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Turkey Day Follies

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It's Thanksgiving and the turkey tries to outdo the Chef, can the two come to a mutual agreement?


Hey everyone, this is my (late) Thanksgiving submission. I worked on this for about a week but didn't get around until now because I was on holiday in Spain. Needless to say I received an A+ on this for my web-media class. Anyways, enjoy.


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It was alright, nothing amazing.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The graphics were pretty good. I liked the style and I don't think there is much to improve here in this submission. It kind of has a style that a younger audience would enjoy.

~ Story/Content ~

The chef and a turkey... it was kind of like Tom and Jerry. I'm going back with the whole younger viewer thing because I think the humor was better fit for a child. Not saying that it wasn't amusing, but it really didn't get anything more than a smile from me. I can see that it was for a class so you probably can't get any more "adult" like humor in there anyway.

~ Audio ~

The sound effects were pretty fitting. I'm pretty sure I've heard several of those before. Were any of them original by you? If so I'm probably just thinking of some similar cartoon like sounds that I've heard before.

~ Overall ~

A cute little flash. I think it's better fitting for a younger audience, but it's still an enjoyable short. Keep up the good work and good luck in your web-media class.

~ Review Request Club ~

Nice one!

I liked this flash dude, it was a pretty funny cartoon, it's not violent, neither dirty, it's a simply, yet funny little animation. I liekd the concept, a thanksgiving flash, the sounds were pretty cool and the graphics were fine too.

I liked the creativity you had here, a chef going to kill a turkey to cook it for Thanksgiving Day, then, the turkey gets desperated and they start to show each other their even better defence infrument. It was a pretty funny cartoon, and a great concept.

I think that a crucial thing was missing, a little background song, I think a piano song would fit in, it'd give the flash something else.

I liked it, anyway, it was a pretty cool and funny flash... Keep it up dude! I expect to see more things from you!! :)

-Member of the Review Request Club-


Very funny.

Sound effects really went a long way in this Flash. It's refreshing to see a meaningful (if short and playful) cartoon conveyed without much speech other than "Oh no!"

The art looked really spectacular. The bright colors were very clean, and they helped establish that playful mood. Put this in black and white with sharper lines, and it becomes a drama. Funny how things work like that.

Throughout the movie, I enjoyed the buildup. The climax was hilarious in my opinion, though I won't ruin it for others. There's not much I can say to add to this other than some music, but it really works even without it.

Review Request Club

Good chuckle

Rather short but still funny to be honest. The background was nicely animated at the start and the background at the end was more simplistic though. So I am going to assume they were eating inside the cook's house I take it. That and who knew that the turkey would be able to hold such heavy weapons. Why were they trying to one up each other anyways? Oh well.

I guess they agree on one thing in the end. If you can't get rid of each other then just eat burgers from a freshly killed cow right? The cow comes back and still doesn't appear to be happy. This is a funny little piece.

Overall, this is a good Thanksgiving piece although it is a bit late for Thanksgiving. Very nice job anyways.

Review Request Club


Hi Rob,

The graphics were ok. I'd give them a 3/5. Alot of the time, the characters were frozen still and that made the flash a little less interesting. The art actually looks like it's from a children's story book. In fact, I was reminiscing about a memory from my childhood for a second (2nd grade, Autumn, reading under the trees *sigh*. Definitely use more animation and increase frame rate.

The Turkey isn't reacting to the weapons that the chef pulls out. You should include reactions. The turkey changes sizes before it leaves to grab a weapon the first time. I think you should leave the turkey the same size. It could make the turkey more "cute" and therefore more appealing to the viewer(maybe the viewer will be relieved to see that the turkey doesn't get eaten. Of course, I don't mean the viewer will sigh in relief but every little detail affects how the viewer perceives your flash).

The sounds you used for sound effects reminded me of the point and click adventure games that I used to play in elementary school. The sound quality of the samples themselves were less than great. You could have improved the flash by a large degree by simply using better sound effects(or rather higher quality). The turkey always laughs the same way. Change that up. Also, I especially didn't like the sound effect you used when the chef and the turkey were eating. Who breathes out that hard when they eat?

Music! You're missing music! Good music is one of the cornerstones of making a great flash! You should choose a song or loop from the audio portal and incorporate it into your flash. Trust me, you'd be doing yourself a ton of good.

It was a nice idea for a small flash. I'm glad you got an A+ but since this is Newgrounds and there's no pressure for you to pass, we can judge you more harshly. If you had included a song or a loop, I'd have given you a better score.



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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2010
7:18 PM EST