ain't gonna work for you, sweetie.

Bottom line: the new champion of failure. I bow respectfully to your incredible ego, for I would've been so ashamed of this creation I'd probably encrypt the drive it was on and launch it to the Sun, never mind letting anyone even look at it.

Point taken. I'm tired of hearing people in this situation complain that they never see that person, or can't go out to the movies because they are "waiting" to see it. Still, this "game" could have easily been a movie instead. Nice try though.

A game only in the very loosest sense of the word. Very boring and seems kinda pointless.

To whoever said they have to fall out of love: I got the happy ending of, "I'm flying home." "Yay! I love you!" "I love you, too!" There wasn't really any bad stuff in mine... lol That being said, I was still sort of disappointed at the end. I was hoping for maybe a little more?

makes one think

Boring, slow, repetitive, didn't feel I achieved anything. Not entertaining. Begone with you art games!

I think a lot of people miss the point of your games... To an exceptional, mind-boggling degree they miss the point!

wow...i wanted to fall asleep just looking at this.

Although I understand the importance of being able to choose what you want to do in the flash movie and such, this isn't really a game and shouldn't be classified as such, perhaps you could either make it more interactive to be an actual game, or perhaps next time you make something like this put it under the flash movies section? Anyways....

The story itself seemed dull and pointless. Seeing from your author comment of being for a certain person, I get why I don't understand it but if your making a particular thing for a certain person, this isn't exactly the best place to put it since nobody else if not very few people will be able to understand the meaning.

Next, in games or movies like this there usually is a deep meaning to it or something like that, which make them good. Unfortunately, this one seemed to be lacking one other than saying "Long distance relationships = bad. It's not tragic or anything that the people stop loving each other, because of the way you portray them I really don't care about them. Stories like this require you to be empathetic towards the characters and feel for them, which this does not accomplish making it bad.

Note: And to those of you who may say "You need to experience a long distance relationship to understand" I have experienced one. So I do in fact know what I am talking about if you were to make that assumption.

qwite borring... coz all you do is click pics n words...

I like how you try to be different with games but this isn't really a game and the message this time...eh. I hate it that to have a the relationship go well, you had to only say "oh i love you!" "you're the one for me!" kinda stuff instead of actually responding the way real people would, like asking about the dog or their partner's life. I guess some people would stay on the phone for hours whispering sweeth nothings and all but most of us want to know about our partner's day (weather long distance or not) and tell them about ours. To me, the "love" choices would be the failed relationship because it's just voicing the love without showing real interest in the partner, just assuring them that everything is okay because they said "i love you". Sorry for rambling but this one I just didn't like at all simply because of, what seemed to me, the message that if you say something (like i'm sorry or i love you), you can do the opposite and it be okay just because you said it. Like in your game, you can always choose the love answer and then the flirt scene comes on, you can still flirt but the end is happy? Sorry for the rant. That just bugged me.

Great game you are definitely the best aurthor on New grounds

I like the concept, even though from the dialogue it seems you have a negative stance on long distance relationships..Like many others have said, the click click click gets old after a while. I like art games, but you have to keep people interested if you want them to care about your art, and it's hard to do that with this game. The graphics are really good, I think it'd be cool if you showed a bit more of their lives though. This game seems to put forth that bonds can't be created or held onto when the people are apart, which isn't true. It would be nice if, depending on your choices, the dialogue reflected that they're bonding more or bonding less, instead of there only being a single choice not to break up. It almost seems like they are forcing the relationship, even after you choose to keep them together. You have really good ideas, I really hope you make another game that is more interactive so people can stay interested in your art and message.

This hit me hard. I kind of wish mine turned out the way it did in the game.

The fact that it was pixelated was cool, And that It`s you`re decision To keep the couple together. That`s all fine and dandy, But this is a game, so it`s all about the gameplay. And there really wasn`t any, And I know Some guy Is going to come along And say "The guy below Is an idiot" But In my opinion This wasn`t what I call "fun"

Sorry dude, can't get into it. The graphics and music are pretty cool, but its just "Clickclickclickclickclickclick" through the EXACT same animation, and then clicking a question. I personally do not think this is front page material. I can't stand Art games, but thats just simple minded me ;)

I have been following your work, and I must say you are one of my favourite artists here in Newground. I'm a game designer and your games keep inspiring my own things.

Keep doing great stuff!

when i started the game , this random Dragon Ball Z clip came up but i didn't see it. This guy was like "GOKU, USE YOUR POWER!" and then there was a blast and this guy was like"argggugharoghdufgshfsf"------ BOOOM INTO SIDE OF MOUNTAIN. I thought it was all part of the game 0.o

theres no objective, no point, not even a moral of the story, I adore art games but they're getting more simple and more boring, this one has alot of meaningless bits in it, like every day you hav to click through all that stuff, it doesnt change :S. after i played this i got nothing out of it, yes long distance relationships are hard, you miss them, but how does that relate to this, this doesn't come close to the amount of emotion that comes out when you're having a long distance relationship :/
nice effort, maybe a mute button.

I swear, almost every game based on the Ludum Dare is either creepy or life contemplating. The situation in this game, however, I can relate to.
Relationship between Boy and Girl is rarely, if not, never guaranteed when Boy and Girl are far away from each other for a long period.

Nice interactive artwork I would say. Good show!
5/5 10/10.

I've been in quite a few long distance relationships in my relatively short life, and I have to say, they're not easy at all. You just miss being with the person so much that it hurts, and when you're finally with them the only thought that can go through your head is when they'll be leaving again, and trying to fit months of love into that time... There's a reason why they say long distance relationships hardly ever last, which made me reflect upon my own life. You should be a psychiatrist, because the way you got into my mind with this game was unbelievable. 5/5 10/10

I'd give it a 10 if this game hadn't made me depressed.

It was fun, interesting, and heart warming. I stuck with my true love all the way through. Im guessing this is happening to you right now Austinbreed. Dont worry, things always work out for the best :)

its ok But I was disipointed when there was no end seen when they reunited

i have a stalker in another state. but anyway, the game is pretty good it dug in to see what you wanted, do you want to destroy their relationship, or keep it and hope for the best? I tried to keep away from the bad, or akward parts of conversations. I think you should have added an ending where the two slots mix too.

This just reminded me too much of my boyfriend that lives on the other side of the country. This is just like us.. No kidding. Yet, at the part with "Flirt" as an oppition made me worried alittle. I texted my boyfriend after that and he called me just to call me stupid.. xP..

Great game, very cute.

not that bad... not that good

That if you're in a long distance relationship, the only way to keep it going is through brainless gooey lovey mush goo? Not, you know, ACTUAL conversation?

Also, stupidly obvious text choices =/= a game.

how my relationship is right now :/ my boyfriend lives in NE and i live in WA and this is pretty much all we do.. same thing every day and talk about the same thing every night.... im gettin tired of it and i miss him....

but 15 out of 15 cause its one of the first long distance games ive seen xD

me and my girlfriend moved to california from pennsylvania. all our fam is there and she went to visit for xmas, i satyed here. its the worst. couldnt do it for longer, 2 weeks is taking forever. decent game btw

I guess this really tell you if you are a romantic or not D:

been once in this situation, brought me sad memories :(

Okay- you start too click through all of the non-interactive bits as the game goes on.
Now think about what this means...
In a long-distance relationship, you're just going through the motions to talk to your sweet.
Makes sense.
Good point, ok game.

i love the message thats portrayed through this i can assosciate with whats happening in the game although its more dramatic than hows its potrayed and a lot more emotional also

I expected more story, cool graphics though. I'm in a long distance relationship and I couldn't feel connected with this. :/

I feel this is exactly how my relationship turned out, which I ended a couple of months ago. It became really dull and depressing and this so called "game" brings back all of those agitating feelings. Awesome work!

really damn romantic

This has got to be the crapiest piece of crap i've ever seen.

There's no game here. Why don't you put this in movies?

And I don't care that you can get this removed. For a short time you'll have one rating representative of the effort you put in. 3/10. Failure.

I know some people might say this is shitty but eh, i guess it's little kids and people who don't appreciate things xD

Really loved the message, altho it reminds me of Me and some things about life... It's kinda "painful" to play xD

Amazing job

Yeah, pretty good game. The dialogues are very good. Perfectly realistic, that's how it works in real life. Good job!
But despite this.. It's barely a game because there is absolutely no evolution in the allday scheme: except when the guy starts smoking and the girl starts drinking (I guess) , and when you can choose to flirt on not to flirt but that's all, nothing really happens. I do recognize there are some changes in a very small scale, but it's not enough. And there's almost no ending, they just lie down and sleep just like everynight. Doesn't even change much if you choose to flirt or not to flirt, they just say "I still love you I'm going to visit you" or "I think this relation isn't working maybe we should stop split up for a moment -okay." Just like everything's fine in the finest world of all. I'm not asking for problems, I'm asking for more STORY.

An arbituary and linear series of mouse clicks that have the notion of a long distance relationship doesn't really reach out and touch me. Sorry. Nice graphics, though.

I really can't figure this game out. Part of me thinks it's saying that long-distance relationships are a strain on both individuals, you'd never know if they were cheating on you with another person, and they generally aren't worth your time. Then again, perhaps it's just giving you the choice to make it work or not work, showing the monotony of a life without the one you love by your side, and saying it's like this if you were to enter one in real life. However, I have just entered a long-distance relationship, and I don't feel like she would ever do that. I know that I wouldn't do it to her. I miss her, yes, but I'd rather be with her and be apart than not be together at all. And, even though we're apart, it will make me that much happier when we meet. I usually appreciate the messages in your games, and the way you present them... But I can't figure out the message in this one.

Not much to this is there? It doesn't really seem to depict how long distance relationships are these days either.

Personally I am in a long distance relationship and wouldn't have it any other way. sometimes, the person your meant to be with isn't in the same area as you, and selling out to the nearest bidder only guarantee's sadness.

I always loved art games.
This one reminds me of all the love I've ever had in the world.
... It was online.

I SWAER i was going to click and see him or her banging someone and then act innocent/accuse the other of cheating. real real son >:O

I personally love art games. This one was really nice. Even though it was a fairly simply game, it displayed (my interpretation) the barrier of long-distance relationships in the monotonous lifestyle of a young couple. That "flirt or ignore" option really struck me as a poignant decision because in real life it could've affected a relationship drastically. The repeating music pretty much made the "monotonous" part of life come through with this game. We could be living our lives in a straight-on path like this game while making small choices, but at least one choice could alter our very own lifestyles.
This game reminded me fairly of a French movie of some sort. The ending doesn't have a definite ending, but it kind of leaves you in a place where you have to think about it yourself. It's really a sweet game, and I love it. This game deserves to be on the front page imo. I don't see why others out there are being so bitter about this.

nice ...............online relationships......sighs* wish they'd work

its confusing how this got to be front page, but the message is clear. my sister is in a long distance relationship but they text eachother alot and play xbox live together. i dont believe in in long distance relationships but absence makes the heart fonder, but also out of sight, out of mind. But overall your game was boring with pixel art and the same thing happens throughout the game, just the conversations are different. you are on to something but this was apparently rushed or you just never cared for this project. put some more effort into your games

I don't get why this is on the front page. I mean I get that its an okay representation of long distance relationships, but ummm its sooo boring. Also I agree with el-scotto, although I don't mind the music, but yeah lame graphics don't make a game artsy. Anyway there was absolutely no life or variance in the conversations in the sense of emotions. It started off boring and got steadily worse as it progressed. Anyway please stop making boring sad games, they're boring and sad. I would've have enjoyed it if it wasn't so monotonous I think. Try again with more life.

What was the point of this? It wasn't fun, it wasn't anything new and it was just another "art" game. It wasn't a good game at all.

I went through this and it is true. This is exactly how they go. You hit it spot on. It was almost scary.

So do I win?

A game? okaaaaaay...

Im in a long distance relationship. it sucks ass never being able to do anything for them. this just sorta seemed sad. and another thing as pointed out in the game and danielthelash me and my girlfriend talked about facial hair once XD she told me she'd hate it if i grew my beard out XD w/e sooo bored. peace out.

Can we all agree at this point that highly pixelated graphics don't make a game or movie "artsy?" It's been done a hundred times, why do people still take it seriously?! Disregarding the graphics, the game has little content and the music is annoying.

for one how long is it and 2 whats the story behind it its so booring i dont get what to do i dont even know why im playing it its so booring plz make one with better graphics and make it so i know what the fuck im doing its not making any since

I've never been a victim of a long distance relationship, and I suspect many of the users commenting on how lackluster this is haven't either, but a bud of mine went out of state for college and it tore up his woman something fierce. This work of art captures the drag and monotony of the everyday ins and outs when you're not allowed to really express yourself except in a brief window of time, I dig the presentation but that's probably just my inner hipster fighting its way to the surface. Well done, I must say.

Also, my friend did have a conversation about facial hair with his woman on more than one occasion. Must be a normal topic.

well i get what you've been trying to do with all the desicions and such but mabey when they say like 'i like your hair longer' or 'you SHOUL grow a moustache' the game should gradually make their hair longer and they should gradually grow a moustache

From the dialogue, to the seemingly pointless choices, to the seemingly inevitable and equally pointless ending. The entire game had a lackluster feel, appearance, and delivery. uber pixalated art and repetitive monotonous music really don't and an artistic feel to the game either. And if they were in some way symbolic for the tedious, boring, and lonely aspect of two people stuck in a long distance relationship, it didnt fall short on me it just failed.

Having been in a long distance relationship before that was meaningful and in the end hurtful in the story of my life i was really hoping this would deliver more. If your on this page for similar reasons save yourself the time.

Stick this under movies. By the way, if you translated this into a comic book, I'm sure that it would be well received in a number of indie zines.

waste of my time and the music almost made me just stop playing but i decided to just keep clicking and see if anything would happen. Ill give you an A for effort


Can your next plot be about an upbeat, Gurren Lagann style journey to victory and beyond?

But this is not a game,it just a interactive movie.You should put this as movie

makes me want to laugh and cry. should have been under movies though.

Maybe I missed the point because I'm not sure this game even had one. There where a bunch of choices but they didn't seem to effect anything. The game also seemed to stop short, it looked as though the couple were going to meet and the game was getting ready to tell me something about the relationship but apparently even mr breed was getting bored at this point as I was dumped at the credit screen.

You can do better sir. Support group, as boring and unrewarding as it was, at least had a message.

Why is anything you create called a game?

I like how theres 2 endings and it shows you that a long distance relationship can actually work if you keep it like that other persons with you

the graphics aren't the most important this is a reflexion not only to long distance relationships but to teen relationships, this is something that happens cool moral and cool stuff Ive been seeing cool games and movies lately and that makes me happy :)

This was incredible, it really hit home for me.

First of all, uncanny474, chill out. You have no right to tell him what to do. And grow up? Really? He's not the one going CAPS lock on you, neither is he the one pointing at you spilling out the worst arguement there is; it's for 10 years old lolololol. No, seriously this may be barely enough to be called a gay, however whether it's under movie or game really has little to no impact what so ever. People on newgrounds both watch movies and play games. If they were so against this game/movie submission, it wouldn't pass through the portal. Well it did so deal with it.

As for the game itself, decent. I really can't say anything else. I've had my shares of distance relationship so this does affect me a little. The music was repetetive, but the game's short so it's fine. The graphics are what you expect. This is very average with a small message behind it. I'll give it a four because it aches me a little to see it below 3.5

On a side note, I do not dislike these types of games. However, I feel that our choices have little to no impact. If you were to make something much bigger with more than 2 choices with a ton of different path, it would definitely be worth far more than 5/10.

What? There's no point to this. It's too boring for me to even try to REPLAY. :l Plus, you could have at least zoomed out a little so we could see the picture more clearly.

pointless, none of the menu choices have any significance.
shovelware, seriously, this is all the trouble you could go to for the ludum dare contest?
what was that? 7 screens? plus two generic buttons? (text changes i admit, but pointlessly so)
uninspired, i had hoped to find something meaningful that had something other than repetition hiding behind (what i'm sure most mistake for) a clever facade.
and finally, boring.
why mention boring along with the above? well... because given most of that, it could have at least been entertaining, or at least inspired enough to entertain people mindlessly with reaction skill or something like that.

0/5 vote
and 0/10 stars
because, we've all seen you do much better than this, you set your own bar, i realize the contest has a deadline and things like that, but.... still... i hope you didn't even get close to finishing if this is what you submitted.

People who say its not a game, it is, its like a quiz game almost, you dont say that the zombie survival quiz is a movie do you?... I love the 8-bit style and the loop in the background creating serenity, and this game goes deep, especially for someone who has to deal with it everyday

That was really deep and I actually have personal experience in dealing with long distance relationships.

The decisions you make over the phone are still some of the most important ones you can make, even with the digital world where people think chatting online or using messaging systems are the way to go, it just isn't the same.

It is these kind of devices that actually hurt long distance relationships more and makes it more difficult sometimes to become closer, and in the end creates a "distance".

Good game!


If any idiot wants to comment saying that "I missed the point--it's art", I would like to point out that while I'm sure that some games are art, and not all interactive things have to be games, this is posted under "games", and therefore should be an actual GAME!!! In the future, please post all submissions of this style under "movie" to receive decent scores. This is not a game, this is one of those choose-your-own-adventure books that were all the rage when I was about ten years old. They were directed at ten-year-olds, too.

That's pretty much all I have to say about this. Nothing we haven't seen before, a million times.


I like art games, but this one misses many things:

1st) There is one choice that really matter during the game.
2nd) We will never know how will this actually ends.
3rd) There isn't a clear morale about it. Or there isn't one.
4th) The song it's artistically useless.

Too bad, this could have been a good game. Too bad.

This MAY have been cool two years ago. Today it is just an echo of games that have gone before. It's a "me too" game.

I actually enjoyed it. Keep on, Keepin' on!

The fact that, even if you choose all the choices that ask and/or have you saying something romantic about your lover doesn't really make a difference (unless there are alternative endings, but I just played and I HAD to make a review).
This reminds me of my long distance that lasted about 14 months til last week, but let's just say when it came to choosing either "Flirt" or "Ignore", she chose flirt...
But not to release unnecessary dabble, fantastic flash, as well as a great moral to me and hopefully other people.
However, you could have made it in a way that you can choose a option for ONLY the boy or girl, rather than just clicking a choice and not know who's doing the procedure. Maybe control just one person (the boy or girl) and see how it's like from their eyes, and in the end, see what the other person did while you lived your life. Because I'm sure in a long distance relationship, if you saw the perspective of each person, they wouldn't be doing almost the same exact thing.
It's just ideas to throw out, but the flash is still great.
Keep up the good work!

In the sequel make more choices & more effects of those choices. I like how you can make them start smoking or flirt with others. build on this & you could make a really good game

But I think there needs to be more interactions between the characters themselves. This would have made the game a bit more unique since it also leaves you with more options to how to end it. I understand you wanted to go with simplicity, but simplicity should also be backed with a good amount of content.

it's a really great game despite its simple graphics. it talks abt other ppl's life too. hope you can create more games like this! :)

an asshole friend of mine is spending way to much time with the girl i like, so i really think love sucks, beautiful game though

I get what your saying about the two people in love but there's a long distance between them creates a lot of tension and it's hard to maintain that same connection with that person.

The message was good, I was hoping for a different ending though when your flirting with someone else...

Really loved it.

The game itself was interesting in the sense that the split screen style really help to sell the feel of "Distance" between the characters, and definitely made it interesting.

I wish there was possibly some more involvement in dialogues, such as certain dialogues would possibly lead to more dialogues, instead of just the occasional response, and then a 2-3 line response. Since the game is simple and very dependent on dialogue, it would be better if you varied the dialogue a bit more or if you actually made more things happen in each split screen.

Personally, for these type of point and click games, there needs to be a pretty strong set of story behind them.

I just didn't find a very strong dialogue or storyboard behind this game.

If you developed the dialogue a bit more, and then vary more of the scenes, this would be so much better.

Good effort though.

I would have preferred a little more interactivity than just selecting what to talk about and choosing to go out with someone else. This seems like more of an interactive movie rather than a game. Otherwise, it was great.

Very original and interesting concept within a simple framework. You could easily add more wrinkles to it (i.e. the "flirt or ignore" option) without betraying the games's minimal feel.

Oh how I wish I could have those 2 yrs of LDR back!

It was short, simple, and perfect good job

deep.......i love it kthxbai keep up the good work :D

The idea is quite intriguing, I have gone through this myself. It seems as if you found a formula to this long distance relationship thing. You can only talk about so much, and do so much. The graphics were decent but its pixelated so I'm liking the feeling of nostalgia. Just another case of how graphics don't matter in video games. Overall, I fancied it, it was new but a little eerie as well. So bonus points for that. Keep up the good work, I look forward to future submissions.
9/10 and 5/5.

I'm in a kind of distance relationship right no and it's pretty hard to keep it working! i will see her next year. keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

its simple but i have had almost the exact same experience before, that kind of creeps me out excellent!

and touching.

The game was just lame, clicking threw repetitive and useless shots is both lame and boring, it could have just automatically done that with out clicking.

you just dont get the meaning of it
it's a game about love... and it made me depressed
but i love it ^^


i'm sure about that

the concept is good the gameplay and game ar awful!
i mean u just clicking on onw of them the choosing a sentence and again the same picture and almost the same santance!
one word-boring!

you make some rather interesting games on here. this was no exception. I can relate to it, as I'm forced to have a long distance relationship too, but I will agree it is kind of void of emotions.... still cool and has a meaning behind it,

i love the games you make austin but this was kinda boring tbh prehaps an ending?

At first i felt kinda excited since i have a long distance relationship...i can say that is nothing like any of these...mine gets stronger everyday <3

anyways i didnt rated because of my life, sadly i loved the concept but the music is REALLY anoying as the fact of all the clicking...also i think there is a big absence of emotion

this captures almost every relationship ive had either long distances or in person
just gets old unless u see them.
great game though thought of a lot of people when i played it though

I really like your games. I tried and got both endings (if there is just two endings) and even though one seemed more positive than the other, they still didn't seem too happy. This game made me think a lot, I had a boyfriend where we decided to stay together after I moved and it didn't work out. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but damn its a hard thing to accomplish. Good job on the game. (:

You know... You always read the title and you see the score when you read the title..

so you automatically know they're gonna say something good or bad, or if its like 5-7 then its like a meh...

even though i just clicked it was kinda lol

This was great, its so bland, yet so touching as it goes on it gets more depressing as their relationship falls apart. Im rating it 5

I'm speechless.

how a boring life but cool it a game right ummmmm whatever it is but cool and their life wow men boring if i was one of them i will cheat on her hahaha

i give it a 7en.


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3.34 / 5.00