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Jerks of Cerberus

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Author Comments

What started as random written skits over Skype with my girlfriend following my impression of Hojo singing Poor Unfortunate Souls has become a work in progress for almost two years which I'm happy to announce is finally completed in full.

Jerks of Cerberus is a one-off special written in the style of OrgLIX but not involving most of the group, only myself and my awesome girlfriend Katie who co-wrote and voice acted all the female roles based unsurprisingly on the Final Fantasy 7 spin-off Dirge of Cerberus.
If this doesn't ring any bells I suggest you go look for cutscenes from the game as about half the jokes are references to the game albeit slightly more twisted.

If you enjoy this please comment, score and/or vote as it'd certainly feel like an acknowledgement for all the hard work that went into this to win any kind of virtual award.

Stay tuned as I do have another OrgLIX episode in production as well as another short any Square Enix fan is sure to enjoy.

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Nice DoC flash

The jokes were OrgLix material, especially the ones towards Hojo and about that angry guy Azure was in a gay pose with Lexeaus. To answer your question, ACI, NO ONE played FF7 w/o having Cloud, Tifa and Aries( those two chicks were that hot and Cloud was the main hero in the game- Yuffie was still considered jail bait back then). That doctor/patient/nurse reference sounds a lot like the one mentioned in that answering machine drama. I am definitely considering playing Dirge of Cerberus once im done with FF7. Great flash and you seem to have what it takes to be a OrgLix member.

Tetsubo responds:

Apologies for the late response, when I said "in the style of OrgLIX" I didn't mean to imply this wasn't an OrgLIX pieceor a tribute, I am an official OrgLIX member and voice Luxord and Lexeaus as well as Lazard, Hollander and Pete and my girlfriend successfully auditioned to be Maleficent, Yuffie and an OrgLIX character yet to be released, I only meant that this was written and voiced by us independantly (therefore replacing Hojo's usual voice actor with my version) in a way that other OrgLIX scripts are done.

Regardless of the misunderstanding I thank you for your comments, it means a lot that this came off just as well as an official OrgLIX script.

Definitely Jerks!

Honestly, who didn't have Cloud, Tifa and Aeris as their primary team? No wonder the primary AVALANCHE team wasn't available!
A good paradoy. Animation and drawing could have been better, given present standards.
Voices were good.


Simple, clean, believable. Good voice acting too.
Would love to see more, but then with characters you designed.

Credits & Info

4.77 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2010
5:48 AM EST