Simple Shapes Game Collab

December 18, 2010 –
May 23, 2019
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Author Comments

EDIT [12/22/2010]: It's a well-known fact that the requirements of the 100 point medals are very difficult to complete. But don't get discouraged! It's possible to earn every medal. :)

Don't believe me? Check out these videos! (Remove any spaces that appear in the links.)
Ahnimal's game: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=BS_TFYhqvsc
Stickman91's game: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=2lVLMvcjcDE

At some point, I may upload videos for the other two games as well, but the two I've covered strike me as the most "controversial."


Do you love destroying enemies with a turret? Have you an affinity for puzzle-solving? Are you enticed by the prospect of dealing drugs? Does dodging bullets and lasers make you feel great?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you're sure find something enjoyable in this small collection of minigames. And if you answered "no" to all of those questions, you ought to give it a try anyway. :)

Each minigame in this collab was created with a big limitation in mind: Only simple shapes - such as squares, rectangles, and circles - could be involved in the gameplay. Text was also allowed.

Despite that restriction, four artists managed to design and create four entertaining minigames that challenge players in a variety of ways.


By the way, constructive and honest reviews are VERY much appreciated. Expect to see responses to all of them! :)


If the keyboard controls appear to be "sticking," it may be because of your browser. Visit this link for a possible solution to the problem (remove any spaces that appear): http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1123318

If you encounter any glitches, please send a PM to Stickman91 that describes the issue in detail.


Special thanks to Mike (http://mike.newgrounds.c om/), who graciously provided assistance with various NG API issues. :)


UPDATE [12/17/2010]: Fixed a broken link on the credits page.


Drug medal is impossible... Always get caught while waiting for a day to pass in order to sell it over for a profit.

The others are hard but not impossible, in fact, the second (puzzle) is absurdly easy (it's just a simple puzzle...) and the defense can be dealt by 1-never stop shooting and 2- memorizing each enemy HP. Space shooter is hard and drug deal is impossible, or incredibly hard as it depends on massive RNG luck.

U In Stickman91's Space Shoot Even Sphere Boss Fires Beam At Ship!

Really hard, really, really hard.

At first when I looked at all the medals but one being worth 100 points I was like "ooh, nice, sweet medals to get"
But then I tried getting them, and I couldn't even get the 25 point one because I couldn't beat a few of them.
Nicely done, I love how it's just simple shapes making fun, addicting games.

<deleted> responds:

The 100-point medals are indeed very challenging. But the difficulty shouldn't prevent you from getting the 25-point medal; all you need to do to earn it is select "Play All" from the main menu and play every game in the lineup; it should unlock after the last game finishes.

Anyway, I'm glad you had fun; thanks for the review!

Decent for a medal game

This was a good game, but it did get frustrating on several occasions. The hardest was the cocaine level where I did not even know how to lose! This was still decent because the other games were nice. My favorite was the first shooting game if only because it was the easiest. It seems like Newgrounds might want to have a section in "Games" devoted to submissions with mini games. The second one was simply impossible.

I guess there are some puzzle games I was never meant to solve. The cocaine level just feels like it could have had a lot more detail. I would like to get a walkthrough to learn how to fail just so I could get past it and collect a single medal! Most of the games were fairly standard and had a fair amount of detail in them. The music variety was good and I liked the choices.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! :)

In the cocaine game, you can only lose when a new day starts (i.e, when the coke price is updated), and whether or not you lose is determined purely by chance. The more cocaine you have at the start of a new day, the greater the chance you have of being caught.

Hope that clears things up!

Nice group of mini-games

This was a swell collab of fun little mini games,the concept of the games were simple yet very fun & addicting,i found some easier than others but the one that was very annoying was the drug selling one with me working the tactic of buying 10 grams than selling right after getting all the way up to $46,000 and then get busted all of a sudden and the next game getting busted right off the rip for just 2 grams after 1 day so it seemed very inconsistent with getting busted,the other 3 games were great & challenging in a legit way,overall i think you guys did a nice job on all your mini-games. :)

<deleted> responds:

Awesome, thanks for the review! :)

nice but undone game

it needs a mute button, a pause button and better controlls.


why cant I shoot in the last mini game?

why is only cocaine in the drug game? since when does drug dealers only deal with one drug?

why cant I move the square? I mean, dodging would made it a little bit easier.

add next time better music OR a mute button!

<deleted> responds:

If you check out the options tab in the main menu, you'll see that there is a mute button, as well as other convenient controls. Only one game has a pause button, but I agree; it would've been nice if every game could be paused. I'm not sure what you mean by "better controls," though... you'll have to be more specific.

Addressing your questions:

I don't see why you would have an issue with shooting in the last minigame unless the Flash window loses focus, in which case you could click anywhere on it to regain said focus. I strongly doubt it's a glitch; try playing the game again...

For answers to your other two questions, you'd have to ask the authors of those games individually; Stickman91 is the one responding to reviews.

Thanks for reviewing. :)

Very enthralling

A great little game, where you have to adapt to many different challenges within the game. I can see that some of these are attainable easier than others and I'll have to finish those off quicker, before attending to business.

As you said, the shapes were simple and with that, we have seen a well produced series of games that mesh together in an unlikely fashion. Even the text-based game was good, despite the shortcomings of a game that to me was more limited than the rest (change the numbers, press enter and off we go) It is a bit of mental arithmetic that needs to be worked with, but you've got a nicely working game, so kudos to you.

With simple shapes, perhaps some sort of "concentration" or "match the pairs" style of game, you'll be able to expand upon this for a sequel. Good luck to you with that, as the success of this needs to be replicated in another format, that looks more polished and gets you the awards that you guys will deserve.

[Review Request Club]

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, Coop! A sequel would be pretty cool (especially if more people were involved), but there are no plans for that at the moment. But in the future, who knows?

Good luck getting those medals!

Excellent medal game!!

Your game rocks my world!! Best medals ever!! I hope your game gets a trophy!!!!!!!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks a bunch! :D

These medals are impossible

Except for the sliding puzzle, these are not fun they're frustrating. ESPECIALLY the coke game. There are NO parameters for the rules! "Don't hold onto too many grams for too long." 5 grams for a day gets you caught sometimes. What the hell?

<deleted> responds:

Holding any amount of coke can get you caught at the start of a new day; but the chances of that happening are far lower when you have a small amount (such as 5 grams), as opposed to when you have a large amount (such as 50 grams).

The single-game medals are quite difficult to earn, but remember, they're 100 points each! They were intended to be very challenging. ;)

If you have any doubts about those medals being achievable, check out the gameplay videos I've linked to in the author comments.

Not bad...

First of all i think this is a nice minigame collab

Played all four games for a few minutes and was able to earn 1 medal.

The first game got me bored quick thoug...
Even for a Minigame, there could be added some colors.
The music was kinda annoying after a while, there be some quiet music, that would fit to the black n'white theme... xD and probably a little *squash* when you kill an enemy. it isn't bad, I just got.....well bored

The second one was pretty easy if you can think at least a bit
It's rather short, it comes near to the microminigame limit of WarioWare (hope you know this)
Music choice on this one was good, fits well to a puzzle game

Third one...
well damn it i couldn't get behind it, first try i get up to 40 gramm and hold it for 5 days.
Second try, i read the reviews and tried with 10 gram, got same thing as malomano13, i got caught after 1 day.
then i tried to deal with 5 gramm stacks, same thing i did it for some days, then bought 5 gramm and was caught after 1 day.
This is pretty random...
I agree with malomano, a heat meter would be useful.
A few more graphics would be great, like Dollarnotes when buying/selling

I liked the fourth game most.
It got action... the difficulty increased quickly.
I had to give up when he spammed the lazers at 25%, nevermind that's my problem, it's possible anyway.
Music fits the Action.

All in all some good Minigames, could've been a bit more work on it.
This was sorta ''Basic''.
I'll give 3/5 and 7/10, hope you don't get disappointet.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for all the feedback! Nice review. :)

ok game

This is an ok game.

The first was good and i really liked it. it does get tricky however.

the second Game was really tricky.

The Third Game was not interesting

the last game was ok.

The Music however was catchy.

<deleted> responds:

Hope you had fun. :)

Um... 7

The only games that seemed possible were the drug dealing one and the puzzle games. But for the drug dealing game, how long is too long? I mean WTF? I bought 10 grams at the very last second of the "day" and next "day" I was caught with them. Am I supposed to just buy one at a time or something? I supposed it would be too easy with a "Heat meter" (or something else) but come on!

As for the aim and shoot game, either tone down the difficulty or lower the requirements. I mean REALLY lower them. I don't see anybody getting over 300 in that game even with the best of luck.

Same for the space shooter.

<deleted> responds:

In the drug dealing game, you can only get caught right when a new day begins (i.e., right when the price changes). I don't want to give too much away about the game's inner workings, but I'll tell you that your chances of being caught at the start of a new day are directly proportional the number of grams you have at that time (i.e., if you have ten grams, you're twice as likely to get caught as you would be if you only had five grams), and that you can get away with holding a fairly large number of grams.

I'm pretty sure I understand what you mean by a "heat meter," and I actually think that would be an excellent addition. It's possible that Iamgrimreaper considered the idea while making the game, but we may never know.

Yes, the medals for the games are quite difficult to earn, but all of them CAN be earned! Here's some video proof for you (remove any spaces that appear in the links):
Ahnimal's game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS_TFY hqvsc
Stickman91's game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lVLMv cjcDE

I hope you find the videos encouraging!

Simple but effective

I have seen a lot of different types of loading screen in my time, but this was the most fun watching the squares slowly fill in.

On to the actual game, I thought the presentation was first class, everything looks slick with the graphical user interface being very user friendly, the instructions are all clearly described, and if you click on a menu option you know it will work perfectly, when pressing the return key, and you press it again, it will close down that particular screen, keeping things smooth.

I played the four games in the order they were listed in, beginning with the shooting game. This was a basic '360 degree shoot everything that comes near' type game. It was done in a simple way, but was clean and efficient and without any niggling little bugs. I would have liked to have seen a bit more depth, but that would defeat the purpose of this being a simple shapes game.

The second mini-game was rather addictive, it took me four attempts before I managed to get the blue square across to the right hand side, and amazingly I did it with only one second left to spare, talk about pressure. Again, I would have liked more depth, but I think the intention of the collaborators on this project, wasn't to go all out and make a complex game, it was more about experimenting with different things, learning how to make certain concepts work in a game and they certainly succeeded on that aspect of things.

The cocaine game, to be honest, I didn't know what I had to do and just tried to click random values into the empty boxes. I would have liked some basic instructions on how to play this game. Everything was clear in terms of how it looked, but it was my least favourite of the four mini-games.

The fourth game was a little bit like R-Type, a side shooter. The shapes and controls were clean and responded well when pressed. I found it very difficult to avoid all the blue circles after a while and didn't manage to complete the game.

The music was casual, perfect for this type of game. It gave me a feeling as though I was playing a MAME game, with that trademark classic arcade type appearance.

Even though the artists that worked on this collaboration could only use shapes, they managed to put together a very creative exhibition of their collective talents. None of the games were overly-complex, but everything was extremely organised and it worked as a whole. I think the most important thing for any person learning Flash, is to learn how to make things move, collide or sound and so in that respect, the collaboration is a big success and I could only see you guys going on to make something very very good for Newgrounds in the near future.

Knowing the main man himself, a certain Mr. Jack Stickman, I have been watching his work closely and his Flash projects always seem to improve on the one before it and thus I would conclude that he will be the one to look out for in the future, I'm sure his talents will not go unnoticed.

<deleted> responds:

Sounds like you enjoyed mostly everything!

Regarding the cocaine game, your goal is to earn as much money as possible without getting caught. You accomplish that by typing the number of grams you want to buy/sell into the respective fields above the buttons, and then clicking said buttons. Think of it like trading stocks: Buy low, sell high! But don't try selling while you yourself are high, because that probably won't end well.

Many thanks for your praise of all the different aspects of the collab. It's so satisfying to receive some serious, detailed and positive feedback on something that one puts a lot of effort into. I'm sure everyone on the team appreciates your review. :)

I really liked it.

The only problem is that the drug game didn't work for me. Everything else was fantastic, but pressing the buttons in the drug game appeared to do absolutely nothing. Maybe I misunderstood something?
Anyway, I'm giving you a ten regardless, as it seems to have worked for everyone else.

<deleted> responds:

In the drug-dealing game, you have to type the number of grams you want to buy/sell into the fields above the buttons; then you click the buttons to perform the actions. :P

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but it's good to know you liked everything else!


The games were overall simple and very well made, however it's just way too simple for people which might put them off from playing this game. I mean there's no actual goal set for people to achieve (except the puzzle and the shooter one). If the medals do get approved it will be hard as hell to get either one. Maybe I can do the drug dealing game but certainly not both of the shooter games, it's just way too hard and the time it takes is painstakingly long. Maybe tone down the difficulty of the games so that people can actually do them.

Overall not too bad of a game, good visuals and audio but the simpleness of the game might be a minus to some people. 7/10

<deleted> responds:

You're right about the simplicity; these games are definitely best suited for short-term players, and each one alone doesn't offer a great deal of replay value; hence the inclusion of medals. And yes, those medals have some pretty tough requirements, but they're worth 100 points each! To be clear, it IS possible to earn all of them; I play-tested every game to make sure of that. But I can see how some people might be discouraged by the challenges they pose.

Thanks for your input!


I like the way that each game is different. The first game was pretty cool, it reminded me of asteroids on the Atari, it was fun and easy to start with and then it got really hard, the particle effects were a nice touch but what it really needed was a score board. The second game was also really good yet completely different, a little block sliding puzzle although it was almost exactly the same as a nintendo DS game i played on 42 all time classics it was fun and challenging but should have had more than one level, i was a little disappointed when it ended after the first round. The third game was one of my favorites, it was like an rpg sim styled game, it was fun for a while but the same technique got boring, just buying when the value was low then selling when they were high. And the last by far was my favorite, it was very challenging and i haven't beaten the enemy yet but god so help me i will! The enemy basically just goes berserk and gives you all hell, i always die at the lasers, it could have had a bigger area to play in so that you had more room to maneuver which would have made it a lot easier for first time players. I liked the graphics and style, its amazing how different the graphics in each game were when they were so restricted by the simple shapes rule, i also like the preloader and menu art and animation, i which was very smooth and suited the game extremely well. All in all, this was a very well composed collab.

<deleted> responds:

Although there are only four games, I'm pleased with the amount of variety they offer, in terms of both gameplay and graphics. Each participant was free to make whatever he wanted, regardless of what anybody else was doing; so it was nice to see that everyone came up with something different.

The additional features you mentioned never came up in discussion, and everyone was satisfied with the collab as it was shortly before release, so they weren't even considered. But including things like a scoreboard probably would've been nice.

Thanks for the review, Tri-circle; I'm glad you enjoyed everything!

Liked minimal graphics...

Sometimes less is more... good job.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks. :)

weak, simple, and uninteresting

Sorry, but if you want to do a mini game collection, there's alot of strong competition out there (here). I had a better drug dealing game on my graphics calculator in high school. I'm not saying they're terrible per se, but it really gives off a quantity over quality issue. 4 games isn't alot, and while this isn't strictly competition, it pays to beat out your opponents. Jazz it up, I can't believe im saying this, but make it POP. it really needs to grab you, especially in the case of collections. Dub 3's

<deleted> responds:

I agree that more minigames would've made for a better experience, but very few people joined in when the collaboration was announced, and some of them ended up dropping out, leaving only four participants. :(

Even so, I'm very pleased with how it turned out, even though it's not nearly as extensive as some of the other minigame collections out there. No one involved was particularly concerned with the competition, but I think we ended up with a fun and good-looking product regardless. I guess it doesn't grab you the way it grabs me; but hey, I can't please everybody.

Thanks for reviewing. :)


The game is very simple, yet addictive and fun! I was satisfied with the first level, thinking that was the whole game. I was pleasatly surprised to find that there were three more levels! And the music was good! I hate it when I have to mute a game's music, and there was no need here. It was entertaining and fit with the levels. I liked it, and hope to see more like this!

<deleted> responds:

Glad you found it so enjoyable!

its kind of good. 7 :)

yup 7.

<deleted> responds:

It ate the 9 that was originally there, didn't it? :(


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2.80 / 5.00