Cat Astro Phi

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Hello Joshua 5 Points

Hack any planets first lazer wall without failing

M41-A 5 Points

Kill all bots on any level

Atari wouldn't like it 10 Points

Destroy 30 asteroids during the story sequences

Autopilot to LV-426 10 Points

Complete Planet 1

Express elevator to hell 10 Points

Complete Planet 2

Farewell Sulaco 10 Points

Complete Planet 3

Eric and the Floaters 25 Points

Destroy 20 bots using only bombs

I'll go out there 25 Points

Bomb your way to the secret area on Planet 2

Faster than a UD4L Cheyenne 50 Points

Complete the game in under 20 mins in one sitting

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

v1.3 = Updated December 24th 2010 (see bottom)

Created in the style of a Gameboy Classic title, this is a space-action pixel-art adventure!

There is much planet exploring, bot shooting, bomb exploding, lazer wall hacking, sentry gun evading, cat finding fun to be had :)

We like to think of Cat Astro Phi as a mini-Zelda in space. Obviously we'll never be as good as Zelda, but you've got to have something to aim for, right?

The fantastic soundtrack was created by Rich Vreeland of disasterpeace.com - hit the Extras option in the menu for more details. The pixel magic was spun by Ilija Melentijevic. Yes he used only 4 colours for the whole game, and a resolution of 160x144 (just like a real Gameboy). There are more details to be found in the End Credits scroller, if you manage to complete the game ;)

Oh and please - don't be fooled into thinking this is just some lame Asteroids shmup. If that's all you think, you didn't play it far enough :)

Many thanks to Adam Atomic for his support, Tom Fulp for believing in us and sponsoring, and you guys for playing!

Good luck Space Cadet :)

v1.3 Update

This addresses a few bugs people have found:

1) You can't die if the lazer wall override panel is open
2) Pausing while hacking the lazer wall used to lock the game, now fixed
3) Removed console key
4) You no longer need to save bots from Sentry Gun fire to get the Pacifist medal
5) You can't blow up space on level 3 (sorry :)
6) You can't fire / move while the space ship is taking off
7) If you paused while the pause overlay was tweening out, it got stuck
8) Fixed small bug in the M41-A medal where it wouldn't reset bot killed counter between planets properly
9) Version number is now displayed on Credits screen in the text at the bottom

Note: I've re-submitted the SWF to NG, but because this is a featured game it may take a while for them to approve it. Basically if it says v1.3 in the Credits screen (it pops-up at the bottom) then cool. Otherwise, try again another day please!


Good idea

But I cant play past level one due to massive controller lag, the controls take effect about 5 seconds after i push the button, giving me no reaction time. So i play a lot of "good games of golf"

Gamebo Fan Approved!

I have been playing Gameboy games for years and I still have my Gameboy original with an original copies of Tetris and LoZ; Links Awakening. So when I say this does classic Gameboy games justice you can be sure I know what I'm talking about.

I found this game quite easy but still very enjoyable and its light-hearted, humourous style was nicely pulled off.

Gameplay, soundtrack and graphics all good. Overall a good game; So that 10/10 from me.

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1 major complaint...

When you have to input the code(s) to deactivate the "Lazer Wall" you only get half the amount of time you need. That unnecessary time restraint made me discontinue playing;I am not the fastest typist and that part really started to piss me off. As of now you get 3/5 and 6/10. Fix that issue and perhaps add another weapon or two and I would happily give you a greater score.


its a awesome history, and is awesome how to play, the bot, CREATIVE MEDALS... its great and awesome! its impossible say the sensation (AGAIN >:()(sorry, its because i say this in a looong time...)!! its absolutly AWESOME! its that because i do 10/10! MY NAME IS BLOCKLIR!

Fantastic Artistry, Not-So-Fantastic Game

Technically, this game is amazing. You couldn't have done a better job making a tribute to "Gameboy" than you did in this flash. Great graphics, both the in-game and the frame around the game. Fantastic attention to detail, with the battery indicator and the on-off button for instance. The sound, game effects and music, were all first rate. Based on the artistic achievement alone, this would be a prime example of a flash that deserves at "10".

But this is a game at its core, and that's where this flash loses a few points. There are elements of the game that do not make sense. For instance, making the asteroid field playable, when it's nothing more than a cut scene to the next level, was annoying the second time around. It should just be a cut screen so you can get on to the next maze. And the mazes were the other main criticism I have with the game. There really isn't much variety to them. The third maze didn't seem any different to me than the first maze. And since enemies don't respawn unless you die, I found myself in one situation where I had to stop and figure out how to kill myself. When you have to do that within a game, it's not a good thing.

By the time I got to the third level, I found myself bored because there wasn't anything new. I felt like I was still on the first level and it was just arranged differently. This is fine for a game like Ms. Pac Man, where the object is to best your high score. But for a game like this, where the object is to complete it, the game feels more like a chore than a fun pastime.

I wavered between a 7 and 8. I decided to go with a 7 because I had the same issues with the controls being a little bit iffy that some other reviewers had, so I know it wasn't just my hands being tired after working with a chainsaw for 7 hours. The effort you put in was outstanding. Should you do another flash game like this, put a bit more into making the game a challenge for the player; change it up enough to make the player want to finish it.

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Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2010
1:22 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional