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Mario vs Luigi Part 2

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I finally finished part 2 of the awesome kickass battle between the Mario BROS, with some modifications and improvements of course.
The resources (sprite sheets, soundtracks etc.) are already mentioned in the credits, so it wouldn`t be necessarily to ask for them.
At the near end, I skipped the movements during the battle because I wouldn`t want to waste their kickass movements in a single project. (I`m saving it for the series).
Also, you MUST give credit to NemesisTheory for his awesome soundtracks!
Comment, rate, and enjoy!
Thanks for watching!


AWESOME but luigi is better

It was again short, but not bad.

Great job

the original forms for Mario and Luigi are a great addition i have to give you credit for that. Even though its a test it still was great, it also reminds me of super mario bros z.

Exorz responds:

Figures. I know it`s SMBZish. And yes, i`ve always been good at making stuff up like good transfomations, although Thunder Luigi is ALREADY been thought by someone else, and yea, pretty much everyone judges stuff with DBZ soundeffects as SMBZ stuff.

Cool but,

it was kinda short and I know it's your flash but Mario characters can't teleport. Just saying. Oh and Jaden964, you have to copy and paste a sprite sheet from the internet onto Microsoft Paint and then make a square around the sprite you want, then click copy and paste it onto another Microsoft Paint window. And for the backgrounds, just do the same and search the internet. If you have any trouble, PM me, ok? Anyways, nice form name: "Thunder smith Mario". It looked like Super Mario but that's fan made kinda like this form. And also Lightning Luigi looked like Ice Luigi but whatever. Cool, but short, and try to use the same sprites through the flash unless you have a reason for them to change. Nevermind, though. It was still cool.

Exorz responds:

I know. This was a project for to train my skills. And i made it long ago.
Thanks for reviewing.


I know this is a dumb question, but how do you cut out the sprites out of the sprite sheet the exact size? Plus, where do I get the forest backgrounds. And, do you cut out all the sprites by cropping them all, or do you use a different strategy? Please reply. Thanks!

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Exorz responds:

I just replied.

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1.25 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2010
3:45 AM EST