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L4D: A matter of time

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Author Comments

Basically, this is L4D hits where I live,
so it's me and my friends as survivors
(and some as infected)

This was my final for my animation class,
obviously it is based off of L4D as well as
other zombie games (AKA dead rising)
it didn't come out as long as I wanted,
it didn't come out as good as I wanted.
But still, it's okay I suppose..

Originally the ending was going to be different,
and the song would continue,
but honestly, Im tired of this,
I spent 2 weeks, countless hours,
like, I pulled 2 all nighters to these past
two days get this done in time for class

(All the Special infected minus the tank are in this flash in some way
shape or form, SEE IF YOU CAN FIND EM ALL, hint: The jockey is just mentioned)



but guns looks dul
and basicly the brown dude does everything
considerd that has been done for 2 weeks i am impressed
good job

Amazing... Just Amazing!

I LOVE this! You got to keep up the good work! ^3^

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reminds me when i play L4D with my frend and i always mele the zombies ^3^

Nice one

Nice Animation.... Altought you cant punch a hunter, he'll bite your hand off!

What i would do in a Zombie Infection:
Beeing a Nomad: The Zombies Chase you, once they know where you are and you stay, your SCREWED
Using a SMG: Shotguns may be stronger, but they are heavier and MUCH slower to reload... so i do NOT recommend them, and a few shots from a Silenced SMG is enough to take down a zombie
Use Swords as Melee Weapon: They may be heavier bit 1 Slice is enough, a Crowbar (In example) Takes more that just 1 Hit to take down a Zombie but... If you want to make a 1 Hit Kill you need to be VERY strong AND the Hit will take its Time...
Wearing a Kevlar and Leather Clothes: Both are stronger than other clothes and they warm
Wearing a Parfum (Wtf?): This World already smells wierd so if you take Parfum,
the Zombies take even longer to recognize that your a Human if they dont see you (Zombies see also with their Nose... they smell you)
Hide in Mountains (if your Country has): Zombies dont go up there because its so cold and the air is so fresh they cant smell you.

Do not go to Dark places
Do not go out at night
Do not shout
Do not feed the Zombies (Obvious, its your own Meat)
Do not seperate yourself from your gun
Do not go to Swamps
Do not stay at home and wait for further Instructions
Do not take a boat and hide in the sea (A zombie might be on the Boat, your food runs out, yiu cant control a boat)
Do not visit Warehouses
And do DEFINETLY NOT Struggle with a Zombie without Weapons (That means dont struggle with your fists)
Do not try to get something back you lost (In example: A Photo of your family or a map fell down a cliff and you want to walk down the cliff and get it back!)
Its gone, get over it


Kill all zombies
Search for other Survivors
Take a Bike (if your alone) Or a car
Do wear whatever you wont (Kevlar and Leather clothes are betterr, i meant the colors)
Camo wont help you
Be peacefull to other People, if you dont trust em and say theyre Bad and want to rob you, they'll do
And do.... SURVIVE

Im not sure if all what i said was right (or well i am mbut maybe your not)
This is my way of thinking, dont complain about it. If you dont accept Live your own way, or die your own way.

Hope it'll help


This was actually very good. Keep going with the good flashes man

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Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2010
7:43 PM EST