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Pokemon Tales x3

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Looking for glory, saving a friend and lending a helping hand. Three different stories placed in a pokemon world.

My second submission to NG I'm still using just a glitchy mouse. Three animations three different experiments: lines, no lines, and no lins and PS backgrounds.

If there are glitch buttons let me know.

So daily 5th, my first award, It does feel good.

To answer some complains:
1. Combusken is also fire, can learn night slash and in case you didn't know the anime has an episode in which a blaziken and a sceptile fight in a battle that lasts a lot longer than it should.

2. Monferno can learn fire kick through breeding.

3.I don't think razor wind is a absol's original move but I do regret not using it. Maybe next time

4. I used ALL the moves they CAN learn and DIDN'T limit myself with 4 moves each.

5. Credit for creating pokemon goes to Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo

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Pretty good animation. That bandage is going to give her an infection, though. O.o


First flash, with Combusken was cool. Good action and a nice flow too it. The story was basic, but nevermind that.
Second flash.. Soo that ice pokémon and Monferno(?).. where friends as kid.. but now they fight.. and then their are friends again? Not sure what is going on there.
Third flash, Really good fighting in this one, nice story and the end make's me want more.


good animation but i want more of this
keep it up!

Let see...

art,drawing,graphics,flash + 4 (especially with a mouse)
3 Stories +1
music +2
they are my fav pokemons +1

i will be delighted if you make combusken a blaziken and froslass story is kinda crappy. I can't get the story..

Oh and +1 for improvement. i liked this better than your 1st one

rated it 4. keep it up

to the two below me

1.picachu couln't learn iron tail but then it did when they made a the steel type so shut up
2.combusken knows fire moves as well as fighting so i could beat Dusknoir
3.your forgeting that you can teach pokemon moves