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Decorate Your Christmas T

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Decorate your Christmas tree. Add baubles and decorations, lights and tinsel. Change the tree colour and add presents underneath

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i like it

simple yet fun... gets me in the holiday spirit


I really liked this simpel yet very intressting game. I liked how you could change the tree color and the lights. However I think this game can be made even better with more options, such as the items you drag from the bottom of the screen. You could be able to change their color inte difftrent colors by picking from a color board, where you could mix colors if you wished so. I also think there should be more items avalable, like something you normaly wouldent hang in a christmast tree, like you could chose for a moon or a skull instead of a star for example. I also think you should have an infinite amount of things to put in the tree, and be able to design your own present box. Other than that you could be able to change the location all-to-gether, like it is a dessert outside, chose from diffrent types of room formation, the color or theme of the room, and diffrent types of stuff to put under the christimas tree other than presents. But most af all being able to change the type of tree, with anything from palm to cactus, so you can create your exact type of christmas tree. This is a few suggestions you can be working on for next year.

Merry Christmas.

egdcltd responds:

Some interesting ideas there thanks. I'll make a note of them and maybe I'll be able to do a sequel next year, and not at the last minute. Which will be a first admittedly.


i like the simplicity and the fact you can change the color of the tree! its better than other ones like this! good job

I think will be better if

1. like crimsoncross said: clear all button
2. save as picture or make a postcard
3. item just one but can duplicate, so didn't use a lot of stuff in the main screen

just my opinion. no offsense. btw, merry Christmas all :)

egdcltd responds:

I did intend to include those features, just not enough time to do so this year.