Cat Astro Phi

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Hello Joshua 5 Points

Hack any planets first lazer wall without failing

M41-A 5 Points

Kill all bots on any level

Atari wouldn't like it 10 Points

Destroy 30 asteroids during the story sequences

Autopilot to LV-426 10 Points

Complete Planet 1

Express elevator to hell 10 Points

Complete Planet 2

Farewell Sulaco 10 Points

Complete Planet 3

Eric and the Floaters 25 Points

Destroy 20 bots using only bombs

I'll go out there 25 Points

Bomb your way to the secret area on Planet 2

Faster than a UD4L Cheyenne 50 Points

Complete the game in under 20 mins in one sitting

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

v1.3 = Updated December 24th 2010 (see bottom)

Created in the style of a Gameboy Classic title, this is a space-action pixel-art adventure!

There is much planet exploring, bot shooting, bomb exploding, lazer wall hacking, sentry gun evading, cat finding fun to be had :)

We like to think of Cat Astro Phi as a mini-Zelda in space. Obviously we'll never be as good as Zelda, but you've got to have something to aim for, right?

The fantastic soundtrack was created by Rich Vreeland of disasterpeace.com - hit the Extras option in the menu for more details. The pixel magic was spun by Ilija Melentijevic. Yes he used only 4 colours for the whole game, and a resolution of 160x144 (just like a real Gameboy). There are more details to be found in the End Credits scroller, if you manage to complete the game ;)

Oh and please - don't be fooled into thinking this is just some lame Asteroids shmup. If that's all you think, you didn't play it far enough :)

Many thanks to Adam Atomic for his support, Tom Fulp for believing in us and sponsoring, and you guys for playing!

Good luck Space Cadet :)

v1.3 Update

This addresses a few bugs people have found:

1) You can't die if the lazer wall override panel is open
2) Pausing while hacking the lazer wall used to lock the game, now fixed
3) Removed console key
4) You no longer need to save bots from Sentry Gun fire to get the Pacifist medal
5) You can't blow up space on level 3 (sorry :)
6) You can't fire / move while the space ship is taking off
7) If you paused while the pause overlay was tweening out, it got stuck
8) Fixed small bug in the M41-A medal where it wouldn't reset bot killed counter between planets properly
9) Version number is now displayed on Credits screen in the text at the bottom

Note: I've re-submitted the SWF to NG, but because this is a featured game it may take a while for them to approve it. Basically if it says v1.3 in the Credits screen (it pops-up at the bottom) then cool. Otherwise, try again another day please!


I've liked it a lot. That's cause this game's been very well and it's been very thoroughly, done!

Now, it might not be the properest of places to do so, yet I will not quiet my complaint. The medals! None of those have I received, despite them being easy to get. Must be some short-termual glitch!..


Love the pre-loader

From the start, I want to point out that I feel that QUALITY of this game warrants a higher rating, because you have presented of good quality here but seems the score could be better. Fun game kind of short it seemed but was really loving the pre-loader with your game cartridge nice idea there and glad this won an award aswell as having a good amount of medals so congrats on all that good stuff, This game was nastalgic, it was kind of tricky with everything but was still pretty nifty of a game. I just can't rate this badly because it's really well done, and there has been put so much time in this. And your effort and creativity does show off very well with this one, so try and keep that aspect of ideas going into new and wonderfull ideas.

Now you should try to improve on what you already have achieved. Some additional Extra's here and there would be very nice. Some sort of bonus stuff aswell, here is my take on some options that could help drive this even to some more success With this one i wouldnt mind a much larger screen and such, maybe to see more of the details.

Hard to believe this game came from the same maker as "chickaboom". They have nothing to do with each other and this is so SO much better. But there's a mystery here, it says it was uploaded at the end of 2010 but I'm POSITIVE I played it in 2009! Because I know where I was when I played it, and I haven't lived there since August 2009. And this game really sticks in my mind, it made quite an impression on me. Are my wires crossed or was it existent somewhere else before being put on Newgrounds? Or maybe it was removed from Newgrounds and put back up? Or did my computer reach into the future and let me play a game that didn't exist yet?

Rotten cat, ha ha. Mine would never betray me like that. But then she never acted like a stereotypical cat in any way. NOT lazy, always running around the house at top speed so noisily she sounded like a hoofed animal, rather dependent, not just aware of other people's feelings but empathic to a possibly pathological extreme, and not even affected by catnip.

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6 More levels, 2 more bosses, make it for gameboy, change reallife-year to 1992 - and as a result there would never ever be a super mario necessary. This game absolutely beats it! :D

Seriusly, without your quick-save-mode after every room this would have been a pain in the ...., but with it it s a NICE piece of cake! Ya got te story, ya got the controls, ya got the atmosphere, ya got the sound/music! The only thing left needed I d say would be a rework of the asteroid-slaughter, which is really difficult. If this is done, you could add a requirement to enter the levels, maybe sth. like "kill 200 asteroids to enter first leve"l, "300 to enter 2nd level", 400 to enter3rd level, 500 to see the end-sequence. But only if you easy up killing them, i couldnt kill more than 20 i think at the current rate.

Great game!

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Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2010
1:22 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional