Scrap Metal Heroes

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This game is inspired in part by classic robot building games like Armored Core and an obscure PS1 game called Carnage Heart. I've always liked building robots in games, and this kind of customization isn't often seen in strategy games, so I decided to make one that did.

There's almost 200 parts to build your robots out of, after which you go take on missions and fight in the Robo League. Battles are real-time, lane-based affairs similar to some well known flash games such as Warlords.

It's a big game with a lot of depth, but there might still be a couple bugs in there. Do let me know if you see any.




@lunarAlpha it's in the left corner, it is pretty obvious.Just click save.
And perfect game, wish I didn't have to pay for the expansion though.Needs upgrades on parts (Etc)

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wondering & curious

how do i actually save my game in this scrap metal heroes?
so i can keep playing.
the reason why im askign this is because last night i was playing this game and then i woke up this morning at around idk...7am?
but anyways as i was saying i woke up and want to continue playing this and then when i click continue all of a sudden i lost the saving game where i had my 4 epic robots and now i have to start all over so please tell me how can i actually save this game is it have to do with a newgrounds account to actually save this or what? cause i didn't use my account while i was playing this game.
P.S. please answer my question & read through my review please & thank you!

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Awesome game, very well made and designed, spent countless hours playing it without getting bored!

BTW drago, would you be interesting in sharing your tactics? thanks

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Great Game

Really good job, the only bug I noticed was at the end of division A. Once I had beaten the last guy I could challenge myself for an instant win and 50,000, the music was all messed up when that happened as well. I reloaded the game and I was at the bottom of division A again.

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One Hell of a Robo Game

Very addicting and fun i just sat here and played it for 5 hours straight ^^ i managed to woop everything. this is my kind of game i wish it was longer but i guess i cannt have everything but i will ask for one thing a sequel i hope u make another one for this one is just omg fun but if u do make another one make an ez/norm/hard/insane mode sort of thing ^^

btw i forget which mission MSU was particularly robot wise Lambilly but if they have shields use melee units i built a melee tank with 675 hp 145 attk power 18 movement 0 range that had a reflector shield that just owned every last robot in the game but sense u probably cannt get the reflector shield yet the normal shield should work great to ^^

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3.94 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2010
6:06 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)