Pokemon Tales x3

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Looking for glory, saving a friend and lending a helping hand. Three different stories placed in a pokemon world.

My second submission to NG I'm still using just a glitchy mouse. Three animations three different experiments: lines, no lines, and no lins and PS backgrounds.

If there are glitch buttons let me know.

So daily 5th, my first award, It does feel good.

To answer some complains:
1. Combusken is also fire, can learn night slash and in case you didn't know the anime has an episode in which a blaziken and a sceptile fight in a battle that lasts a lot longer than it should.

2. Monferno can learn fire kick through breeding.

3.I don't think razor wind is a absol's original move but I do regret not using it. Maybe next time

4. I used ALL the moves they CAN learn and DIDN'T limit myself with 4 moves each.

5. Credit for creating pokemon goes to Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo



Frankly, I thought this animation would be another piece of garbage to blam. You have proved me wrong. I liked the way the animation was done even if the colors you used were a little flat, perhaps use more colors & detail. Some parts of the animation seemed a little cliché such as the running scene at the beginning or the grabbing of the feather at the end. Over all I liked this very much & I hope you make more.

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DILfreak76 responds:

Your right about the colors, my art is also something I have to improve.


I'm giving you an eight because of the obvious effort you put into this especially with a mouse...but..
1. Combusken could never defeat Dusknoir or Ho-oh at least not until evolving into Blaziken...and it doesn't learn blaze kick until then either.
2. Most of Azel's(I think that how you spell it...) moves are not ghost types like shadow claw.
3. You didn't give credit to the actual people who made Pokemon.
Other than the slight bit of plagiarism and lack of information this was a good animation I hope to see more from you in the future.

Watched all 3 animations!

Thought it was pretty neat.


if this is even second animation you have ever done then i think you are doing great , overall it was good but - you should have do only one story and focus on it .And by glitchy mouse you mean you draw it with mouse ? pretty good :)

DILfreak76 responds:

That's right, I don't own a tablet so everything here was made with mouse.
And about the stories, I thought they where pretty short so I decided to put them together. Maybe next time they'll be longer.

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3.70 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2010
7:39 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place December 11, 2010