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Martian Kamikazes!!

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I finally did it. I released something onto Newgrounds. Hopefully you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. :)

Fly infinitely through space while surviving the never-ending onslaught of Martian Kamikazes while dodging asteroids and blasting everything in sight.

-Infinite Space
-And much more...

Tips on How to be Successful:
-Fuel is scarce. Sit still until the enemies come at you, then escape through a hole.
-Don't fire nonstop, this hurts your score.
-Keep an eye out for fuel barrels when you destroy enemies, if you see one, pick it up quickly.
-Enemies come in waves that get increasingly larger, always be prepared.

Updates planned:
-More enemy types
-Asteroid multiplication
-Ship upgrades
-New Game Modes

Also available on Facebook.

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Well...nothing new. My suggestions are:
1) You could make an diagonal sprite for the ship...without it may be confusing!
2) Make more atracctive, maybe with upgrades.
3) Make it with more motives besides "Get High Score!"

mylesmar10 responds:

Thanks for your suggestions.

For number 1, I don't feel that a diagonal sprite is really necessary because of the rainbow trail coming off of the ship. The trail gives you a bearing on what direction you are going if you can't already tell.

For number 2, upgrades are definitely planned. I was thinking stuff like faster firing rate, spread shots, etc.

For number 3, the problem is that it's not supposed to be an RPG. Kamikazes was inspired by Geometry Wars. It's just meant to be a fun game you can play anytime you have a couple minutes to spare and you are just trying to beat the next guy's score.

Thanks for playing and reviewing :D

Nice game

Controls are funky and not like the usual Asteroid type space games. Still a nice little game. Neat.

mylesmar10 responds:

I wanted the game to play similar to Geometry Wars. I was going to make it where you fly with WASD and you shoot with the arrow keys, but keys aren't pressure sensitive so you would only have 8 possible shooting directions, whereas the mouse gives you 360 degrees of shooting.

I'm glad you liked it, hopefully you'll enjoy updates that I push to it.

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4.59 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2010
9:43 AM EST