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vegeta wins (watch 1st 1)

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the sound sucks i know i got tired i'm not redoing it so deal with it tell me what you think and if you can send me voice effects or a ink



Bleach ftw....


The shove Vegeta gives goku made me smile!
Almost best point in the movie :)
also, try not to give away the name of the one who is going to win the fight.... takes away anticipation.
sound effects were fine, not too shabby or w/e.
Could've done with a liiiiittle filler music perhaps?
good job overall, nice to see you making a small series :)

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supersj44 responds:

thank you very much

solid 5

ok, so this isnt going to be the next all time fav on newgrounds, but it is a great, funny, intriguing flash, with some well done sprites. i would say even this video has merit, but a better description is it has a LOT of potential. get some rock music, some half decent voiceovers, or not on the dubbing, its whatever. add some zoomed in/ slowed down bits so the viewer can really get into it, and you will have a great video on your hands. keep up the good work.

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supersj44 responds:

i dont reallyknow how to do zoomed in/ slowed down bits effects if ou could tell me how tht be great

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2.02 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2010
8:49 PM EST