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Toy Squad

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WELL it's been a while since I've uploaded anything here, sorry about that, just been working on THIS little film right here.

"Toy Squad

In the near future, a strange white light, almost unnoticeable to humans, flashes throughout the world, causing all the toys in the world to become life sized and come to life! However, some toys use their gift of life to take their vengeance out on the humans that mistreated them. In order to combat this, the Government puts together a nationwide police force of toys, "Toy Squads."
The Toy Squad that this show is centered on is comprised of Rain, the Rainbow Bear, who has super strength, speed, and is able to shoot a giant beam of energy through his chest. He changes colors when he changes emotions. Also, there's Iris, the FightBot, a transformer-type doll that can change into any vehicle the toys need, also has a gun in her hand in human form.
There's also Jackie, the Jack in the Box girl, with the ability to bounce incredibly high, stretch her arms, and emits a sonic attack to the music that plays when the crank on her box is pulled enough times.
Last but not least, there's Stitchboy, the Rag Doll, with the ability to shoot out his stitches like Spider-Man and also produces razor-sharp sewing needles from his hands.

Together they are the Toy Squad of Hasbrand City, protecting Toys, Humans, and the like, while also trying to find out the mysterious origin of the strange white light. "

Hope you like this!
Visit my deviantart page for more cool stuff! www.thelastmagician.devia ntart.com
Also my youtube page: www.youtube.com/thelastma gician

Music by: Adam Chase (demented2005) He's got some really cool music in the audio portal. Check him out!

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dude thats awesome!

i like the idea, sell it to pixar and tell them that toys are more than just playthings!