Balloon Popping Game

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OK, this is my third submission to NG and none of the first two has been accepted, so please don't take this off


Not impressive.

I'm sorry, man, but this just isn't an impressive game. I don't mind that there's only one level. I don't mind the simple premise - in fact, I tend to prefer simplicity when it's done well. The problem here is that it's not. And here's why:

It's only ten seconds long.

Now, I know that the other reviews (glanced through them) mention it, and that they bring up the same points that I have. But here's a couple of suggestions on what you can do:

- Extend the time of the level past ten seconds, you know, give us more balloons to shoot, or just get rid of the timer all together with a set number of balloons.
- Stagger the balloons. Have only a couple on the screen at a time.
- Maybe have something that you're not supposed to shoot. It would increase the difficulty.

Like I said, those are just a couple of things that, if you added them, would make the game tons better. I don't care about the graphics or anything (really, I can't do any better), it's just the mechanics, man.

I wish I could rate this higher, there's a lot of potential, but it just didn't come together.

itsmemario1234 responds:

hmmm, what I could do, it would be like, sliding images, like, for example, I put a balloon, but then I put a kid, and if you click the balloon you get points, but if you click the kid you lose points? probably i'll remaster the game and repost it, OK?

iys ok

the one thing i didn't like about this was that it was hard to click all off the ballons it was frustrating me

itsmemario1234 responds:

that's the point, to keep trying

Mindless clicking

Where simplicity helps some games, it defeats others. As the father of a two-year-old son, most of the video games I play with him involve mindlessly mashing buttons and having the game tell you "good job!" They aren't really games per se, but if you added a score to them you would have this game.

This barely qualifies as a game because it has a score counter. The game itself, however, needs a lot of work. The activity being scored is not fun to do and is not challenging either. At first I tried clicking all the higher-scoring objects first but quickly realized I'd score more points if I just blindly clicked everything on the screen. There's almost no coordination involved at all, it's just a button-masher.

Bear in mind that this only makes it a terrible game for the average gamer. It might be a lot of fun for a little kid, whose hand-eye coordination isn't quite up to speed yet.

Basically you just need to ask yourself if -you- have fun playing this, before you assume anybody else will.

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itsmemario1234 responds:

I would like to see one of your games

to ez

its ez add lvl and more balloon max 153 points
if you add lvl,waponand cash tats can be a very good game

The game is too....bare?

It is a nice try,and it is slightly entertaining.
I mean,you got the basics done -
the graphic aren't very good,but they are decent enough that people wouldn't care.
It runs smoothly,and it is playable too.
You know,adding a few levels or whatnot,
or extending the game time and you will have a nice game there.
A 10 sec game isn't very entertaining........
The Balloon popping is fun,but if we can only repeat the same stage
over and over,then it isn't : P

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1.53 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2010
1:00 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional