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Sandbags Revenge Unfinish

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It still needs some more music and sound effects.


say waaaaah what you talkin bout willis

wow this is one the worst peices of shit ive ever seen ever, ever

FatDragon responds:

I love you.

ITs quite good

I liked it... but really it has to be much faster...as for the bat at the start.. that was too slow...and mario too slow too...If and when you make this finished version all you really gotta do is make it play a little faster than it did :D
also the part with no Sound Fx or music creeped me out a bit then i got a frieght when u put in random lighting sounds for mario.. well cya :D

Needs work...

You're characters look way too 2-D ish, you're got to learn how to colour the edges and draw the characters in a way that makes them look like 3D chars. Pls, I was hoping for a more 'Brawl' type of battle, with the percentage's and stuff, the story is great, but you need to work on your animation and battle scenes. Give the sandbag his own special moves too.

COWBOY BEEBOP?! good choice!

Seriously you really aughta finish this. its really good. you should also do all the characters in brawl. just sayin >.>

but as for criticism, the bat needs to move faster and harder to make it look like its actually hitting the bag instead of just tapping it lightly. also the chick bags words were really hard to see so it be better if you made her words like marios with only the outline of color. or you could just voice over them but i wouldnt suggest that unless you got some really good voice actors

still love this thing though


I think it's good the way it is.

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1.82 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2010
11:12 AM EST
Comedy - Parody