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EDIT: THANK YOU for the reviews. Some more helpful than others, but they all are helping me ro make games just that much better. I want to hear what you have to say. You yell at me, I'll listen. C:

I hope you guys like this! It's my first flash submission! C:

Something I want to point out:
It says beta on the title screen. This IS a beta. Yes yes, it's a finished game, but I'm working on another game. This was a learning experience. Frustrating and fun, I loved it. I'm glad I'm finally done.

Time to make? <a week.

ALSO. If you see any bugs or whatnot, leave a review. If there's anything you don't understand... or if you just want help, leave a review. Oh, and if you just want to stroke my ego [I love it], leave a review. I'll do my best to say something on all of them... unless it leaves nothing to be said.

You now RESPAWN!! :O
level 4 is passable
music now loops continuously

THINGS that i'll be fixing:
on the 'long jump' level I'll make it a bit easier so you don't get pissed off like I am getting.


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Another review!!!

Oreanta's review is on like Donkey Kong (or it WOULD be if Nintendo hadn't coined the phrase...)

After reading many of your comments and admiring your frequent use of the "XD" and ":P" emoticons (as I, too, often to), I decided that I should write you an honest review. The game itself is much better than most of the rat crap people put on here. Sadly, that's not really saying too much! :O

The real challenge in this game comes mostly from terrible hit tests and a difficult-to-execute jump maneuvre (I was running and jumping at the same time on the "long jump" level and it never seemed to work). Also, every level should start off with the player on a solid platform (some of yours move right from the start!). Also, a player should stick to a moving platform and not have to move with it (this might involve some tricky actionscript, however).

On the bright side, I like the comments you have after each level (you should make them easier to read, though XD ). The scrolling background is nice, but sometimes very confusing and distracting :S. I'd really like to see you try and make your own graphics!

What I say to many game programmers is that you should find a genre that you feel you can build on and try something unique and fun within that. A uniqueness like that makes you much more distinguishable from other game developers who simply do what everyone else is doing because it is easier. I really hope you discover what you can do to improve your favorite genre... I'd like to see what you can do!

-Oreanta :)

Faceacerawr responds:

My best review to DATE! Thank. You. XD... Lol, thanks for complimenting my game [sorta].
Solid platforms for starting on? Yeah, you're absolutely right. I just had a bit of... let's say difficulty. Yes, difficulty working with the small space I had [which will be remedied with sidescrollerness in my next game that I have yet to work on... :c] I really wish I could fix the hitTests and junk. Needless to say I am a complete NOOB at flash game making. I probably should have made a shitty flash about some parody on Justin Bieber [that was my first idea... god, I hate that little kid]. You like my comments? I wrote them just for your amusement. :3 SWEARSIES ;] . Sticking to moving platforms? Actually, that doesn't sound as hard as you think to script... but I'll definitely run into errors being the forgetful actionscript noob that I dislike being... teehee.
I should find a Genre, eh? Honestly, I have no clue. I'm really into [I LOVVVVE] platformers so I'm hoping to get better at making them. If you have any tips I would LOVE to hear them. That's the lifeblood of my games. Without useful reviews like this I tend to make the hardest [and probably most badly scripted games] ever. For instance, those gems. Fail. No idea how to actionscript them anymore than going into that lovely made box.
Oh oh, yes, PM me some tips. I would love to keep making platformers and make it my niche!
And thank you, OH THANK YOU, for making a useful review. I can see you actually played the game and noticed some things I failed on. I love you for that. <3

verry glitchy

i think you should redo this game and remove some things because i was suck on level three and when i jumped i fell through all the blocks

Faceacerawr responds:

Yeah, actually I AM redoing this game. XD! Well, the only thing I can do is give you advice. Jump to the middle of blocks, there tends to be an error when you try to hit the edge [ie: you slide off]. And if you slide off into the side of another block you fall through. If you want to send me a PM so I can try to recreate your error, I'd love to try and fix it if it isn't the above one I described.

Your gems need polishing

It'll be best if you used sprites and and images that you own coz Newgrounds is already discouraging the use of these materials without having a license.

In the first level you could lower the bricks at the top coz its hard to maneuver a character when you can't see where he's going (or is part of the challenge?). Why is it that when you try to get a gem you fall right through? Maybe it's a glitch. I couldn't progress through the second level coz the bricks at the middle were placed too far from the left side and the brick going to the gem. I'd say it's needlessly difficult.

Faceacerawr responds:

Yeah, that's the second level you're talking about, the crappy tutorial/ level is the first. :p And yeah, i did that on purpose. The gem on that level is placed on disappearing bricks on purpose. None others in the game are like that. Don't worry about the gems if you can't get them, it's just for show in this game... an extra challenge.

And yes, you're completely right about the sprites and images. I actually plan on making EVERYTHING in the actual/second version of this game. As I said... this is a beta/learning experience.

Dont ever punish the player for playing

Killing a player for collect a jem is like me beating you for eating because you're hungry.....it makes no sence. Don't needlessly punish players because it makes the game "difficult", it really just makes it annoying.

Faceacerawr responds:

Well, yeah. I never got around to a gem-saving feature or a score for it. They are strictly for entertainment value and test of skill. I'm sorry. :c
And yeah, I'm not sure if you're referring to level 2, but I'm sorry you hate it. :[

never died on...

the second level. I fell off and it just stays at the screen, nothing happens.

Faceacerawr responds:

Sorry about that! I fixed that respawn bug before it even got too far in judgement. Try again? :D

Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2010
12:49 AM EST