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Shape Chess

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Author Comments

Shape Chess is an alternative chess game.

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Truly great game. Feels like chess endgame.
When the move countdown finishes, if both players are equal in pieces, purple always wins. I think it should be a draw, especially considering I prefer to play as orange. The instructions should also explain the countdown mechanic. I'm still unsure of how many moves without capture the game has to go before the countdown begins.

Needs a better end game

Both sides have one "max" piece, and one side has an extra, safe minor piece. Modulo dumb error, this can stay forever. Need an "offer draw" button. Many of my games become draws.

I like the creative idea; but games like chess take (hundreds of) years to get right.

Minor note: mousing over an opponent's piece should show his available moves.
- a set of "checkmate in N moves" games would be good for training
- the tutorial show have an early slide show one piece pushing another

I like the idea, please give it more tinsel!

Everybody's saying it, and now I am too: put an easier tutorial in the game. Waiting for the user to his space or something before running the "this absorbs that" video examples would help; I kept going to a tutorial page and immediately some purple thing eats some orange thing before I could even look at what shapes there were.

Naming the criterion for winning explicitly would help too; it's "side A gets a piece that's so big side B has no way of building anything to eat it," isn't it?...

Also, a little sound would be nice. Nothing flashy, but, I dunno, some soft beeps or slidey noises or something when a move is made.


I really enjoy this game. And I think that I figured out most of the rules, but every once in a while something happens that confuses me. I'm sure that the rules are all perfectly simple and self evident to you, but I believe that people will find this game infinitely more engaging with a better tutorial. Please deign to our level and spell it out for us. Otherwise I think that this is a really elegant game. The bold colours and visuals suit the minimalist feel perfectly. I love that there is no sounds, I think it suits the tone of the game. I don't want to suggest something so tacky as levels, which I think would detract from the intentional austerity, but if you could find a way to engage and encourage players that would be a brilliant addition, because without it there is little sense of achievement and each game feels disjointed and pointless. However, I believe you have captured something simplistic and joyful with this game, which could be brilliant, but at the moment is too stark to be a classic.

Well it's certainly different

This is the most original version of chess I've ever seen. I'm trying to figure out how it works. On my third try, the purple army wiped out my entire army except for the king. Yet i capture one piece, and somehow I won the game.
Yet what i really don't get is why when I try to take a piece, that piece takes me instead. I attack, yet I get defeated. Why? I'll keep playing to see if i can figure it out, but a couple of tips would help. Or just make a more in depth tutorial that's easier to understand instead of the version you have right now. Aside from that that this is an interesting game that's worth playing.

Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2010
11:19 AM EST