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Jiang - Chinese Chess

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Author Comments

Chinese Chess, Player vs Computer.
Click the chessboard to make a move(don't drag)
B: Begin (play as Black, computer move first)
R: Begin (play as Red, player move first)
P: Retract one move
Enter: Game menu
Enter key to view game menu, you can change computer AI in Options menu
If you are new to Chinese Chess(Xiangqi), some tutorials for you to learn how to play:
(When you click the piece you want to move in the game, some gray dotted boxes will show up,
which can help you to make the right moves. Just click one of the dotted boxes to make a move.)
Quick introduction(Recommended)
chan/learn.h tml
Further reading:
http://xiang-qi.appspot.c om/tutorial/
http://www.clubxiangqi.co m/rules/asia rule.htm
http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Xiangqi

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Agreed with Kelazi

I always loved chinese chess, but majority of people do not know how to play it so I'll try my best to explain.
Bing(soldier) - The thing that is the front of your troops. Equivilant to a pawn, but only can move forward until it passes through the 'river'(middle). It only can defeat an opponent via that method of moving forward or sideways.
Pao(Jaguar or smth) - The thing in the middle of your side of the field. These can move infinitely in a straight line unless something is blocking. Its method of defeating is jumping over friend or foe to an opponent chess piece.
Che(car) - The things that are at the corner of the map. They are equal to Rook(Castle) in English chess
Ma(Horse) - The things next to car. Same as horse in English chess, but it moves in a -- | method, in which if something is at the 1st dash, it cannot move that way.
Xiang(elephant) - The things next to horse. They only can stay at your side of the river and move diagonally twice in a straight line.
Shi(soldier) - This is different from the other soldiers as it can only move within the 3 by 3 box its in. It moves diagonally once.
Shi(King) - If it dies, you lose. Only able to move forward, backward and to the side. No diagonal.
Hope it helps :)

BruceJawn responds:

Thanks for your explanation, deathalo44!

Good but it needs instructions

It looks like it could be a fun game, like chess is but it just drops you into it without explaining what the pieces are and what they can do. Instructions like this would be very helpful since I don't know how many people know the rules of Chinese Chess off the top of their heads like they do normal chess.

Basically it just needs a tutorial and perhaps some music.

BruceJawn responds:

You're right.
I thought it will be a little difficult to explain the instructions here or in the game, although the rules for Chinese Chess are much simpler than (the Western ) Chess.
For those who are not familiar with Chinese Chess,
some tutorials(sorry, some seem very long)
Quick introduction(Recommended):
http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~chan/learn.h tml
Further reading:
http://www.clubxiangqi.com/rules/asia rule.htm

Credits & Info

2.36 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2010
11:30 PM EST