Repercussions of Evil

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Many many months ago, I had sort-of stumbled upon an article on KnowYourMeme about some kid's fan-fic of Doom. A game that is one of the first games I ever played growing up, so I hold it close and dear to my heart...when the Literature Portal launches, I'll elaborate...but this kid, "Peter Chimaera's" little fan-fic was so laughably bad, it was awesome.

Perusing through some of the derivatives that came through his all-around malformed story, I thought I could have a spot of fun by recording my own dramatic reading of it. So, in a matter of hours, I had recorded lines in different voices, threw in some sound effects I had lying around, and even arranged a soundtrack off my library. The sound file complete, it laid dormant in my hard-drive until I found the time to get around to it for an unpredictable amount of time.

Fast forward to Fall Semester 2010 at Collin County Community College; I'm taking Advanced 2D Flash Animation, and the professor told us to pretty much go nuts. Do whatever, anything at all. Hogabeast and I were STILL working on our Starfox parody at the time, but it contained some...not so school friendly material. Though in hindsight, the professor probably wouldn't have cared, I decided to delay the Starfox thing for the umpteenth time (sorry Adam) and storyboarded the .wav of my dramatic reading to Doom:RoE.

So, in the span of the entire semester, plus a couple of days (I presented the final with lip-syncs unfinished, Lost Souls disappearing in transitions, and the ending chunk still in storyboard form, and the class still seemed to dig it) I made this little gem to both entertain a Newgrounds audience and whomever stumbled across the same KnowYourMeme article like I did.

I had a LOT of fun working on this. For the anal reviewers, keep in mind I did it with the spirit of creative license, but please share your thoughts in the review section completely and thoroughly...one or few word reviews are pointless unless it's conveying WHY you did or did not like it.

I hope you enjoy it! Now I'm off to keep pumping out some animation and art! I'm ambitiously hoping to have a significantly higher output for animations in 2011...but I said that last year too, huh? lol

The music is 99.9% Audio Portal (There's one swelling note from the original soundtrack left in there from when Stalvern's Dad informs him he will be KILL BY DEMONS) and I gotta say, there's some real talent out there. YOU DON'T NEED COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MUSIC, TANK PEOPLE. Seek & Deploy! :D



Fuck Those 12 Year Olds!

This was awesome! Don't listen to these morons. Even as a verbatim retelling of a horrible fan fiction that became a meme...this still managed to be epic. Thanks for your hard work!

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I dont like nothing this is the second thing most borring that i ahve seen =(

Almost perfect...

Only thing that I didnt like, was that you clearly showed that this is parody. Good that you didnt mess up with that too much, the voice acting and animation were really serious and dramatic, as it should be, but when you wrote that "palsma rifle :D" (among other things) It kind of kills the feeling. Im quite sure that this story became popular because it sounded so serious and dramatic, and believing that the artist wrote this with serious intentions is the sole essence of this piece of art! I would prefer to leave it to be as pure as possible, and not give in to temptation of making it funnier at the cost of its "essence" :P

Would be nice if some people accidentally would believe this to be drama, just to realize on the second time it to be parody... I can almost see what their faces look like when they make the discovery!

Overall the flash was very good and entertaining, and i especially liked the music and the still image at the end. Nothing to nag about there ^^

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Phobotech responds:

Right on, I get what you're saying. The tone was inconsistent.

I agree, despite the shitty, shitty story, it might have been more powerful if I, like the original author, tried to express it in a serious tone. As I was thinking up the visual gags, I was under the impression that there was no way anyone could take this story seriously, so I had fun shoving visual gags here, there, and everywhere. But I guess sometimes all the comedy you'll need is found in the ridiculousness of how absurd situations are being taken seriously, like in the movie Airplane or Dodgeball.

Very good point, and I thank you for the great review. Glad you enjoyed it!

. . .

... 'the hell?

Phobotech responds:

This is among the shittiest reviews I have ever read...and bravo for accomplishing that with such simplicity.

This ain't youtube, so I can't up vote your comment bro. This is a comment trying to pose as a review, and it's not helpful in the slightest.

Apparently you're confused, when everything I could've explained to you was either in the author's comments DIRECTLY ABOVE THE BUTTON YOU CLICKED TO REVIEW THIS, or more answers could be found in the link at the end. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo...speaking your mind apparently consisted of six dots and two words. And I'll forget about the apostrophe because that's not a suitable replacement for the word "what."

...Get it? Because it's supposed to be "what the hell"...I'm going to over-explain these things since you seem to have difficulties grasping easily accessible information. It's not like you're on the internet or anything.

It's CERTAINLY not like this is a review. Why'd you give it an 8? Fuck if I know. If the only thing I had to say was "...'the hell" I probably didn't like it. Yet you gave it a number that implies it was okay. I don't know what about this animation you thought was okay, because you didn't specify. For all I know, the 8 was because you felt obligated to vote high on anything even vaguely referencing "Doom" because "The Rock Dwayne Johnson is a great actor and that was the best video game movie ever made, it was just SO well doneBALLS BALLS AND BALLS!!!" ....Sorry, I convulsed into a fit of rage because even I can't lie about that...

I don't even know what I could've done to wrench a 10 outta your vague ass, because you didn't specify what deducted from the two points.

What I've been saying, and what I'm TRYING to say in this Star Destroyer of a response compared to your TIE-Fighter, is that in no way, shape, or form is this comment useful to me at all. I'm purposefully wasting my time ragging on you for the sole-purpose of NERD-RAGING you into typing better, more well thought out reviews for the next thing you decide could use your INSIGHTFUL PERSPECTIVE. Like the wonderful baby-sitter I am, I will THROTTLE YOU LIKE A MAGIC EIGHT BALL until I get what I want out of you.

...I hope you've learned something. Thanks for the review! :D

that was

Loved every moment so this is gettin saved!

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Phobotech responds:

SAVED! Oooh lawdy


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Dec 13, 2010
2:39 AM EST
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