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UFO adventures

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Fun and exciting game about a small UFO and it's adventures on different planets. You control the UFO using arrow keys, and you goal is slowly land on the platform and hurt nothing

Have fun !

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Ahh... finally have the time to review it.

It's not too bad of a concept for a game. Simple and not quite original, but it works well enough for a casual game to burn a few minutes on. There are a couple of issues that should be addressed, though.

First, the difficulty is far too high for the wrong reasons. The controls are slow by design, so incorporating sections with quick, random movement makes the game rely far too much on luck (Levels 9 & 10 suffer greatly due to this). In fact, I nearly gave up completely on level 9 simply because the pattern was completely random (either that, or the pattern was out of sync, which is just as difficult to discern when the level doesn't have any consistency), and the game simply isn't designed for that type of level. Either give the moving circle a consistent pattern or make it move slower so the player has some time to react. The final level (with the moving platform) can be considered either the easiest or most difficult level in the game, depending on where the platform goes. Theoretically, you could just stay in the same spot for roughly three minutes and beat the level every time, but then it's a chore rather than a fun experience. Take out the random platform and that level would be functional (the chains actually were pretty neat because they were random).

The carryover health is a neat feature, but forcing that sort of game upon the players is cruel, especially since the players do not have an option when it comes to the save feature. Essentially, if the player makes the mistake of rushing through the earlier levels there is no way to recover their work except by restarting the entire game. I like the idea of carryover health, but either give the players more control when it comes to saving (so they can backtrack a little easier, if need be) or allow them the option to run through the game while starting with full every time ('easy' mode, or something). Otherwise people will not be patient enough to experience the game (that's actually why it took me so long to write a proper review).

Gotta say, awesome music choice ;)

The graphics get the job done well enough, but they are a bit... oldschool flash with the glaring gradients. A pixel style (lo or hi-def would work equally well), or perhaps a more filled out vector style would've worked wonders for this game, if possible. Some of the effects are neat (like the shading of the foreground of the 'game over' screen - nice touch), but overall it seems a touch rushed, graphically.

Overall, it's alright, but it needs some fixes to be more accessible to the casual audience. Good luck with any future endeavors.