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Zombaby Bouncer

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A very light-weight competitive game.
Box2D physics, ragdoll baby, cartoon style graphics.
3 minutes maximum per round...
Score is based on distance, with a time bonus if you make it all the way to the Hospital.

If your first go isn't full of thrills, try again it'll only take 30 seconds... The hill is random and the biggest buzz comes from making amazing catches!

UPDATE: v1.05 increased iterations for physics to fix bug where baby gets caught overlapping the pram

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Pretty interesting

This was a decent game because it had a pretty original premise to it. You would think that zombie babies would be a lot more disgusting in their depiction. It was great because I didn't even know how I was supposed to win or lose at first. I had no idea that the game ended when the baby just stopped moving, although I guess it makes sense now. It was funny to hear the cooing baby sound over the destruction. You basically had nothing to do but click the accelerator button.

After that, the game pretty much played itself. It was so fun watching the baby bounce around you didn't even care when the game ended. The graphics are decent, but they could be a bit more flashy. I also suggest you put in some more things like obstacles and different kinds of powerups. It is still good for a quick play.

FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for the review Ericho!
The basic idea is to try to catch the baby when he bounces up into the air by accelerating and braking to keep the pram underneath him.


If you try, you can land the cart on the baby and hold long enough, the baby will be stuck to the cart. I did a flew flips in the air while the baby vicegripped the cart and finished to the hospital

FightClub69 responds:

I've just uploaded v1.05 to try to fix these problems with more accurate physics... please let me know if you see them again or if the game runs slowly now.

I'm actually 4th all time

and you know why?
because the game is so glitchy. The baby got stuck in the pram, and i don't mean "wouldn't fall out" stuck, i mean "his body was in between the metal bars in the middle" stuck. As soon as that happened, i didn't let go of the acceleration button, and the pram was FLYING. LITERALLY. i only saw blue, i wasn't anywhere near ground, and my speed must have been 60 or something, so when i got to the end, my score was 2016 or something like that. I'm not good at this game, I'm not 4th all time for skill, I'm 4th all time for glitches. So, yeah, if there's anything you can do about that, do it. Please.

FightClub69 responds:

Hmm, sounds like a problem with the physics. I'll take a look but I'm not sure how much I can change (I'm using Box2DFlash to do the simulation parts).



Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2010
2:23 PM EST