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Flight of the Snowman

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Author Comments

A holiday special of sorts, this is dedicated to Reina and Eli.

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Quite surprising..

That boy... created a monster!!

That was really surprising. I'd never expect for a snowman to destroy a city. Poor cops!

I liked the animation's plot, but still... I think you should improve your skills in the animation itself. Or at least, try to make some different movements, it would let the animation "smoothier", I think... And then, even better!

By the way, everything was incredible! Nice job!

AWESOME ARTSTYLE ; lame animation ; typical story

I gotta say, the artstyle u did here rlly lovely & unique, especially how u simplify the boy, so good job on that!

But the bad news is, the animation is abit dull, maybe u did not add much detail in some part of the character. next is the sound, an ambient sound could fill up the empty-ness of this short. but the worse part to me is the story, kinda typical something goes wrong but u added more crazy idea which is the town explode which to me abit too much...

Well, good job on this one, hope my review gives u some hint to improve on ur next work, sry if its being too negative of something... keep doing more animation!

Oponok responds:

I'm not typically a fan of the WTF or LOL, abruptly violent flashes, myself. They're never really all that shocking, and neither was this one I actually made. It was more of a Holiday card, "made to order." I suppose I could have spent just a bit more time on the animation itself, but I was aiming for the look of nostalgic Christmas cartoons, and that old children's book, "The Snowman."

Critiques aren't minded at all. Thanks for watching!

Didn't see that coming

This should have been called "Winter Armageddon" XD Movement needs more work. The characters look stiff, like robots. But I can see that there's effort here and the art style is unique. Keep up the good work, and happy holidays too!

Huh. Beautiful and Hilarious.

Very funny. The reactions, and everything else, is just perfect. Pity it's so short, but hey, at least it works as a one-off joke. Loved it.

Made me smile

The joke seems good enough. The artwork and animation was good. There was obvious effort put into it, and it payed off magnificently.