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*Arrow Keys to move
*Space to shoot
*All other information under the 'Instructions'
Well, here it is, my first actual game.
Originally going to be a mix between "Javanoid" and "Space Invaders," I ended up with a simple Atari-like space shooter with 15 actual levels, a bonus stage, and a boss. I decided to keep the "Javaders" by naming one of the aliens the name 'Javas' and the others with variations on the name. Although with some inspiration from the old Atari and C64 games, any similarities between the 'Javaders' designs and 'Space Invaders" are simply coincidence.

Made in three plus days while studying for 2 exams and tweaking the hell out of it to get to do what I wanted. Still, there may be bugs and do tell me if you find any. If I get some decent opinions on it, I may make/expand a sequel. Remember, this is my first time making a full game with Games Factory 2 and I still have a long ways to go yet.

And yes, Cyberfire was the theme for another game, but I have never Enigmata. Originally found the song while looking up C64 tunes

So have fun folks. It shouldn't be too long or hard.


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I Love The Game, Just Needs Some Add-Ons...

I like the structure, it's classic. Pretty much the same exact game. What I think you should do is add difficulty options, because most of us would agree it's a little too easy. Other than that, it's very addictive and fun.

Good for first game, needs improvements

I want to start out by saying congratulations for finishing your first game! I enjoyed it for the most part, and think that you should keep at learning the program.

There were several parts of the game that I felt were lacking, though. For one, the player and enemy movement seemed a little too fast. I would have enjoyed it significantly more if it went at a more "arcadey" pace.

The enemy patterns were pretty predictable, too. There didn't seem to be a terrible amount of variety in the way the enemies moved, which removed some of the challenge. Part of the fun in most games is slowly weening the player into a new enemy type, and having the player learn the typical pattern, and how to get around it.

Level design is another biggy. I'd be fine if you just left the flat floor pattern the same, but perhaps scatter various obstacles or barricades around, decorate each level to give it its own unique flavor. Enemy arrangement alone does not a good level make.

My final gripe is with the final boss. The shooting pattern was completely erratic. There was no way to predict where she was going to shoot next, removing any sort of strategy element from it. I would have enjoyed it much more if the final boss were to have a consistent shooting pattern with a varied (but predictable) movement pattern.

Take a look into doing some of these things for future games of yours, and I assure you, you'll get tons of satisfied players.

LosaruTaiyo responds:

Thanks for the review and the critique. I'll definitely look into these in the future!

goood submition...!!

4 words: Excelent addicting classic game XD XD XD

not bad

is easy that is what makes this a bad game

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3.59 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2010
10:40 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed