Blob Eat Blob

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Eat smaller blobs to grow...

Avoid Bigger Blobs eating you!

How long can you survive?

Can YOU collect all the in game medals?

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I died too many times from not being touched

Funny game but the control are way too sensitive and sometime you just die without being touched (i was far from the side) And it hapened two time to me but still a good little game.

Cute so far! Here's what I'd add...

Maybe squish them down and out, then back in and up while they move.
Uhh, you know... Like dispersing their mass and then pulling or whatever.

Squishy sounds to go with the animation of course!

Multiple Backgrounds:
I'd like to see levels, personally.
You could start in a small environment (like a garden) and each time you
reach the largest practical mass, you'd advance to the next level and appear
smaller again, but still just as big in comparison to your new surroundings,
like someone's back yard for example.
This gives the illusion of growing ever larger until you reach your final goal.
Galactic assimilation anyone?

Has promise

Like previously said, plenty of games like this on the site but the cutesy blobs are adorable. throw in some other adorable faces for the various signs, perhaps another song or two, and as said previously, some back ground and you got a nice charming game.

I like to think of this as your prototype. I'm expecting you to come up with a real winner next installment!

not bad

apart from the fact that there is alot of these games out there, the main thing i see is try and adding a background. the movement is fine the music seems to fit. i made it to 2055 and the blob didn't seem to be growing so its just a survival game which is fine. i like the medals section something to shoot for in the endless rampage of other blobs. over all not bad.

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3.07 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2010
9:07 AM EST
Skill - Avoid