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A short Madness Short #2

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THis is my second short for my tributes for krinkels. I gotta get cracking on madness Mythical.

Anyway, This short Is Complete. And any spelling errors in here are Deliberate. Enjoi.

UPDATE: Thanks for keeping this at a steady halfway mark. And remember to blam the preview.

UPDATE 2: Anyone experiencing some technical difficulties on the loading screen, like slow loading, or something like that, I cannot help you out. Most of the things on here end up as final. I might post remakes without replacing the original, though. And if anyone didn't like this, GET OVER IT!

UPDATE 3: This will be the last update for this short. Please check my NG page for info. If you post any hateful comments, please give info why. If not, It will be deleted and you will be banned off my account. If you like it, give me an idea and I just might put it into practice.

Beginning theme: Jackass themesong Second theme: Do I have to say it? Its vomit

UPDATE 4: I know that I said that 3 would be the last update but this is important. Please go to zarfot.newgrounds.com and see how crappy his reviews are: 99.65% are deemed useless.

UPDATE 5: Who the fuck was giving 5 stars on the Madness Mythical Preview when I wanted it blammed manually?! Seriously, when I want it blammed, I want it Blammed like dissing Zarfot. Just press the living hell out of the 0 button untill it is gone... so get blamming!

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you want a zero here you go! btw great animation make them move around more when fighting and BAM you got a quality madness animation :) btw i suck at this its just a suggestion.

OKAY fine, i pressed 0.. but only cause you...

told me too... i didnt think it was all tha terrible for just starting out, they're just a bit... well.. the bodies dont move much and neither do the heads. when your animating, try and think about a real persons movements, then do the scene. Hell, if you have too, get up and reinact the movement in a mirror, trust me, it helps. overall deserved at least a 4, for effort, 2 for quality, but put 0 in because you told us too :P have fun animating :3

~John "sleknirK" Mason


It was waaaay too fast, i couldn't read a thing.

Btw, dont use madness songs that have already been used.

FallowerOfHank responds:

Still... Could be worse...

But meet fabc... Overused MC9 Aggregation COUNTLESS TIMES!

Speaking of Jackass..

R.I.P Ryan Dunn :(................

FallowerOfHank responds:

Random Hero will be missed.


good work

FallowerOfHank responds:

Thanks... better to come... and THIS time, there wont be a deuce...

At least... not from me.