The Powder Keg V2

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This game has been completely drawn with the mouse.
UPDATES: Version 2

-eliminated many bugs in the game
-added another medal
-I have expanded the game map
-added new things
A working day like any other in the old mine, run and explore the mine before the gas kills you!


A-move left
D-move right

Credits: thanks to Spysociety for helping me with a code.
This game has been completely drawn with the mouse.



a new version of the game, I copied the review from the previous version :P
this game is simple in some places but in others it is easy to fall into the traps!
anyway, great game!!

EventHorizon responds:

thanks :P

Getting annoyed with the jumpings?


The system is tricky so what you need to do is w + d, not d + w!!

EventHorizon responds:

thanks for your advice and for your review

Nice production, slightly repetitive and annoying

Hey ugolegend94,

The stylistic art of the game is very nice. The pixelated retro feel of the game is complemented by intuitive control and wonderful music. I love it when games take music off the audio portal, it's just that much more fantastic. The trumpets are hauntingly beautiful.

As a trial-and-error retro pixelated maze game, it succeeds. However this type of game also brings along with it a degree of frustration, which may lead to the bad ratings. In other words, the difficulty is too high, and not particularly fun in all honesty.

The maze in this game is an ingenious blend of traps and gimmicks. However the feeling you get when you find yourself trapped in a hole is horrible. It turns me off this otherwise fantastic concept for a game. I would consider tweaking the gameplay to avoid boring repetition.

A new type of game, unique in style and content. I love those timers that you see scattered throughout the maze. However, I do not like the fact of these timers resetting; I would rather see the timer just keep counting down as you go along.

In my opinion, this is a nice, fairly well made game, which is frustrating and gets boring quick. This is a frank review, but it might be a needed one. Tweak the gameplay a notch and this may be a hit! Thanks for letting me play!

--Production-- = 8/10
--Playability-- = 5/10
--Genius-- = 7/10
--Flair-- = 8/10
--Tilt-- = 5/10
Overall Score: 6.6/10
Rounded Score: 7/10

Verdict: Getting Good!



Needs more.

This game should have had much more success than it got, but it's plagued by a couple of annoying traits. Certainly, getting stuck in a level where you can't jump or escape is bothersome. I almost ragequit after it happened a couple times in a row.

The game looks really cool. I'm generally pretty critical on pixel art, but you pulled it off artfully. The game looks polished; there's not much excess, and I have to compliment you on color choice; it helped the mood a little.

I think if you go back and have a look at level design, you'll end up with a much better product. I love the concept of the game, and the general design is almost admirable, but the end-result just falls a bit flat.

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Seemed Interesting

Hi ugolegend94,

My first impression of the game was a good one. The game drew me in quickly and I was like, "maybe I'll actually like this game." Judging by the art and music, I thought it'd be an RPG type of game (which it wasn't).


I like the small little details past the walls. You should definitely make ALOT more. It shouldn't be too hard detailing in the map right? It'd look awesome if it had skeletons (humans, creatures... UFO?) Maybe in the beginning of the game, you could fall down an empty well and then walk through a whole in the wall of the well?

I liked the music. It made the game feel epic. It's one of the first things about this game that I noticed and it drew me in. It was definitely a wise decision to use this song for the game. ;)


There aren't alot of things that move in this game (I can only recall that the character, gas cloud, and elevator move)

lol The guy is ALWAYS walking! Even when he's standing! Use a different animation! The game would be a lot more interesting if the main character does stuff while standing still(doesn't have to do stuff. I just thought it was strange that you didn't use a still image to show that he's standing still.)

The game needs checkpoints. I fell into a pit and said, FUCK! Seriously, I hate restarting to the beginning after only once chance. I didn't want to play the game again after falling into the same hole 7 times.

It's damn near impossible to jump over those holes. Too hard! But I won't take off any points for it.

There's no story in the game. I'm constantly wondering why the guy is doing what he's doing. There's no incentive to play other than to discover the reason for the objective. Adding a storyline to the game would definitely spice it up, dude.


You can't get on the elevator when it's going up; you fall right through it.

If you hold up while moving and happen to hit a ceiling, you float a little. That's pretty much the only way I got over some of the holes.

You can't climb up slight hills (where it goes up 1 pixel by 1 pixel or more) without jumping; you get stuck. Not that much of a nuisance, to me, but you should fix it(for the sake of not seeming super lazy).

Can't restart once you "fail."


Invisible wall at the beginning of the game. Right in front of the tree.

I got a fail medal while writing this review! WTF dude. :P

From 10, I subtracted:

2 for lazy animation
1 for lazy art
1 for lack of story


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3.66 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2010
10:20 AM EST
Adventure - Other