Ibuki's Revenge

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Simple game I had to program as my first session as a game programmer

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Not a bad first start at all

Really, really rough game but playable compared to some of the other games I've played across the web.

The way the Twelve sprites are set compared to Ibuki though don't mishmash well, sometimes you'll go through them without damage, other times your attacks won't hurt them. Sometimes there are way too many on screen at once, as well.

For a first attempt though it's well done.

Keep it up!

you can do better. I ranked this 3 because this isn't ready, it is a good start for a mechanics demo its not bad but this is no game.

1. look for an artist and better music. (with better control on the animation the game will fall to gather much easier)
2. get the movement and attacking code working. and redo the enemies AI ground up.
3. find/write a compelling or even a half asses story, or rename this "Ninja crosses street"
4. but trust me on the sun screen

j/k You can code, artist will help you so much,.

Maybe Not

Useful Critique: I think you need more experience

Good attempt

I see that you put some effort into this. Look into jazzing it up a bit and just making it more fun and less repetitive and what-not. Add some complexity to this beast.


Pretty good for a simple game. However...
1. The enemies aren't as detailed as our fighter dude.
2. The enemies are just clones of each other.
3. Our hero only has one attack.
4. You have to stop completely before throwing a shuriken.
5. Enemies have no actual attacks.
6. You take damage if the hero's shape overlaps an enemy's instead of touching shadow-to-shadow
7. Near the end... SWARM!!!
Ah, well, at least it beats the usual newbish crap submitted. But who knows? Maybe you aren't a newbie. Perhaps you're experienced and rushed it or slacked. :)

Credits & Info

2.17 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2010
7:56 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS