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Close Encounter 5 Points

Kill an enemy right before it reaches you

Jolly Killing 5 Points

Kill 100 enemies

Man Handler 5 Points

Kill an enemy with your fist

Combo Madness 10 Points

Do a 6 kill combo

Present Frenzy 10 Points

Quickly open 5 gifts consecutively

Strike! 10 Points

Kill 4 enemies with 1 bowling ball

Survivalist 10 Points

Defeat 6 waves in a row without dying

Too Hot For TV 10 Points

Electrocute at least 3 enemies at once with a TV

Deathmas 25 Points

Experience death from all enemy types

Efficiency 25 Points

Survive 5 minutes in Time Mode

Immortal 25 Points

Defeat 12 waves in a row without dying

Kingpin 25 Points

Score 1500 points in Bowling Mode

Naughty Or Nice 25 Points

Kill 1 of each enemy type

Spoiled Rotten 25 Points

Upgrade everything at least once

Spread The Joy 25 Points

Use all weapons

Dark Time 50 Points

Survive 10 minutes in Time Mode

Darkest Night 50 Points

Reach half the Wave Mode

Evil Dawn 50 Points

Beat the Wave Mode

Hell Time 100 Points

Survive 15 minutes in Time Mode

Well Prepared 100 Points

Fully upgrade all weapons and traps

Author Comments

UPDATEv1.1: Boosted the water gun stats

Hey guys! SickDeathFiend and I decided to make a christmas game, I think it turned out pretty cool! Some kind of halloween-christmas crossover...haha but you'll be the judge of that won't you? We hope you like it! It's got great music by Josh Hunsaker and Antfish landed us his voice! So unwrap your christmas gifts but beware, you may not find what you're looking for...you may find...evilll.....mouahah ...MOUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! :D

Controls are with the mouse, shift to grab stuff through enemies and space to discard the current weapon or trap.

As usual, toggle quality (Q) or use the Dim Light option to play with better performance.




fun and awesome. love the animations


another one??

The great race of Vamps demand another game like this!!................Please?

not bad not bad

the little cars are a wee bit fast and u could throw in some more traps for the monsters
but over all a good game

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Very fun game. It does get kind of frustrating later in the game if you die and lose all of your defense stuff (I got a phone call, and couldn't find a pause button... if there is one). Overall, the difficulty progression is good, the different weapons are fun, although some are a bit useless because they are too slow or just ineffectual. My biggest problem is with the 'Time Mode' because it randomly freezes up on me, causing me to have to refresh the page. The last time this happened I had like 6 TV's, chocolate, and fans all over the place, and knew that I would easily hit 15 minutes... then it froze on 8 something... very frustrating...

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Too much imbalanced

The game depends heavily on random events,upgrades on certain items seem non worthy and generally too much repetitive gameplay.

Did I say the game is unfairly random?

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Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2010
5:53 AM EST
Action - Other