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TRON:Lightcycle Challenge

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Author Comments

NOTE: As the programmer, I got permission from Black Media Powder to post it here on newgrounds. To quote Scott Barrett, the director on the project, "Post it anywhere and everywhere"

Drop the coin in the slot to START.

Produced by Black Powder Media and me, Joshua J. Morgan, as a tribute to Tron, the Video Game from Bally/Midway, based on the futuristic adventure motion picture from Walt Disney Productions.

This is a faithful Flash recreation of the Lightcycle level from the great classic Tron arcade game by Bally/Midway so be warned that it is HARD to beat!

FYI, there are about 10 MB of external files, mostly video of the 3D Tron arcade cabinet turnaround that plays during the "attract" screen.

(hit the "C" key on the menu to view game credits)




There've been a few comments about "unresponsive controls". This is likely due to the fact that the game space is a GRID, with rows and columns that are much larger than the actual pixels, so often times, when you hit a key, you will NOT immediately turn because the blue cycle is BETWEEN rows/columns. Often times, it will LOOK like you've got room to turn at the last second, but it will already be TOO LATE because the next available row/column is blocked by a wall or light trail.


ey bro I like it but u need to really make it more better and if u cant then. well sh1t its good but I mean it needs more of a true hot gameing style not this sh!t

Nearly unplayable because there is a large delay/lag/etc. when making turns and between multiple turns. Author states there are gaps between rows and columns, but here's the problem there, if you can't see where the rows & columns are, how are you supposed to know where they are and when the last chance will be before its too late? Making 1/2 sized black lines at every row & column would make it much better.

joshmorgan responds:

I totally agree with you that "making 1/2 sized black lines at every row & column would make it much better" but we were replicating the look and feel of the original 1982 TRON arcade game, which only had lines for every 3rd column and row. 30 years ago, arcade games were meant to be learned through trial and error, which meant that you kept feeding the machine more quarters. Luckily our version is free, and you can immediately replay the light cycles. In the original 1982 TRON arcade game, there were 3 other levels/game types so it made it even harder to learn.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

I play GL Tron on my mac and beat the CPU's on the hardest difficulty. But this....I can't even get past the second level. It's just frustrating. There's a huge difficulty jump and the CPU's are spot on perfect, after about 12 attempts I noticed that sometimes they'd phase right through my line. Or I'd die out of nowhere. If this game had a little more work put on it I'd enjoy it a lot more. I enjoy the style of the game none the less. There's just some coding issues.

joshmorgan responds:

Weird, I haven't had any reports of false-negatives or false-positives with trail collisions before, but I'll look into it. As for the difficulty, our goal was to replicate the difficulty of the original Light Cycle level from the 1982 TRON arcade game, which was notoriously brutal.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

Great 90th)

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In a game that's all about making/not making mistakes, you can't have the AI be perfect and unable to make mistakes. That's not challenging, that's broken.

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Credits & Info

4.46 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2010
2:24 PM EST
Action - Other