Turbocar Racing

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the futuristic racing of the year 2028 the asociation races have change f1 to turbocars

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This is good.

I like it, it has a decent feel to it, and is quite able to be mastered. The soundtrack is alright. But, the sound effects, for the jets, sound like my old modem >:-(. I think the checkpoints are great, but perhaps they should appear before you miss them... I see no place specific "celebration". Most racing games will show that you had made first, second, or last place, etc. It would be nice, perhaps a plot too...
I may seem critical, but I really like this game. I would hope to see multiplayer options as well..

ummmm.....not that good....

really.... what the crap is this! way to many bugs!


There are a lot of bugs and the graphic is too upset. I don't like it at all.


This game did not interest me for more than three seconds. It lacks anything remotely progressive storywise and it just flatout isn't good. I'm almost positive that I've seen something exactly like this before as well.

Well-executed concept

Essentially, this game takes the asteroids mechanic and applies a race track to it. Instead of shooting rocks, you're trying to quickly navigate the course.

It reminds me heavily of games like Galaxy 5000 or Super Off Road, both NES classics. The controls are weird at times, and while I understand that the cars are supposed to be "hover-vehicles", the floaty way the cars just drift around the course make controlling them ungainly.

One bug I noticed was that if I went off-road and drove past the goal line, I couldn't just swing back and cross; I had to go all the way around the track again to complete the lap. I imagine this probably has something to do with preventing you from taking the short route in the off-road area and claiming incredible lap times, but it is problematic, especially considering how wonky the cars drive.

Lastly, both the graphics and text are -tiny- and with HD monitors rapidly becoming the standard, such miniscule characters strain the eyes and aren't really acceptable. Two solutions would be to use a larger stage to allow for larger graphics, or maybe grab vCam (google it) so you can zoom in on the action and follow the car around the track.

Not a bad idea, and while not very original, it is executed well.

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0.89 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2010
8:30 PM EST
Sports - Racing