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9/17/2012 Update:
I have been working hard almost 2 years now on Part 2 and where it might possibly lead to perhaps end. Progress is great I have considered some preview of it possibly via Youtube however I have not decided. The flash is expected late this year fall-holidays some time. So I do have it atleast 70% done. Looking forward to the feedback on the flash when it is uploaded here on Newgrounds.


Update: Fixed the cracking noise. There is still a earthquake sfx there but I lowered the tone. I will do more to it later. :)

Update: I will fix the issues that was explained after I get off work tomorrow. Such as crackling and typos. As for the story most WILL be explained in the following sequels (King Vegeta, Vegeta's lines etc.). Thanks so much for your reviews and glad some of you liked it. :)

Short plot summary.
During the 10 day wait of the cell games, Vegeta has informed Goku that he needed him to meet him immediately. However it wasn't a friendly meeting. Is this really Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance?

Alright the first Flash I ever posted on here was the original one of this. However.. It was the first, I was sorta a noob I have made private flash I don't prefer releasing at this time since it. So I developed much better skills. I took advice from the previous comments and used several spell & Grammar checks and had to people review it and said it should pass for decent. Free versions of the checks so probably needs work still. If you see errors I will fix them. (Animation/Text errors) This took me several months since a month after the original. So allot of thought was in this. Not to mention my comp died lets not get into that. However I look forward to your comments including criticized and positive comments.. :/ Freedom of speech everyone but lets not get to harsh.. The guy commenting the Naruto film put a little hurt on me. XD And yes this was a COMPLETE solo project which you can probably tell. Now another thing brings my attention is the music in both versions of this... I do plan on using stuff from the audio portal so audio posters prepare for a PM soon. :)

AND I PROMISE YOU for real this time I will have the sequel to this. I had half of it done and decided to wait after this one plus since it has a huge change to some of it. Which brings me to one more thing before anyone mentions it... Read below.

*SMALL SPOILER* Nothing big read after if you choose to.
I did notice that the background changed to the mountains but it fit the first background better. And also there is a line I don't know why on it later near Gohan's parts. Sorry if it seems to bother you as it does me.

Hope you all enjoy this I had a blast making it. Look forward to comments and everything. :)
And I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas
PS: Sorry about the huge size and loading. I am still getting use to compression.

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Hold on..

Gohan's super saiyan, does this take place during Cell Saga? Gohan isn't adult yet, and Goku is still alive... Regardless, the dialogue sucks. And the sound effects get old after repeating twice. Interesting idea, but maybe a larger variety of sprites and a good script would make this anything more than mediocre?

I dont like DB too much

Im fed up with Dragon Ball and the likes, its just the same thing over and over again, audio sometimes was crackling, and i was using headphones so my ears were bleading, please try to fix this as it is very annoying.

I couldĀ“nt keep watching i got bored, honestly dragon ball is not my kind of thing, and i would have prefered Japanese voices over american ones, this is just my opinion, even if people hate me for that.

ok movie

I must say that this is a ok movie

I like it but....

Somethings really didn't make sense in the story. I mean, you had Goku and Vegeta battling each other, fine, Vegeta didn't want to conform, I get that. Vegeta has always been stubborn, every DBZ fan knows that. Goku got beat by Vegeta, and Gohan saved him, still followed you there, but how did Vegeta's father just appear? I guess that will be explained in the next part right? And how did he just go Super Saiyan? When he died, he and the mass of Saiyans went with planet Vegeta, just like Bardock when Freiza attacked them. As far as I'm aware, none of them had done anything that would have allowed them to keep their bodies when they crossed over, so they couldn't have trained, unless you have something to explain that in the sequel, I'm gonna be a bit confused. Good job on the animation and battles though.


I cant wait to see your next work oh and heres a tip you should make the text stay there and let the person wacthing the video press space to see the next text because some people either read too slow or dont want to read it and go straight to the action and great work man 10 stars all the way.

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3.39 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2010
7:39 PM EST