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Run Kirby, Run -Short-

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[NEWS FLASH] If this gets high ratings, I will definitely be motivated to make an extended version. :D

[EDIT] This was not meant to have a story, I did this for my class assignment. Kirby is just suppose to run through a stage. This flash was meant for tweening and bouncing. So the whole thing was more aimed at the motion and the bouncing when Kirby lands on the ground and the ball.

The clouds in the beginning can't be blurred because it will lage the whole flash. It was the source of the problem this whole time :P

Finally finished it to MY liking. Everyone I showed was pretty amazed at the work I put in on it. I spent a lot of my time working on this flash.

I did this for my flash class for the 1st assignment. I really showed that I'm NOT going to fall off this quarter! The assignment was for bouncing and tweening, so I didn't want to make this long. It was meant to be short...

I hope you enjoy! If there are any issues with it, don't hesitate to post a comment. Oh and be nice about it okay? I'm not the greatest flash animator so I'm going to be scratchy in some areas.

Also seen on deviantArt:
http://advent-axl.deviant art.com/art/Run-Kirby-Run -Short-189702294

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Your Kirby Short Cartoon makes my Kirby Short Cartoon look like shit.

AdventAxl responds:

Well as you state in you flash, it's your 1st animation without sprites. I'm assuming that you are using high fps (frames per second) since sprite flashes need to be a high fps. You must be used to using the numbers and didn't take notice to how much of a difference changing the pace would've done, if this makes sense :P

You did a pretty good job, anyone can tell you that, but IMO you did a better job than I did on my 1st flash ever. I left some con-crit on your flash for you okay?

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4.66 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2010
10:35 PM EST