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The Missing Kermit

rated 3.94 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Dec 14, 2010 | 3:08 AM EST

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Author Comments

Animation about Punchman, a super hero going to look for Kermit the Frog, who has been kidnapped.

This was made for an animation class in school.

Added credits so we could put in a legit song.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

great movie

your movie was soooo fucking lol i hardly could follow the story because i laught soo much but there were still some moments which i condider as not sooo funny but still lol
besides your music is AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOME please could you send me the mp3 or put the music in the audio portal


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A pretty good Henson-like flash, my Muppet!

Punchman has come and rescued my interest to this entertaining flash film. It was very funny in a clever way. You must be a fan of Jim Henson to have a lot of his creations featured in your flash film.

Story: 10/10
Love how you wrote the script to this flash film. A rescue mission that featured all the famous Muppet characters is truly an original idea. I loved how you used all the saying you put in. For instance, When Punchman was punching the Cookie Monster and he said the first line of his cookie song and Punchman replied, "That's not good enough for me". Fan-fucking-tastic! Another good example is when Punchman was in the castle and we could hear Kermit talking to his Captor, saying his famous song, "It's not easy being Green". That was actually pretty good. One strong part that made this flash was how you used the characters. The Swedish Chef as the Bartender, Cookie Monster as a crazy monster and Elmo as a gangster, great job right there. My favorite thing about this flash is your bad guy. I loved that your had Kermit being kidnapped (or, should I say, frog-napped) by the KFC Colonal because he wants to add in some frog's legs to the menu. It made a whole lot of sense because frog's legs is pretty common as a yummy treat around the southern area of the US. I take it you are not a fan of KFC and are making fun of them out of pure hatred or maybe you like them very much that you want to poke fun at them because you love them a lot. Either way, it worked out.

Voices: 10/10
Mother-fucking Jesus on toast! I have never heard such perfect voices for all the characters used in your flash. To think, they were all done by a cast of only two guys. I think my all time favorite voice is elmo trying to act gangster. Elmo always cracks me up. I sometimes go ahhhh when he talks. It is really funny because we all know Elmo as a cute little red-furred baby monster who is dressing up as 2pac and waving around a gun, talking gangster. I mean, how can you take that seriously? Another voice I thought was great was the voice for the Colonal. I thought it perfect to give him a low, satan-like tone because he is nothing but pure evil.

Animation: 6/10
There were a lot of flaws when it comes to this area. The background designs were good. I give you high points for that. I also did like a couple of effects, like the close-ups, especially when Punchman was chasing Elmo and he goes through the building with the baby. How you had the close-up of the baby being so adorable, then have a realistic version was pretty good. The problem area was in the movement of all the characters and their facial expressions. I am a big fan when it comes to the animated face. Yes, the expressions were there, but they were not in completely. I wanted to see more on their mouths, have them match the dialogue instead of having the puppet movement. Yes, they are puppets, but this is animation. I expect to see some colorful lips. Another problem is transition. You start off with the saloon at nightime, then, we are suddenly in downtown in the daytime. Another was when Punchman crashed through the baby building than suddenly we are at the castle. How did he get there? Those two bothered me very much.

Sound: 7/10
Like the animation section, the sound was good, but there were problems. You had some good sound choices, but the problem was the issues of volume. The music when Punchman crashed through the building, the fire in the castle, Burt getting shot and some other moments where I felt the volume was just too loud. I know you wanted to give this flash some life, but still. You need to work on the sound volume.

Overall: 8/10
This flash was a great flash to watch and would get a lot of laughs from it's viewers. It wasn't all that perfect, but it was still enjoyable. If this was one of your very first flashes, then the issues that I have stated eariler are to be exected. I would love to see more Adventures of Punchman in the future.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really would like to see more of these!!!

It's awesome. Only thing that bothered me a little where the sounds.