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Tower Defense 20XX

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Author Comments

This is my first flash game. I would like feedback on it and how to make it better. I plan to expand this game and make it better as time goes on. Thank you in advance for the feedback.

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Ok here we go!!

1)Add a fixed speed button x1 x2 x3 x5 etc.

2)Maybe add more towers

3)Make tiles on which towers can be placed,i was just placing a tower on top of another and i made a corner where nothing could pass

4)Add better graphics

5)Add difficulty settings

6)Add enemies of different categories (heavy armor,immune etc)

7)Fix some bugs (at a wave the enemies just stuck in a corner)

8)Make spread tower placeable to fixed locations,i spammed them so much that the game was ridiculus.

Thats for now :)

xshades responds:

I like your idea for placeable locations for spread towers. I'll definitely try to add that in there. Great input and I will try to add it into the next update. Thanks again!

I win =)

Not a bad tower defense game, especially not bad for your first game. I think the music track is good, but not really very game oriented. Maybe an ambient electronic track would be more appropriate.

The drawings are mediocre, and could use some improvement. Maybe some cool transparent roads like the game 'Ghost Hacker'. Check that out if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a beautiful looking tower defense game.

The game mechanics seemed okay, although I pretty much had to plaster the entire road with freezers, but by the end of the game it was pretty much plastered with everything. I like the little torch too, lol. Small, but effective when the enemy is frozed.

Not a bad first game at all, mate. Keep up the great work.

xshades responds:

I'll check out that Ghost Hacker game. Maybe use some of its features in the updated version of this game. Thanks for the helpful input.

Good start but needs work.

You have the mechanism basics down all right but it needs a lot of work. For one, you need to put in an upgrade system, that way you aren't forced to get new ones every time. It needs better graphics and art. Have more variety in music or find a loop that isn't annoying.

But most of all you need to find a way to make your game stand out because even with these it would still be over shadowed by all the other tower defenses out there. It needs a unique theme or an original use of one. Also, it would help to have stronger/unique towers in addition to these and more waves.

Good luck with your game developing. I hope this helps.

xshades responds:

An upgrade system is the next step in this and maybe better graphics. I'm not that great at drawing though so I may need to find someone to help me there. I hope to find that special something to make this a great game. Until then, thank you for the input.

+100 Exp!

Fun game, I liked how I can stack towers wherever I want.

One way to improve the game would be to be able to click and see how much health an enemy has. Other than that, it just needs some polishing and its a great, solid tower defense.

xshades responds:

That's a good improvement, I'll try to add that in to the updated version I am working on.

I like it but...

It's a really good game but it needs a little work. It was very easy to beat by just combining a bunch of spread/freezer units with a golen here and there. Maybe make it longer, more enemies at once, things of that nature. Besides that, great game. Graphics could use a little work, but nothing major. Really enjoyed it.

xshades responds:

Heh yea. I'm not that much of an artist, but I will try to make better graphics. I appreciate the feedback though. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2010
1:34 AM EST